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The Alamut - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Amahl Farouk
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Zan Zar Zameen

The Alamut is a Middle Eastern organisation dedicated to the protection of mutants in frequently dangerously bigoted countries in the region.


Amahl Farouk
Amahl Farouk is a telepath of considerable talents whose psi-abilities have began to diminish several years ago. He’s a History Professor from the University of Cairo. Using a teaching position at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersas a cover he seeks Charles Xavier’s advice as to controlling the cause of his ailment, the Shadow King. For futher information, see his individual page.

PB: Omar Sharif

Jacob Reisz
Reisz is a member of Alamut, Farouk's network. A half German, half Afghani mutant, Reisz has served capably as an unofficial second in command for Farouk for many years. The rise of the Shiar party in India, and the collapse of Pakistan has convinced him that the entire Middle East is close to collapse, and he has come to believe that Farouk's association with the Americans and his opposition of the Shiar will compromise the goals of Alamut. His belief is that India will expand regardless, and by tying themselves into D.Ken's political agenda now, they can use his umbrella to cover thier own goals as well. Reisz is a low level audio empath, which means he can influence people's emotions through his voice. He's used this to make himself a key figure in social and political circles throughout the Middle East, subtly influencing people to accept/trust him, and gather intelligence. Following his betrayal of Farouk, his status is unknown.

PB: Tony Shalhoub

  • various other members not named.


The Alamut, by itself, is a fairly small organization of influential Middle Eastern mutants (most of them hiding the fact) which has arisen as an answer to unstable situation in the region and is aimed specifically to look after mutants. At the moment there the Alamut is largely an information collection center and social support hub that tries to keep truck of the mutant affairs (or policies that might affect the latter) in the region and provide some basic financial/welfare help to the most vulnurable/poorest of them. There are less than a 100 active operatives – more often than not the Alamut prefers to outsource in times of trouble.

By necessity (considering its semi-clandestine status and predilection for working through intermediaries) there is considerable interaction between the mutant community and the regional criminal networks. The Alamut is especially dependent on outsiders for ‘direct action’ operations: a typical example of which was extraction of a Sudanese mutant businessman kidnapped by Janjaweed militiamen who suspected him of selling arms to Haraka Tahrir Sudanin in Darfur. Lacking any assets in the area the Alamut, through Amahl Farouk, negotiated with Achmed el-Gibar who in turn, for a modest fee, convinced the local drug runners to ‘procure’ the man and get him out of the country.

The organisation was completely wiped out in January 2010 by members of the Templars, working in concert with traitor Jacob Reisz.


Zan Zar Zameen (referenced)

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Socked by Doqz