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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion : Called on by Valkyrie to stop an attack on Thor, Garrison indulges in his usual brand of banter, to Illyana's confusion and disgust.

"I have to say, this is only the third ugliest bachelorette party I've ever encountered." Kane snapped open his collapsible baton, hoping the carbon alloy would at least slow down Asgardian steel. Three Disir didn't worry him too much, especially with Paige beside him. Before her Valkyriesation, they'd trained together long enough to know what the other would be doing. Illyana was his concern. She was just a teenager and it was his responsibility to protect her.

"You know, I bet if I've worn my RCMP uniform, I could have just danced them in a crowd back to Asgard."

Smashing her shield into the face of the Disir at her shoulder, Paige rolled her eyes, following up a sharp stab of her spear which was rolled away. "I've seen you in the uniform and I've got to say..." Paige shrugged, circling around until she had in her sights both the still prowling former Valkyrie and Garrison's flank. "Meh."

Illyana, grimly determined not to die even if she had to jump behind some taller person, gave them both a look of total puzzlement. "Is this dancing uniform thing important right now or are you just having a personal moment?" she asked finally, phrasing it delicately in case they were sensitive about feelings or something.

"Relax kid. They'll cover it in Sex Ed... wait, how old are you?" Kane was distracted as a spear lunged towards his throat. He caught it behind the haft and wrestled with the owner for control. "A little help?"

"Explaining sex or this situation you've got yourself into?" she quipped, grabbing the back of the offending Disir by the hair before he could respond and, using the momentum, throwing her backwards into the trunk of a large tree. "Because no and you're welcome."

Paige, very Paige, gave Illyana an apologetic look. "Falling into old habits, I apologize, and promise to not let you get hurt horribly or die because of it."