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Thor - Modsock
Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth
Known Aliases: Donald Blake
Affiliations: Asgard
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Introduction: Sonatorrek

“What idiocy is this? You would challenge the God of Thunder? By the Gods, you best learn your place, mortal. Before I am forced to crush you like an insect.”

Thor Odinson is the son of Odin and one of the greatest champions of Asgard. He possesses a tendency towards arrogance, rashness, and willingness to choose violence over diplomacy. For his actions, Odin banished Thor to be reborn as human, unaware of his true nature until he was deemed worthy to reclaim his mantle as a god. While many of his powers have been restored following the events in Aitkins and the reclamation of his memory, Thor still is unable to return home to Asgard, suggesting that he still has a purpose to complete on Earth before he has proven himself in Odin's eyes.


Name: Thor

Aliases: Donald Blake

Occupation: Asgardian God

First appearance: September 2012

Family: Odin (father); Loki (brother)


Phase 1

Thor Odinson is the mythological God of Thunder. Son of Odin, Thor grew up as the crown prince of Asgard. Tall and golden haired, young Thor was feted as a future leader and war commander, and was schooled extensively in the arts of war. His brother, Loki, was a close companion, although Thor never recognized the envy and resentment in Loki which would eventially metatisize into opposition and obsessive insanity. Hundreds of legends tell of Thor's battles on Earth and the other realms of the gods, leading the other gods against giants and other threats.

For all his valour, Thor had grown impulsive and arrogant. Prideful battles ruined a number of carefully wrought treaties and plunged Asgard into unnecessary wars. Finally, tired of his son's obstinance, Odin banished Thor to Midgard, to be reborn amongst them and live as an ordinary mortal until he proved worth to take back his place in Asgard. Remarkable magicks reworked the occupants and history of a small town to insert Thor in their midst. If not for the intervention of the Enchantress, Thor could have lived a full life unaware of his godhood.

Donald Blake

(PB: Charlie Hannam)

Deke Blake, President of the Valhallas motorcycle club in Aitkins, Minnesota, was a decorated Vietnam vet, who lost an eye in an ambush near Hue. His father was one of the original founders of the club in the fifties, bringing together his army buddies from the Second World War. Deke married late, in his late forties, and his son Donald was born in 1991. His wife died in a car accident several years later, leaving Deke to raise his son. Donald's childhood and young adulthood were unremarkable - he was simply just another kid, albeit one with attachments to the town's largest criminal organisation.

In 2011, Donald began acting strangely, lapsing into classical "heroic" speech patterns and displaying both incredible strength and invulnerability. Over time, it was revealed that Donald believed that he was Thor - the real, mythical Thor of legend, and that the new leader of rival motorcycle club and long-term enemies, the Sons of Hel, was Loki. Don believed that to regain his full godhood, he must defeat Loki's evil. He was frank with this belief, his family and the club, as well as girlfriend Sylvie Rushton catering to the delusion so as not to upset him.

Donald blake.jpg

After an incident in which he shrugged off being hit by a truck, Donald Blake came to the attention of Fred Duncan and the mutant-related crimes branch of the FBI. Garrison Kane and Abigail Brand were sent to Aitkins to investigate both Don and the club. When a blood test revealed that Don wasn't a mutant and Brand abandoned Garrison's obsessive pursuit of an apparent killer of the town, members of X-Force and the X-Men with personal experience of Asgard arrived to help.

During investigations and at a final showdown during which it was revealed Rushton was in fact the Enchantress, the truth of Don's history was revealed. Thor was expelled from Asgard as punishment by Odin, forced to grow up mortal again and relearn what it is to be a god. However, the Enchantress was able to track down his essence, and set about slowly working up her trap over the years, starting with an inverse geas around the whole area in case of any unfortunate interference. Once 'her' Thor started to unconsciously manifest, she brokered a deal with Loki that in return for an avataristic manifestation, she's take Thor out of interfering with his plans for Asgard forever. Loki agreed, and the avatar quickly became the leader of the Sons of Hel. Her plan was foiled by Garrison gunning down the Loki avatar and catching Thor's hammer as it was about to kill him, incurring severe injury, but creating a mystical backlash which freed the mutants from the Enchantress' spell. Donald Blake, however, ceased existing at that moment, and returned to his original being, Thor the Norse God of Thunder.

However, the return of his memories did not destroy the personality of Don Blake, instead melding the two together. Thor's human life has tempered the arrogance of the Thunder God, granting him perspective on mortal concerns and a tie to the people of 'Midgard' - Earth. Thor revealed that such rebirths took place from time to time - both willingly and unwillingly by the Asgardian Gods, who can swiftly become unable to empathize with mortal followers and their minute life spans. Thor agreed to leave under the direction of SHIELD, and his current whereabouts are top secret.

Phase 2

In March 2015, it was revealed that Thor was indeed still on Earth and was a member of The Avengers. It was his intervention that prevented the X-Men and the Avengers from engaging in an all-out brawl, recognising Garrison Kane and calling a truce. As part of SHIELD and SWORD, Clinton Barton was also on good terms with the "god", regularly drinking together.


Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder, with power over the storms, immortality, and the possession of one of Asgard's mightiest magical weapons, the hammer Mjolnir.

In his reincarnated form, Thor doesn't possess the same level of power, but can still be counted one of the most powerful individuals on the planet. He is immensely strong, able to lift at least thirty tons, and all of his physical traits are superiour to a normal person's. He is immune to all but extreme cold and heat, resistant to poison, disease and fatigue, and can survive in hostile environments such as deep underwater or outer space for extended periods.

With his hammer - Mjolnir - Thor can perform a number of feats, including flight, calling down lightning strikes, generating storm conditions, and negating magical barriers. The short-hafted hammer returns to his hand when thrown, regardless of what is inbetween him and it. It can only be lifted by other individuals with her permission, or by the rare individual considered to be worthy by their valour. Mjolnir is indestructable and as a magical weapon, is capable of harming gods and otherworldy entities. The full range of powers commanded by the hammer are not yet known, although the legends suggest a signficant amount of power is currently unrealized.


Phase 1


Phase 2

X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!


PB: Chris Hemsworth

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