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Following her library adventure and subsequent advice, Topaz finally took steps to join X-Force, first talking things out with her mentor, Amanda Sefton and then seeking an interview with Marie-Ange Colbert. Amanda was far less upset about the idea than Topaz had imagined she would be, having resigned herself to the fact her 'ducklings' were growing up and making their own life choices.

Things were relatively quiet, except for the mansion-wide spring cleaning which involved most of the residents and involved some interesting discoveries and potential new friendships.


Apr 1 - Topaz comes to Amanda to talk about joining X-Force.

Apr 2 -

Apr 3 -

Apr 4 -

Apr 5 -

Apr 6 -

Apr 7 - Alex announces he’s cleaning out closets and apologises for inadvertent laundry theft.

Apr 8 -

Apr 9 -

Apr 10 -

Apr 11 -

Apr 12 -

Apr 13 - Alison announces she will be redecorating the music room.

Apr 14 -

Apr 15 -

Apr 16 - Maya wants to learn how to make swords and knives.

Apr 17 -

Apr 18 -

Apr 19 -

Apr 20 - Kyle posts that that his birthday was a month ago and not on 4-20.

Apr 21 -

Apr 22 -

Apr 23 -

Apr 24 -

Apr 25 - Wanda posts that it has been brought to her attention that she has too many books and other items by someone who ‘shall not be named’ who got buried by them.

Apr 26 - This Old House: Jean and Angelo spend the day converting old files to digital; Molly and Logan clear branches from the woods; Felicia and Alani team up to take down a locked door as well as some shots for Felicia's Instagram; Sharon and Alex tackle the Medlab inventory; Sooraya and JPC exchange text messages about X-Corps files; Hope and Sue decide to clean Sue’s wardrobe; Kevin and Kurt clean the mansion lounge room; Kyle and Garrison repair the roof; Marie-Ange and Alison re-paint the music room; Doug asks why the hell he woke up next to the dumpster.

Apr 27 - Hope and Sue have a night out. Wanda states that she has hidden paper bags with books inside, like a scavenger hunt. Topaz talks to Marie-Ange about a job. Nica emails Wanda that she found one of the books but a photo fell out of Wanda as a younger girl and someone else.

Apr 28- Artie posts that he found some things in the attic that he stored a while ago, including some of Leech’s old toys.

Apr 29 -

Apr 30 - Jubilee posts a video of Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy.


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