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Portrayed by Chow Yun Fat
Known Aliases: The Ancient One, Sorcerer Supreme
Affiliations: Stephen Strange
Socked By: Rei
Introduction: Dark Dimension Homecoming

Dumbledore. He is Dumbledore all over again. Here, I will claim to care about you but not tell you anything about who you really are.

The Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, tasked with protecting the world from interdimensional invaders, and Dormammu in particular.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: The Ancient One, Sorcerer Supreme

Occupation: Sorcerer Supreme, Keeper of the Eye of Agamotto

First appearance: October 8, 2017

Family: Unknown


An old Chinese wizard the Ancient one has been the sorcerer supreme for over 400 years. He spent his youth as a peaceful farmer, until his friend Kaluu discovered the power of magic. When Kaluu shared this knowledge of the mystic arts with the Ancient One, the two disagreed on how they would use their powers. The Ancient One wished to turn their village into a utopia, while Kaluu desired power and conquest over nearby villages.

The Ancient One and Kaluu agreed to cast a spell, eliminating sickness, disease, and age from their village of Kamar-Taj. But Kaluu went further, casting a mind-control spell over the villagers and forcing the to crown him king of the village.The Ancient One attempted to stop Kaluu, but the village of Kamar-Taj was wiped out during their conflict. As a result, Kaluu was banished to an alternate dimension and the Ancient One was stripped of his immortality. Nonetheless, as a result of the original spell, the Ancient One ages far more slowly than any regular human. The downside, however, is that he is physically weak and fragile, powerful only in magic.

Over the next few centuries, the Ancient One traveled the Earth, battling demons and evil spirits, banishing many from Earth. He increased his own knowledge, gathering and guarding books and artifacts such as the Eye of Agamotto that contain dangerous knowledge. The Ancient One finally settled in the Himalaya Mountains and built a palace as his home, together with an order of monks that he formed for his own protection and support. He eventually acceded to the title of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.

In London, during the Great London Fire, the Ancient One battled Dormammu in one of their many conflicts, forcing him to retreat. While the Ancient One successfully protected Earth, he has never completely defeated Dormammu and expects his return one day. With the knowledge that he is not immortal and will one day die and thus not be able to face Dormammu and the mystical threats of earth for all eternity, the Ancient One started to take apprentices, searching for the one who could succeed him as Sorcerer Supreme. In October 2017 he became involved in the abduction of Clea Lake by her uncle, Dormammu. Summoning Clea's teacher Amanda Sefton to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, he explained that he had been watching over Clea ever since she was brought to Earth as a baby. He refused to help rescue her, however, and an enraged Amanda returned with her X-Force friends and stole the book required to open a portal to the Dark Dimension. The Ancient One did involve himself later, providing an escape for the mutants who had gone to the Dark Dimension to retrieve Clea and Topaz. Back in New York, he requested a short interview with Stephen Strange, much to the suspicions of his teacher, Amanda.

Much to Amanda's chagrin, it was the Ancient One who alerted her to the escape of the Dweller in a letter to the witch. His help made it difficult for Amanda to protest when first Stephen and then later Clea Lake expressed their interests in studying with him, and she swallowed her objections and let them make their own choices.


The Ancient One is the one of the preeminent mages in the world. As such he has an extremely high magical potential which has been further enhanced by his years of practice and innumerable magical artifacts. He is so powerful that he was able to deflect an invasion by Dormammu in his prime. (Deflect, not prevent. Even the Ancient One was not powerful enough to face Dormammu head to head).


Dark Dimension Homecoming

Fear in the Dark


PB: Chow Yun Fat

Socked by: Rei