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Professor Charles Xavier - Modsock
Portrayed by Patrick Stewart
Known Aliases: Professor X
Affiliations: Xavier Institute, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - headmaster
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Introduction: X2

Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a noted figure in the field of mutant genetics and sociology, and formerly considered to be one of the world's strongest telepaths until a stroke reduced his powers significantly.


NPC Journal: xp_rofessorx

Name: Professor Charles Francis Xavier

Aliases: Professor X

Occupation: Dean, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

First appearance: May 5, 2003

Family: Brian Xavier (father, deceased), Sharon Xavier (mother, deceased), Kurt Marko (stepfather, deceased), Cain Marko (stepbrother), David Haller (son)


Charles Xavier was born to Brian and Sharon Xavier in September 1937, the only child of the noted scientist and his wife. While Charles was still very young, his father died unexpectedly, and his mother remarried one of Brian's peers, Kurt Marko, who was also a recent widower. This marriage resulted in Charles acquiring a younger stepbrother, Cain Marko|Cain.

Charles became aware of his telepathic powers at a young age, and after the death of his mother and stepfather in the early-1950s, Xavier traveled the world for a while. In Tibet, he studied with monks who helped him learn methods of focusing and controlling his massive power, as well as reinforcing his ethical code as to how it should be used. In 1954, during his travels he also met Erik Lehnsherr, who would eventually become his closest friend and confidant, and later his greatest foe.

Erik was himself a mutant, and a survivor of the Holocaust which claimed his entire family. At the time of their meeting, Erik was a self-avowed Nazi-hunter and, joined by Charles, the pair used their mutant gifts to track down and capture various Nazi war criminals. As they became older and they took on other responsibilities, their “missions” grew less frequent, but the pair remained close friends and would meet regularly over the next twenty years.

In 1976, Erik appeared, proposing a hunt “just like in the old days”. In the intervening years, Erik had met and married Magda, a Romani woman. However, in 1975, following an incident where he used his powers violently, she had abandoned him. Charles, aware his friend was in a dangerous frame of mind and agreed to go with him to Switzerland, where Erik claimed his “resources” had located a possible former Nazi base. Erik’s information was only partly correct – it was a Nazi-run facility, but rather than a simple hideout for fugitive war criminals, it was a laboratory conducting experiments in an attempt to graft mutant powers onto humans to create super-soldiers. In the ensuing melee, Charles was shot and paralysed from the waist down. Erik, enraged by the injury to his best friend, was on the point of destroying the base and killing everyone within it, before Charles appealed to the “better man” he saw inside his old friend and bringing to his mind the scene with Magda only a year before. Reluctantly, Erik stood down and let the Nazis escape in favor of obtaining medical treatment for his friend and the experimental subjects.

Permanently confined to a wheelchair, Charles returned to the United States. During this time, he met Gabrielle Haller while attending grad school, and she joined him and Erik, living with them for a time around 1980, becoming active in civil rights movements and conducting research into the mutant gene. She had an affair with Charles during that time, but the couple's ambitions and personal missions caused them to separate amicably. At a chance meeting at a conference in 1981 led to a one night stand which resulted in the conception of David Haller: it was decided the child would be raised by Gabrielle's brother and his wife and his parentage kept secret.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Along with Erik, Charles turned the mansion he had grown up in into a school for mutants like himself, training them in their abilities and helping them find their place in the world. To this end, they created Cerebro, a device that would help him locate mutants across the globe. In 1986 the school opened. The school was small to begin, but slowly, as more mutants began to emerge, it began to grow. With partnerships including the Muir Island Research Facility, the school focused on teaching students to learn to use their powers for the betterment of humankind. Charles’ “Dream”, that of a world where humans and mutants could coexist peacefully, seemed to be on its way to happening.

In 1994, an incident involving anti-mutant protesters at the school resulted in Erik once again snapping and turning to violence. This time, Charles was unable to calm him, resulting in Erik leaving to become the mutant terrorist known as Magneto, taking several like-minded students with him. Determined to oppose Erik's beliefs of mutant superiority and prove that his dream of mutant-human coexistence was worth pursuing, Charles formed the X-Men, joined by a number of his students.

The loss of Erik was a hard blow to Charles, but he had his school to maintain. In 1995 he became aware of a further responsibility – his son, David Haller, who had manifested his psionic powers during a robbery and had fallen into a coma. Charles devoted himself to David’s psychic therapy, never informing the boy of his relationship with him, until David was sent to Muir Island for further treatment.

Erik – now calling himself Magneto and leader of a group called the Brotherhood of Mutants – attacked a conference of world leaders on mutation in 2002. The X-Men were able to stop him and he was imprisoned by the government for terrorism, but public sentiment was turning against mutants. In 2003, Charles was captured by William Stryker on one of his regular visits to Erik’s plastic prison, and his powers used against mutants – and then against humans – in the incident which became known as “The Great Headache”. Many lives, mutant and human, were lost as a result of the manipulation of Charles’ mind, and he has never truly forgiven himself.

Phase 1

While dealing with the events of Day Zero, Charles was in Cerebro and psychically connected to hundreds of New Yorkers who perished in the collapse of the George Washington Bridge. The psychic backlash threw him into a temporary coma, and though he has recovered and returned to his daily business, it remains to be seen if there are any lasting effects.

In 2009, he assisted with the plan to take down the Taygetos program, providing mental blocks to facilitate hiding the X-Men's strategy from Tara Trask. In 2010 he had hard choices to make, choosing to involve the X-Men in international politics to prevent a war between Pakistan and India; only several months later, he lost a student when the Class of 2010's graduation ceremony was attacked. Another mansion invasion in July 2011 proved almost too much, with the death of a student and the apparent death of Amelia Voght and a prolonged coma for Jean Grey. Under the pressures of these incidents, while for Jean and Amelia, at least, things turned out well, Charles aged considerably.

In 2012, Charles made a decision that would forever change the mansion inhabitants and everyone associated with them. He temporarily took in two Genoshan refugees, who disappeared after leaving the mansion. A few months after their disappearance, the New Mutants, along with several staff and X-Force members, were kidnapped from a protest rally outside of the Genoshan embassy. After this kidnapping, Charles met with the Genoshan ambassador, who informed Charles that his people would be safely returned if Xavier's stopped interfering with Genosha (a warning that went unheeded). The events that followed, while mostly everyone returned alive, left Charles guilt-ridden and nearly broken.

Following Angelo Espinosa's termination from Elpis, Charles approached Angelo about helping to create X-Corps, a humanitarian organization funded by the Xavier Institute, in an effort to prevent future issues before they became necessary for X-Men intervention. A response to a request for help from old friend Dr. Franklin Richards resulted in new student Susan Storm - Phase 1 coming to the school, while in September, he assisted in psychically rebuilding Garrison Kane's mind after a job gone horribly wrong in Minnesota left Kane in a coma with chaos magic eating away at his mind. With the help of Wanda Maximoff, they were able to clear away the chaos energy, but he was prevented from participating any further in the surgery due to the risk of re-infecting Kane. When Jennie Stavros reappeared, needing sanctuary, Charles offered her a job, recognising the need to assist her against her unacknowledged foes, while another student mishap, with the kidnapping of Tandy Bowen caused further self-doubt about his ability to keep his students safe.

In June 2013, he agreed to co-sign a loan with Catseye in order for her to open her deli. It was a high point in a year marked with another demon invasion of the school and the abduction of several residents, the return of Tandy's personal demon and the abduction of Hope Abbott and Laurie Collins, the latter requiring extensive psychic therapy to cope with the effects of her psychological torture during that time.

In January 2015, Charles was horrified by the destruction of Muir Island and the deaths of several X-Men during a battle with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Erik's death at the hands of Charles' oldest student, Jean Grey was also another emotional blow. Charles did his best to find and help Jean, but discovered instead the Dark Phoenix, an alternate dimension version of her. The Dark Phoenix destroyed the school while attempting to access Cerebro, and defeated Charles in psychic combat, putting him into a coma.

Phase 2

Following the recreation of the universe by Xorn, Charles was discovered in the medlab, having apparently suffered a stroke. While he recovered consciousness and his faculties, he realised that his telepathy had been severely impacted by the damage. It is estimated that he has lost up to 80% of his previous telepathic power, making it impossible for him to use Cerebro and do many of the things he had previously done easily, such as implanting languages into people's minds. It is unknown if his abilities will return over time, and for now, Charles is focussing on his more mundane abilities to help his students and X-Men.

In March 2015 he announced he was dismantling Cerebro. The public explanation was that M-Day had damaged it too much to use safely, but the true reason was that after it was used to kill 80% of the world's mutant population, Charles couldn't risk keeping it intact any longer.

In November 2015, following an accident on the astral plane, Charles assisted Quentin Quire in releasing himself and several others from the mind of a young Quebecois girl.

In January 2018, he took up permanent residence at Muir Island as part of his on-going treatment after the stroke, although he is still available as needed to the mansion-goers.

In December 2020, he returned to the mansion briefly to assist with the disclosure that the universe had been recreated, which was made possible by Jean Grey. Abducted with X-Force into a fake world by Roma, a mutant who fed on extreme emotions and who created these worlds to engender such feelings in her prey, Jean was bonded with the power of an ancient magical artefact and tapped into the Phoenix Force as a result, giving her not only the power to defeat Roma, but to sense and heal the cracks in Xorn's patchwork universe. Charles, having talked the situation over with Emma Frost, agreed to impart this information to the mansion residents as a whole, making himself available for counseling as required.


Charles Xavier is considered to be the world's strongest telepath, almost without peer. Aided by Cerebro, his range for telepathic contact is almost global, and he is skilled enough to discern one specific mental pattern among millions with time and concentration.

Xavier is skilled in using his telepathy for therapeutic means as well, aiding trauma victims in recovery and assisting those under his care who have suffered psychic ailments.

As of January 2015, as the result of the damage caused by Dark Phoenix (justified as a stroke in the Phase 2 universe), Charles has lost up to 80% of his telepathic powers, leaving him able to sense the presence of others in a close radius and be able to 'talk' to others' minds, but at a much reduced rate and distance.


Charles suffered a serious spinal injury as a result of an incident during his (and Erik's) Nazi-hunting days, and has been reliant on his wheelchair for mobility since then. While his injury still allows him a range of feeling in his legs, he lacks mobility, and the source of the injury is in a location that made corrective surgery a significant risk at the time. To date, Charles has not expressed any wish to undergo any kind of procedure to restore the use of his legs.

Charles uses various wheelchairs for public appearances as well as daily use. He possesses an advanced motorized wheelchair with an experimental nonelectric motor, as well as various manually-powered wheelchairs.

Despite his normally staid and sober demeanor, Charles possesses a very dry wit and a healthy sense of humor. His students are often surprised to discover that their Professor is also a fan of Monty Python, as well as the Rolling Stones.

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PB: Patrick Stewart

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