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Asgard: In one of the more bizarre episodes in the school's history, two-thirds of the older student population were abducted to the inter-dimensional realm of Asgard by Loki, God of Chaos. Scattered throughout the magical land, the students (and Alison Blaire) had many adventures of the high-fantasy kind over several months.

Their return home was engineered by Amanda Sefton and Doug Ramsey - given the masculine nature of Asgardian magic, it was necessary for Amanda to give Doug the magical energy to open a portal home. In Doug's words he "got the girl, saved the day, got to fly", Dr. Stephen Strange assisting in that last part.

Fortunately, time passes differently in magical realms - what was several weeks for the abductees was only a week back at the school. Although given they were dealing with concerned and distraught parents for that time, the teachers might have argued it felt like weeks.

Many of the students still recall the period nostalgically, and retain various souvenirs of their time there. The most notable of which is Lockheed, the baby dragon that hatched from a 'rock' Jamie Madrox gave to Kitty Pryde on his return.