Salem Center Police Department

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Salem Center Police Department
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Affiliations: FOH
Socked By: Dex and others
Introduction: Traitor

The local police department of Salem Center, it's no secret many of its members are less than sympathetic to mutants, and are particularly resentful of the 'privileged' mutants of "Mutie High".

First Appearance

August 27, 2005


  • Abe Carson: Chief of police and father of local junior FOHer, Duncan. He is a red-faced man with a reputation for anti-mutant prejudices.


The SCPD came to the mansion's attention in the aftermath of the CoffeeQuake fire in January 2005. For unknown reasons, the emergency response was extremely slow, leading Madelyn Bartlet to suspect that the police force had deliberately delayed things due to the connection of the coffee house to the mutant-human advocacy group, HeliX. That suspicion was confirmed in August 2005, when former Friends of Humanity member Tommy Jones manifested as a mutant during an FOH rally and was 'arrested' by the SCPD, only to turn up severely beaten on the mansion's doorstep.

The SCPD's anti-mutant stance confirmed, the mansion found itself at odds with them several times over the years, with the unfair arrest and trial of local schoolgirl and known mutant, Laurie Collins; the arrest and detention without bail of Inez Temple following an incident at a local diner; their reluctant cooperation with the Xavier's Red X team during a local train accident; the rather lacklustre investigation into the bombing of Samson's local clinic and the arrest of several students on Valentine's Day, despite their efforts to actually help evacuate those trapped by the attack of the Lords of War and the need to track down the young mutant responsible before the police got hold of him.

Garrison Kane and Nathan Dayspring have butted heads with the SCPD on several occasions, Garrison as an FBI agent and Nathan in his role as a lawyer. For the most part, the SCPD's 'defeats' in these altercations have improved the situation slightly, with the threat of an Internal Affairs investigation hanging over their heads. However, many of the members of the department remain staunchly anti-mutant and continue to target the town's mutant population, albeit more subtly these days.



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Socked by: Abe Carson socked by Dex