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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Remy LeBeau (disambiguation).

Remy LeBeau - Deceased
Portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie
Codename: Gambit
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: Unknown but celebrated October 8
Journal: x_gambit
Player: (Former) Dex

Remy LeBeau was the field leader for X-Force and the former head of Intelligence for the X-Men. He worked secretly out of the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs until January 2015, when he was killed in action.


Character Journal: x_gambit

Real Name: Unknown

Codename: Gambit

Aliases: Remy Etienne LeBeau

First Appearance: January 3rd, 2004

Date of Birth: Unknown, but celebrated on October 8.

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A

Citizenship: None

Relatives: Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau (ex-wife), Julian Boudreaux (brother in law)(deceased), Daniel Boudreaux (ex-brother in law), Lucian Boudreaux (father in law)(deceased)

Education: Trained by the CIA

Relationship Status: Married to Ororo Munroe

Occupation: Unofficial field operations chief for Snow Valley

Team Affiliation: X-Force



The man known as Remy LeBeau was born in the deep South, and grew up in New Orleans. He doesn’t remember his birth name at all. He was abandoned by the age of three, and spent the next six years in various foster homes, where he suffered a cocktail of emotional and physical abuse. At nine he ran away, and ended up on the streets of New Orleans. He was picked up, half starved, by a man named Jean-Luc Reynard, a petty thief, pimp and hired thug as part of his stable.

Over the next year or so, Remy learned pickpocketing and various other types of scams best worked on the street. At this point, Jean-Luc gave him the name Young LeBeau, in reference to his looks. Jean-Luc started pimping him out at age eleven, to service the urges for young boys by some of the more affluent and darker denizens of the city. Remy was holding back money, planning to leave New Orleans forever when Jean-Luc discovered his thefts. He burst into the room where Remy had just finished with a john, banishing a gun and ready to kill Young LeBeau. LeBeau unknowingly kinetically charged a mouthful of semen and spat it through the forehead of Jean-Luc, virtually exploding the pimp’s skull. Remy tried to run, but within two weeks, the CIA had caught up with him, and brought him into a program that they had begun.

Lost Boys was a secret CIA attempt to use the emerging mutant population as a weapon in the mid-80s. Each member of the group that survived the training and the augmentation process was put into service by the agency; its own version of the Weapon X series the Army possessed. Each recruit was forced through a procedure called Leonization, an age retarding treatment that delayed the final growth period in the subjects, allowing the operatives to retain their teenaged looks while adding on years of operational knowledge.

The Gambit Years

The goal was to produce operatives totally loyal and infinitely more powerful than their human counterparts, and it worked extremely well. Remy LeBeau worked as a thief, assassin, spy, terrorist for close to twenty years; his charm and ‘obvious’ youth constantly giving him access to places guarded against those who fit the normal agent profiles. He was involved in the mutant massacre in the Morlock Tunnels and has traveled all over the world in his work. ‘Gambit’ became a notorious and feared presence in the shadow world of assassination and operations, known for his sadism and cruel artistry.

During this time, LeBeau returned to New Orleans, spending almost a year there between jobs. He was enslaved to Tante Mattie after a brief encounter, learning to both fear and respect the woman. During that time, he also tampered in the affairs of the New Orleans Guilds, going so far as to marry Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau, the sixteen year old daughter of the head of the Assassins Guild. In a duel, he then slew Julian Boudreaux, her elder brother and the heir to the guild. LeBeau left soon after for Europe again.

Finally, in late 2001, increased government scrutiny on all levels of intelligence forced the CIA to shut down Lost Boys. The agency used an in house mutant to perform psychic lobotomies on the surviving agents, suppressing their experience deeply inside their minds. A set of codewords were set to re-activate the mutants to full awareness if necessary. Once the psychic surgery was finished, the agents were simply dumped on the streets. Each one had a collection of nanites in their blood, which acted as both a tracker and a signature suppression system to any mutant detection systems that might be used.

David Langstrom, the ADDO of Operations at the CIA, was concerned about the growing power of Charles Xavier’s school and suspicious of the relationship between the President and the powerful telepath. In response, they shut down the CIA’s masking of Remy’s mutant signature, knowing that the sudden appearance of a powerful mutant like LeBeau would certainly generate a response by the school. Betsy Braddock led a team to investigate Remy, which in turn saw him accepted into the school. Remy’s natural tendency to incite chaos was what the CIA wanted, as well as a failsafe agent in case the X-Men turned out to be a threat like the Brotherhood of Mutants. By activating the ‘Gambit’ memories, they could ensure the crippling of the school.

Living At The X-Mansion

Remy’s first time in the school was contentious. He avoided classes and teachers, instead making friends and lovers from the school population. His memories had been mostly destroyed, leaving a gaping hole between the age of twelve and his time on the streets later. During an invasion of the mansion, Remy killed two men effortlessly, his body memory taking over for his damaged mind. Over the next few weeks, more memories of his time as Gambit began to leak through the psychic block placed in his mind. Finally, following an encounter with Limbo that actually brought Gambit out, Remy found he couldn’t stop the flashes of memory.

Blaming Xavier and believing the thoughts of vile horror were part of a plan by him to try and train Remy into a weapon, LeBeau disappeared from the school. He survived by petty crimes, moving around the country and trying to suppress the thoughts with drugs and alcohol. Finally, the images overwhelmed him, and Remy put himself in the hospital by trying to cave in his own head with a half brick.

Remy was picked up and returned to the school. It wasn’t long before Langstrom decided that LeBeau was too dangerous to allow to remain at large, and attempted to activate Gambit. Surprisingly, instead of Gambit resurfacing, Remy’s own personality rejected his hidden persona, and in turn regained his full memories. On discovering his real past, Remy again escaped the mansion, this time with Sarah Morlocke in tow. One of those memories was of his involvement in the Morlock Massacre. He brought her to the man responsible for both of their histories: Chester Whelan. Sarah killed Whelan, while Remy looted many of the ex-CIA DDO’s files.

Remy returned to the school, to give Xavier the files he’d found, and to discover whether or not any trace of Gambit truly remained inside his head. Finding none, Xavier offered Remy a place in the school, living in the boat house with Cain Marko and working under Wisdom using his operative skills and knowledge. Despite the open hostility of many of the staff and students, Remy worked diligently with Pete Wisdom, trying to build up the intelligence network of the school. When files looted from the school during the assault on Wisdom a year prior ended up in the hands of Arcade, it was Remy that led a mixed group of staff and students to steal them back.

Pete Wisdom’s apparent defection to the Hellfire Club shook LeBeau badly, leaving him to try and mitigate the damage he had done to their sources. Remy swiftly recruited Psylocke and Courier to work with him as a small intel group inside the school. During this time, Remy was involved in several missions, including rescuing Beast from a deliberately passed-on virus. He had a brief affair with Madelyn Bartlet, which ended as quickly as it started. His duties now included all of Pete’s former networks, but thanks to information secretly supplied to Wisdom, LeBeau remained several steps behind the other man. Remy also experienced a blow with the suicide of Charlie Plunder, a young man that he and Amanda Sefton had befriended some months prior.

The situation came to a head when Wisdom eliminated a trio of Remy’s operatives in Laos. Remy caught up with the other man in Hong Kong, and the two nearly killed each other in the ensuing fight. It was during this time that Lorna Dane disappeared en route to college in Hawaii. Remy broke off his hunt for Wisdom to find her. It wasn’t until Magneto had also kidnapped Forge that LeBeau got a break in finding her. He went down to confront her, guessing correctly that she was being mentally controlled, but making a fatal mistake in assuming an outside telepath. The mistake allowed the Malice-controlled Lorna to savagely beat Remy, leaving him to die.

When the intel group, aided by Marie-Ange Colbert's precog finally discovered LeBeau, he was near death. They were able to get him back to the mansion, but the damage proved too extensive as he died on the table. Or would have, if not for Amanda’s magical intervention. Using the skills learned from Selene, she was able to bring Remy back from the brink. While her actions led to her expulsion from the school, she was successful in saving his life. However, Remy’s damage was too great even for her powers, and he remained crippled and blind in one eye.

The Path To X-Force

With his mutant powers all but destroyed, Remy made a final attempt to try and reason with Amanda. He returned to the mansion, only to discover that the defection of Wisdom had been a trick, staged to bring down Selene and a section of the Black Court. Stunned that Xavier would lie to him, and allow him to let his men die in the process, Remy decided to leave the school with Amanda. The pair traveled down to New Orleans, where he worked as the representative of Tante Mattie to the New Orleans Guilds.

It was in New Orleans that Lorna came to visit, expressing her decision to leave Alex Summers and telling Remy of her love for him. It was soon after that Wisdom came down to New Orleans to ask for his help in finding his sister Romany. Remy, with several others, managed to rescue her from a mysterious British agency. Wisdom decided that there was a need for what they could do, outside of the X-Men, and asked LeBeau to help. He agreed and was part of the creation of X-Force and their cover, the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs.

After several missions, Remy’s injuries had worsened to the point that even his increasing dependency on drugs couldn’t stop the pain. Moira MacTaggart told him the only solution was to remove his leg. While deciding that he’d rather die on a mission for Tante, Amanda had a sudden return of her powers, finally completing the spell and healing the damage. Remy disappeared to France, where he revealed his newly healed condition to Lorna, who he was now dating. They returned to New Orleans, to help Tante Mattie against a sudden takeover of the Guilds by Remy’s ex-wife, Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau.

Not long after, Lorna Dane decided to end her relationship with Remy, leaving him seriously questioning himself.

On The Job

Physically fit once more, Remy took over from Pete as the defacto field leader of the team, spearheading many of their missions. Through Betsy, the team made valuable connections with the Russian in charge of mutant incidences, Alexei Vazhin and his aide, Natasha Romanova. Their aid of the Russians opened new doors when X-Force performed their most dangerous mission inside China, freeing a trapped powerful mutant named Xorn. LeBeau had also continued his unofficial information sharing with Ororo Munroe, established not long after a mission in Africa.

Unfortunately for her, it would led them both caught up by Arcade, who devised an appropriate revenge for Remy once discovering his involvement in the robbing of his casino. Remy and Ororo were sent on a desperate cross country chase, without their powers and hunted by assassins from numerous sources. Their goal was the only three surviving members of Lost Boys, the program from which Remy was part of. They were ultimately successful, but during the chase, Ororo and Remy had sex with each other. Neither ready to react to it, a growing rift developed between them.

Remy found himself trapped in the brownstone over Christmas with the rest of X-Force, and once free, traveled to Africa to where Ororo had taken a leave of absence from the school. His research had revealed Ororo's powers were causing dangerous disruptions to the natural patterns. While she remained angry with him specifically, his approach convinced her to leave Africa. Remy returned to his once-common black mood, leaving Amanda to force him to face his own emotions.

Not long after new missions in different parts of the world, Remy finally confronted Ororo with his feelings for her. The two began to date soon after. Vazhin returned to bedevil X-Force, this time contacting Remy about a student the Russians caught breaking into secret archives. Illyana Rasputin was given into the custody of the team in return for X-Force's assistance in breaking into a lab in Uganda. When the mission went sour, Remy was shot during the escape attempt, only to be saved by Sarah.

The Hard Way

Following Africa, Remy was once again pulled back to New Orleans, this time by a hurricane, mystically controlled, which threatened to wipe out parts of the city and kill potentially hundreds of thousands. While there, Remy was possessed by the loa of Baron Samadi at Tante Mattie's hands, and used the power to finally overthrow Belladonna from the Guilds, forcing her to flee. Remy was considered to be the new head of the Guilds, but he instead returned them to their former status quo and resigned his powers. As thanks, he was provided with the actual information about his family, but destroyed the material unread, deciding that his past no longer matter and how no impact on who he was.

Remy continued to serve as the defacto field leader for X-Force, including a strange incident with a mutant composed entirely of bees, and a reality shifter who sent them back to an artificial version of the 1950s, complete with new identities. In London, Remy was nearly killed by the fictional Raven King, and faced the Warwolves with the rest of his team. On discovering Jubilee in Madripoor, Remy offered her a job, and put her training under men from the Assassin's and Thieves Guilds, for use as his runner in the field.

The past would return to haunt Remy with the discovery of a group of surviving Morlocks, who retook their tunnels and organized themselves into a terrorist group against 'upworlders'. The CIA once again was ready to use them as an excuse to create a campaign to wipe them out, and only posing as Gambit was Remy able to force Langstrom to stop the plans. However, in revealing to Langstrom that he was alive, Remy was forced to leave New York, and re-establish himself in Europe to protect both X-Force and the school from any association being drawn between them.

Remy continued to work with X-Force on missions in Europe and India, while remaining one step ahead of the CIA's paid assassins, and firmly establishing for Langstrom's benefit that he was still the Gambit that they believed him to be. When New York was attacked by Apocalypse, Langstrom offered a deal to Remy; take a contract to try and kill Apocalypse, and he'd call off his men. Remy agreed, and following the successful capture of Apocalypse by SHIELD, he was once again able to return home safely.

Since then, Remy took more of a leading role in X-Force, especially following the apparent death of Pete Wisdom at the hands of the Brotherhood. Following Wisdom's hiatus to recover from a near nervous collapse, LeBeau began stitching together the network and sending out teams on a number of missions. A key change was the elevation of most of the 'Junior Trenchcoats' to full responsibilities, acknowledging the fact that after several years, they had mastered the key basics needed to work in the field, and would need experience more than anything to help them further. Remy also showed a more ruthless streak, exposing his staff to danger and for the first time, utilizing them on assassination missions, like in India and Symkaria, which he would have formerly done so on his own.

When the Shiar finally made their move in India, Remy led a team into New Delhi and assassinated D. Ken Neramani, ending his threat permanently. Since his assumption of a more leading role, X-Force took an increasingly harder edged approach than before, a trend that LeBeau had been comtemplating. Remy clashed with Emma Frost about her involvement of X-Force members and assets with the affairs of the White Court, especially during the elevation of his ex-wife Belladonna to the role of Black Queen. While it is currently politely restrained, the issue threatens to become serious in the near future. Following the second loss of her powers, Ororo and Remy began to live together, and she joined X-Force on a full time basis.

The Pain of a New World

Remy found himself trying to stitch together resources with David North going back under cover and Marie-Ange leaving on a mysterious personal mission to New Orleans. For a time, Amahl Farouk was added to the active team, and at her urging, Remy reluctantly agreed to provide a job for Carmilla Black as their newest recruit. During an increased period of activity by Von Strucker's former network, Remy arranged for a trap that turned out to be an ambush for X-Force, ending with the capture of Remy by the newly emerged Red Skull and HYDRA. Remy was tortured over a period of two months, only managing to avoid giving up vital information thanks to his powers and experience. He was able to give out information in a fashion that provided clues to X-Force of his location, and he was rescued by a strike force, which broke the current structure of HYDRA in the process. Remy then spent time on Muir Island and in France recovering from his wounds, and while in France, married Ororo Munroe in a private ceremony. Following that, there were the usual minor ups and downs, such as his entire team being warped into believing themselves teenagers and complications in Europe, but nothing that caused major problems until the incident with Genosha.

After the students were kidnapped by the Genoshans, Remy led a team into the nation secretly, to try and determine where they were being held and to coordinate a rescue attempt. It failed as the Genoshans appeared to have set a trap, and Remy ended up captured and jailed. During his incarceration, he faked submission to the guards, revealing an escape attempt in return for immunity. Instead, it was an elaborate fake to get Sarah out of the jail and into the labs where she could determine whether or not their suspicions regarding the Genegineer's identity was correct. As well, it left him with a bone knife stuck in his leg, which would eventually free them from prison as a crude lockpick. Remy was involved, although badly injured, in the battle against Thomas Moreau. He accepted the healing from the Genoshan mutants and left the country with the rest of Xavier's people after confirming any records that could tie back to them were destroyed.

After Genosha, Remy focused on Snow Valley, running operations in England and Atlantic City, aiding Adrienne Frost to help deliver a huge blow to the Black Court. Overtly targeted by Belladonna in her role as Black Queen, tensions grew between him and Emma Frost, and by extention, Doug. X-Force continued to work on expanding their networks and leveraging their resources more effectively.

Monster's End

With the advent of the destruction of Muir Island, Remy was one of the principal leaders who organized the search for information and encountered Dark Phoenix for the first time. He brought his team out and later led a new team into India to rescue Jean Grey from her holding cell. During their retreat, it became apparent that the only way for the bulk of the team to escape was to delay the Indian forces and Imperial Guard from reaching the landing zone. Remy and Ororo chose to stay behind, using a unique use of their combined powers to create a ionized fog of charged water droplets and detonate them at once. The explosion resulted in massive casualties for the Indian troops and the deaths of both mutants.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 155lbs

Eyes: Red on black

Hair: Auburn

Other Features: Two earrings in his left ear. A tattoo on the back of his scalp of ‘714’ in blue ink. Numerous surgical and combat scars in various locations.


Gambit has several powers, both from his natural mutations and from genetic manipulations as a Lost Boy.

His primary power is the ability to charge an object with ambient kinetic energy. That means an item will strike with the power of the charge itself, irrespective of the materials. Gambit can charge organic matter, but not a living animal or person. He can only charge a part of an item if it is inorganic. Most of the time, Remy uses cards, coins, and knives as the charge item. Using small particulates like sand or flour can create a charge cloud that can strike as an area effect attack. Remy can also charge mutants who can assume metal forms to add his power to a strike. The smaller and lighter the material, the less of a charge it will hold, and the shorter the duration is that it will hold the charge before the energy consumes it. Remy cannot charge liquids, although he can direct a charge through a liquid. For the most part, Remy needs to touch an object to charge it. The longer he holds on to it, the greater the charge.

Gambit’s other power is extraordinary spatial awareness. That is, Remy knows the exact position of everything around him at all times and is able to instinctively calculate speeds, distances and movements of all of it in relation to him. Considered 4D thinking, it is a central ability for pilots, but Remy‘s level makes it extreme. That accounts for his preternatural grace and ability to perform amazingly dangerous stunts and maneuvers. The side benefit is that his mind is constantly updating that information, making him very difficult to casually scan by telepaths. It is akin to trying to watch one show while someone channel surfs through 55 stations. Remy's spatial awareness has an interesting side effect in making him hyper-awareness of the unique personal signature of the movement of anyone he's familiar with. With it, Remy is exteme adept at reading body language for changes that can indicate pain, confusion, deception and an impostor/shape-shifter.

Gambit is extremely agile and flexible. His bones have been laced with plastic, making them very difficult to break and his muscles have the quantum density normally found in those with superhuman strength. In his case, it gives him not strength but speed and dexterity. Combined with his spatial sense, Remy can dodge bullets, catch thrown knives, and even perform acrobatic feats almost on par with someone like Kurt Wagner.

Remy also has a unique psionic effect. Buried in his mind is the 'Gambit' persona. Due to his dance with Baron Samedi in New Orleans, Gambit can never take over Remy's dominant personality in the real world. However, dimensional shifts will bring out Gambit immediately, as his psychic imprint is much stronger than Remy's and acts as the 'default' when changing planes of existance. It also represents a danger to unwary telepaths. Poking around in Remy's mind, especially if he's able to shunt them towards his memories, will often allow Gambit to trap their minds and destroy them. Because Gambit's mind is so twisted and powerful in its controled sadism, only strong, experience telepaths have any hope of confronting him and surviving in the mindscape.


Remy carries a six foot long telescoping titanium staff. The staff can be retracted to the length of three feet for concealment and is semi-flexible.

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Remy can speak over a dozen languages fluently, including the creole dialect of Cajun French. However, he cannot speak French fluently.

Is an avid fan of foreign soap operas and women’s beach volleyball.

Remy has never owned a pet. However, he does own a Venus Fly Trap, given to him on his birthday by Ororo Munroe. He has named it 'Belladonna', claiming it reminds him of his ex-wife.

October 8, the date chosen as Remy's 'birthday' by Amanda, is the date Gambit was reactivated and defeated.



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Former Player: Dex

Player Icon Base: Callum Keith Rennie

Meta Trivia

The tattoo on the back of Remy’s head is a reference to the popular Gambit fanfic series ‘Experiment #714’ by Lori MacDonald.

The members of the Lost Boys program mentioned are all characters in the fanfic series ‘X1-3’ by Andrew Vincent.