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Selene - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: The Black Queen
Affiliations: Hellfire Club
Socked By: Nichole
Introduction: Hellfire

Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, Selene was imprisoned magically at the bottom of Jamica Bay in 2005. That doesn't mean she stayed there - in April 2010 she attempted to escape and was betrayed by the Black Court.


Name: Selene

Aliases: Black Queen (formal title)

Affiliation: Hellfire Club

First appearance: February 29, 2004

Family: none known


Little is known of Selene's history before she appeared at Endymion House, home of the Danover family, one of America's original political dynasties. She introduced herself to Senator Danover and told him she was a witch - twenty years later, Danover was dead, his son a senator in New Hampshire and the house and the family belonged to Selene. Selene was brought to the Hellfire Club by the then Black Rook, Friedrich von Roehm, an associate of the Danover family and she later ousted the Black Queen, Paris Seville.

During her time as Black Queen, many of Selene's machinations remained secret. It has since come to light that she created the city of Nova Roma in Brazil, using a combination of magic and empathic manipulation to brainwash its inhabitants, various tourists, explorers, scientists and native tribespeople. It was this technique she later attempted on Manuel de la Rocha at the behest of his father. The intervention of Amanda Sefton prevented her from succeeding in molding Manuel to his father's whims, and brought to Selene's attention a potential protegee, thus sparking the events of Lost In The Woods.

Amanda wasn't the only student to be preyed upon by Selene. In order to feed her hunger for life energy, the sorceress took Alex Summers in off the streets following his departure from the school in December 2003. It was his rescue by Emma Frost that set the two Queens against each other.

Selene's reign was not infinite, however. With the magical assistance of Romany Wisdom and Dr. Stephen Strange, Pete Wisdom spent a year undercover as the White King in order to take Selene specifically down. Bound by strong magic and sealed in a concrete coffin, Selene is trapped at the bottom of Jamaica Bay for an indefinite time. She had her followers, however, and they worked to maintain her influence and perhaps find a way to discover her fate and free her. Nor was Selene helpless - in April 2010 she empathically influenced Meggan Szardos as a hostage to force her raising. Not everything went to plan, however, as a deal was struck in the Hellfire Club to depose her as Black Queen. Selene was killed by her successor, Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau and her body stolen by Klar.


Selene was a psychic vampire, feeding on the life energy of her victims. Her mutation allowed her to maintain a youthful appearance despite her age, which was unknown. The energy of a strong mutant such as Alex Summers or Manuel de la Rocha was sufficient to sustain her for some time, but the energy of ordinary humans lasted much less.

She was also a witch of some power, following the darker arts and using the energy she drained from others to sustain her magic.



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Socked by: Nichole