Yitzhak Shavit

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Yitzhak Shavit
Portrayed by Alan Ford
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Formerly Mossad
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Operation: Tower of Babble

Yitzhak Shavit is a former high ranking Mossad officer, who was blackmailed by Chester Whelan to serve as a CIA mole inside the agency since the 1970's. After Whelan's death, the details of his activities fell into the hands of Remy LeBeau, and he now serves as an unwilling part of their network.


Name: Yitzhak Jakob Shavit

Aliases: None

Occupation: Former Deputy Director of Intelligence, Mossad

First appearance: March 13, 2007

Family: Miriam (wife - deceased)


Yitzhak Shavit was born in Hungary, and his family escaped first to Britain and then to Israel following World War 2. Shavit joined the IDF and started in armor, proving a skilled commander in the field, best known for his detailed preparation and effective, if unimaginative strategic sense. Instead of moving up into a staff role, he left the IDF at the urging of his cousin Shabtai, and joined the Mossad.

In the Mossad, his organizational genius was twinned with a keen sense of evaluation and he rose quickly through the agency's intelligence branch. While the Mossad high command was mostly dominated by the operational branch, Shavit was considered a valuable mid-level analyst and project developer and was quickly ear-marked for promotion.

However, during the 70s, several joint intelligence initiatives put the CIA and the Mossad into partnership for the first time, and Shavit caught the interest of Chester Whelan, the enigmatic Assistant Deputy Director of Operations from the Agency. While in Washington, Whelan had Shavit covertly followed, and his instincts proved correct when his agents brought back evidence that Yitzhak was secretly homosexual.

Whelan used the information to blackmail Shavit into providing intelligence from the Mossad. He used Shavit carefully and irregularly, and provided intelligence in return that helped Shavit continue to rise in the Mossad. In an act of desperation, Shavit released a sharply worded and highly critical memo that derailed his rise to the Directorship, instead finally dead-ending him in the Deputy Director of Intelligence chair. Yitzhak could not allow the CIA to gain full control of the Mossad, and remove any excuse he could make to withhold vital information.

Yitzhak's cousin Shabtai Shavit would instead become Director for almost a decade, and Yitzhak finally retired in 2000. Whelan never passed his control of Shavit to the rest of the CIA, and with his death, the Agency has no records of any dealings with the Mossad mole. However, Yitzhak's information was amongst the records Remy LeBeau stole from Whelan's files.

While the original blackmail material has no value, his three decades as a spy are enough to condemn Shavit. Even retired, Yitzhak is a valued adviser to both the Knesset and the Mossad, and possesses considerable personal power in Israeli intelligence. The Mossad often uses him for operations or programs which they cannot risk running from inside the agency. Since it was Yitzhak who was one of the first to strongly endorse the use of mutants in the Mossad, like Sabra, he has developed into one of their specialists on mutant affairs and operations.




Operation: Tower of Babble

X-Men Mission: Opera Redux


PB: Alan Ford

Socked by: Doqz