Somewhere I Belong

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Somewhere I Belong
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Dates run: June 22-27, 2013
Run By: Sam (player)
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Everything, everything in her head, all at the same time, and the addition of Frank and his worry, his overwhelming fear, all right there in front of her only made everything worse. No walls, no shields, nowhere to hide, she was trapped, stuck, it hurt, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!

Every thought process ground to a halt as one wonderful realization pronounced itself, made itself known above all others.

She could.

The arrival of her father, back from the dead, sets off a chain of events, turning Topaz's life upside down.

Part 2 of The Destine Arc.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Kurt Sefton, Scott Summers, Logan, David Haller, Adrienne Frost, Tandy Bowen, Frank Ludlum, Matt Murdock



June 22-June 27, 2013

Plot Summary

Tandy drags Topaz out of the mansion so they can do some shopping and spend time together like “normal” friends. Topaz manages to duck away while Tandy is waiting to check out at a video game store, goes outside to get away from the crowd and wait for Tandy to finish - and finds herself face to face with Luca Ashdown. Topaz’s shock quickly turns to anger as she realizes that Luca abandoned her, letting her think he was dead all this time. She tries to walk away, but Luca stops her, asking her to just listen, he can explain. Topaz hesitates, unsure, and Luca gives her a phone number, telling her to call him when she’s ready to listen. He disappears as Tandy comes out. Topaz, unsure of what has just happened, decides not to tell Tandy about it, and they continue on with the outing.

Later that night, Topaz locks herself in her room and calls Luca. Before he can say much, she demands to know why he abandoned her. He explains that it was the only way, that the Destines had to believe he was dead and she was out of their reach. He never meant to hurt her, he says, and he is very sorry. Topaz is understandably mistrustful as Luca tries to convince her that he's changed, and he misses his little girl. Topaz is still uncertain, but sees no reason why he would lie to her - he is her father, after all, and if she can’t trust him who can she trust? Luca asks her to meet with him; she agrees, and he gives her the name of the motel he’s staying at, which isn't far from the mansion. Sure that the mansion staff (and Amanda, for that matter) wouldn’t agree with her meeting Luca, she says she will wait until after everyone has gone to bed so she can sneak out and meet him.

However, Taboo isn't the only person waiting at the motel when Topaz arrives. When she realizes there's more than one person in Luca's room, she tries to get away, only to be grabbed and shoved into the room, where Taboo is waiting with another man, and his true intentions come to light - he's hired the men to track down the Destines, and he's going to pay them off with the only thing of value that he has - his sixteen-year-old daughter.

Back at the mansion, Tandy goes looking for Topaz only to find her missing, and recruits Kurt to help her look. When her usual haunts turn up empty, they take Topaz's phone (which she left behind when she took off) to Adrienne, who Reads it and discovers Topaz took off to meet a man at a motel. When they call Amanda, she realizes it must be Taboo, and they decide to check it out, pulling Scott and Logan out of bed as well.

Topaz, meanwhile, has been tied down while the men and Taboo negotiate. Just as they're preparing to leave, there's a knock at the door. It's Amanda, who doesn't hesitate to blow down the door when she's hears Topaz scream. They let Taboo go to save Topaz from having to go through a trial, but not before Amanda lets him know exactly what will happen if he goes anywhere near Topaz again.

Back at the mansion, attempts are made by both Scott and Amanda and Haller and Amanda to get Topaz to talk about what happened. She refuses, and drops off the grid for a few days - resurfacing once to have a very disjointed and slightly out-of-touch conversation with Matt - until Scott finds her hiding in one of the unused classrooms and tries to take her down to the med lab, where she can be alone with someone keeping an eye on her. Which may have been fine, if not for Frank finding them and sending Topaz over the edge completely - she snaps and drains off Frank's and Scott's emotions, as well as those of five other people in the immediate area, before collapsing from the overload.

She wakes up several hours later in the Box with a massive headache and no memory of how she landed herself there. Haller and Amanda help her piece together everything that happened, and they realize her shields must have broken under the pressure of everything she's been repressing, exposing her to the emotions of everyone in the mansion, and in her desperation for peace, she forgot that her own draining abilities didn't actually eliminate emotions - just shifted them onto her.

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Plotrunner: Sam (player)