Shadows Fall

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.


Shadows Fall
Dates run: January 3, 2005
Run By: Rossi and Erik
Read the logs: Shadows Fall

Part of the Lost In The Woods Arc.

"I'd say any time, but you know how much I hate all this magic shite…"

An attempt to rid Manuel of the last of Selene's influence is rather more complicated than anticipated.


Manuel de la Rocha, Amanda Sefton, Nathan Dayspring, Angelo Espinosa, Moira MacTaggart


January 3, 2005

Plot Summary

In an effort to rid Manuel of Selene's influence following Heiress Discordia, Romany Wisdom and the London Coven attempted a cleansing ritual. They miscalculated Selene's hold on Manuel, however - during the set up for the ritual, he managed to rub out a portion of the chalk circle intended to protect the witches and trap Selene. Using a combination of Manuel's empathic powers and the empathic link with Amanda, Selene was able to wreck havoc both in London and on Muir Island.

During the ritual in London, Selene used Manuel's empathy to make Homily's daughter Aspen think the ritual was harmful to Manuel. She cast a force bolt at Homily, but was overcome by a sleep spell cast by Romany. Homily's own distrust of Romany was heightened into hostility, and Romany's sense of guilt over some of the things in her past was used to sap her confidence. Inside Manuel's mindscape, however, rescue came from an unexpected source - Jerry, one of Romany's partners and the ghost of a deceased police officer. Jerry distracted Selene long enough for the witches to continue the ritual and largely drive her from Manuel's mind.

Meanwhile, on Muir Island, Selene used the link to possess Amanda's body and made several attempts to damage the relationships important to the witch. Angelo she attempted to seduce, restraining him in Amanda's room when the attempt failed. Moira she attempted to convince that Amanda and Nathan were having an affair, mocking her for being 'only human'. Nathan returned from investigating Angelo's psychic summons to confront the witch, Selene finally revealing herself. The Askani challenged her, trying to lure her into Nathan's mind so they could deal with her there, but Selene fled back down the link to Manuel, where the coven drove her out. Amanda had no memory of what had transpired.

Romany arrived in Scotland that night and took Amanda back to London with her to ensure she hadn't sustained lasting damage. It was on the trip home that she revealed to Amanda that not only had she been part of Rack's coven, she had been so for two years before rescuing the young Gemile Szardos from her 'father'. Manuel was freed of the crippling headaches and nausea that had prevented him from trying to regain his memories and the young couple continued their European vacation after an 'all clear' from the witches. It was in Berlin that the last remnants of Selene surfaced whilst the pair were stoned, this time driven out by Amanda using a blood magic protection rune.

As a result of the empathic manipulation done by Selene, the London Coven distanced itself from Romany and Amanda, surfacing again briefly during Operation: Opening Salvo

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Whilst Manuel was freed of Selene's influence, he still had little memory of his life before Heiress Discordia.


Plotrunners: Rossi and Erik

This plot included elements from the Darkmoor attempt to gain control of the Soulsword from Kitty Pryde in comics canon.