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Sorcer Supreme (title)
Eye of Agamotto MCU.jpg
First Seen: October 8, 2017


Rather than a specific individual, the Sorcerer Supreme is a true title that passes from person to person. Their job is to stand in the way of demonic invasions of earth by entities such as Dormammu. The role would be known to high level experienced practitioners but not to the normal magician. The Eye of Agamotto is both a symbol and a power source for the Sorcerer Supreme, and it is part of their duty to protect the artifact from falling into evil hands.

The current Sorcerer Supreme is known as the Ancient One, living in seclusion in Tibet. He recently made contact with Amanda Sefton and revealed his knowledge about one of her students, Clea Lake. He also has shown interest in another of her students, Stephen Strange.

Followers of the Sorcerer Supreme

Traditionally, the Sorcerer Supreme has had followers to assist them in their task. The Ancient One has, over time, trained a number of magic users to assist him in protecting the world from interdimensional invasion by dark forces. Those who have been seen on-screen so far are:

Karl Mordo
Karl mordo.jpg
One of the strongest Masters, currently Ancient One’s second in command. Relies on his energy to fuel his magic. Arrogant and has a superior attitude towards his 'lessers'.

PB: Chiwetel Ejiofor, socked by Zoila, see individual page for details.

One of the Masters. Also the Librarian. Relies on his energy to fuel his magic. Taciturn and has little patience for 'amateurs' such as Amanda Sefton.

PB: Benedict Wong, socked by Sam.

Daniel Drumm
Daniel drumm.jpg
One of the Masters. In Charge of the Armory and Magical Items and New York's Sanctum Sanctorum. Uses magical items to fuel his magic. Somewhat charming with a sense of the absurd.

PB: Mark Anthony Brighton, socked by Michael.

A follower of the Ancient One. Has the power to surpass Mordo one day. Chaos magic.

PB: Mads Mikkelsen, socked by Rei.

A follower of the Ancient One. Uses magical items to fuel his magic.

PB: Scott Adkinsd, socked by Jeff.

A follower of the Ancient One. Uses blood to fuel her magic. Less grumpy than Wong, but still not impressed by Amanda Sefton and her methods.

PB: Zara Phythian, socked by Tink.

A follower of the Ancient One . Uses her own life force to fuel her magic.

PB: Katrina Durden, socked by Zippit.


Dark Dimension Homecoming

Fear in the Dark


Introduced by: AJ