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Location: Salem Center
First Seen: May 2003

Salem Center is a medium-sized town in Westchester County, New York.

Population: 55,000 (2006 census)

Salem Center is a rapidly-growing urban center in Westchester County, approximately an hour and a half from New York City, with about 50% of the residents living and working within the town limits. Salem Center contains two local colleges, Westchester College and Westchester Community College, as well as a self-contained school district with three elementary-middle schools feeding into two local high schools, Salem Center North and Salem Center West, as well as a local Charter school, Bayville Charter High.

Originally incorporated in the early 19th century, Salem Center was a town of industry, based around the logging mill (which was shut down in 1930) and the many granite quarries located in the neighboring foothills. As more affluent families established homes in the town as a way to enjoy the relative serenity, the town's focus shifted more to commerce, eventually building a railway station on the eastern edge of town which brought Salem Center to prominence as a waypoint on the eastern rail routes.

Over time, Salem Center grew into a small city, and was known for being disproportionately influential and vocal in various local political and civil matters, considering its relatively small population. In the 1960s and 1970s, civil rights groups used Salem Center as a home, and the town square still holds a placard where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a well-attended speech.

Phase 2

The current political and social climate in Salem Center, however, has changed from the idealistic sixties. Since M-Day, the "mutant issue" has been a hot button of local politics, with a local Friends of Humanity chapter holding a great deal of sway in the town, including the police department. In 2019 a chapter of the Church of Humanity arrived in town, but was disbanded after X-Factor revealed its role in kidnapping and murder.


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