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Generation X won the preview tickets to play Predator-X, which of course turned out to be a trap - the new Arcade was in fact testing out his new technology, locking the participants in the game and having them attacked by giant dog-like monsters. The Gen-X kids were largely unharmed, thanks to their training, but in the real world there were some deaths before police arrested their suspect, a disgruntled former programmer that Arcade had set up to take the fall. Afterwards, the kids decided to spend more of their time away from video games - except for Bobby Drake, who missed the whole thing due to playing Monster Hunter. For their part, the adults worried about the kids turned to alcohol for their recovery.

News that the Mayo Clinic was turning away mutant donors generated protests and picketing; the X-Men attended to keep the peace, which turned out to be a good thing when the Brotherhood of Mutants showed up. Strangely, Magneto was not with them - they appeared to be lead by Mystique instead and were a lot more vicious than usual. The team prevented any real damage, but there were concerns as other clinics banned mutant blood donations and unrest spread.

Tired of the secrecy, Marie-Ange Colbert insisted Jean-Phillipe Colbert and Angelo Espinosa announce their engagement, which they finally did. Miles Morales and Bobby Drake went to a college party and wound up kissing, which was Awkward for both of them since they both considered themselves straight up until then.

Mystical weirdness in the Bermuda Triangle turned into a mission to rescue the Starjammers when their ship vanished. Then the rescuers needed rescuing as Jean Grey and Namor were taken by a giant squid, leading to a mixed group of magic and science and a battled against Attuma and the Lemurians at the bottom of the ocean. While everyone was recovered safely, the incident had repercussions, as Topaz showed a new ruthlessness in draining others' emotions for magical energy (something which concerned Clinton Barton, Scott Summers and Amanda Sefton) and Clint upset several people by deciding to bring a couple of mind-control squid home and set up a tank for them in the old Xavier family chapel, which had been appropriated by the "weird science" group as a new headquarters.

In the wake of the "fish people" mission, Clint arranged a "health and safety" meeting, during which it was decided they would approach several of the students (such as Stephen Strange and Bobby Drake). Amanda, having been too busy to notice previously, realised Clea Lake had joined X-Force, and was unhappy about it since she knew the danger and ethical dubiousness involved. However, she became resigned to the situation and satisfied herself with stipulating no active missions for Clea until she was out of high school.

Finally, Kitty Pryde had to leave for Chicago for a short-term job, but promised to keep in touch. It was a blow to Scott and hers new relationship, but they persevered.


April 1 - Sue leaves a dress for Darcy's birthday. Jubilee leaves Darcy a crocheted science kit.

April 2 - Laurie contemplates time travel.

April 3 - Ready or Not: Stephen texts the others to let them know they won the Predator X beta contest.

April 4 - Clint texts Namor about checking a potential lead to Atlantis out.

April 5 -

April 6 - Doug posts an i lik bred poem.

April 7 - Ready or Not: The kids prepare to go into the game; once inside, things go wrong very quickly, and they realize they can't escape; a news report drops about the game going haywire; Wade texts Doug about the game problem; another reports says they're looking for an engineer who was on the game, and is suspected of tampering with it; in the game, the GenX kids find another player and team up; the kids team up to fight the game and break free; one last news report updates on the final death count, the players being freed, and Marcus Seed being in custody; the real mastermind behind the game malfunction contemplates the events of the day; Clea asks Doug about finding the friend they made in game. Reed posts about wanting to speak with one of the survivors. Maya declares she'll never play another VR game again.

April 8 - Lorna asks Warren for some days off to study for her PI exam. Wade texts Wanda about getting a drink in the wake of the previous day’s drama.

Apr 9 - Maya emails the other survivors of the Predator X game wanting to do something that doesn’t involve electronics. Sharon gives Alex a parkour lesson.

Apr 10 - Gabriel texts Clint to let him know he has a date for his GED. Miles realises he hasn’t arranged a summer job within his area of study yet. Clint lets Matt know it’s National Sibling Day and talk turns to ice cream; when Clint calls Angelo Jean-Phillipe’s boyfriend in the thread, Marie-Ange texts her cousin to let him know she’s going to correct Clint and out their engagement.

Apr 11 - Felicia makes an instagram post about it being Cheese Fondue Day. Maya invites Generation X to Wade’s suite for a fondue party. Angelo announces his engagement to Jean-Phillipe on his journal. Bobbi emails a number of people about a possible tattoo. Bobby reflects he’s been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. Warren texts Sue to invite her to a day out for pseudo sibling day.

Apr 12

Apr 13 - Logan texts Rogue about making plans for the summer. Darcy finds Topaz’ cat Midnight wandering the halls and takes her in.

Apr 14 - Natasha asks about the previously-mentioned ice-cream party. Jean and Kurt discuss current events, including Kurt keeping an eye on Topaz.

Apr 15 - Sooraya announces she has finished getting her office together. Doug alerts Wade to the existence of a pie taco.

Apr 16 - Clea leaves Amanda a birthday present on her desk in the magic room. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: Monica makes a journal entry about protests at the Mayo Clinic; Wolverine posts to xp_teams announcing the X-Men and some of Gen-X are heading to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to provide low-key security; Firestar makes an all-teams posts alerting everyone that things are not going well with the Brotherhood of Mutants showing up. Poor Unfortunate Souls: Amanda posts to xp_teams warning people to steer clear of the Bermuda Triangle.

Apr 17 - Jubilee makes a journal entry to share a video. Poor Unfortunate Souls: Scott makes an xp_teams post asking for help to check out his father’s distress signal; Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wildchild, Hawkeye, Bevatron and a reluctant Namor arrive in Florida, borrow a boat (Clint is great at them), and make their way to the Starjammer; Not at all surprisingly, Namor has opinions about the disappearance of the Starjammer's crew; below the surface, Marvel Girl and Namor encounter cephalopods smaller, and rather more personal than the giant one attacking the ship and are brainwashed; Scott makes a communications post asking for help in the Bermuda Triangle, especially from Daytripper and the magic set; Clint attempts to text several people seeking help in the Bermuda Triangle; Wallflower and Blink are too old for this crap; Topaz learns a valuable lesson - when you skip school, you get stuck going with the Sefton siblings to fight a giant squid; Cloak catches Scarlet Witch and Synch by surprise to drag them off to the Bermuda Triangle; the Bermuda Triangle is a popular vacationing spot, not that Clea, Darcy, or Ty want to go; the magic ladies gather to talk, and Daytirpper has a most horrendous idea - a spell to turn them into mermaids; Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Daytripper discuss the ritual, which they will probably never discuss this again; Wallflower and Blink prep for a very quick medical exam; Topaz, Wildchild and Synch comment on the disgusting aspect - and taste - of magic; Scarlet Witch and Darcy do the worst shots in the world as the transformation ritual takes effect; Topaz, Bevatron and Blink participate in the worst potions and transfiguration class ever; Wildchild did not go over the rail when the magic started; Daytripper's the last to go, and Hawkeye gets to make sure she gets to the water okay; with all fishies in the water, Cyclops and Blink take point on scouting ahead; Rainbow Britefish (Topaz) and Synch track our missing phoenixes, pirates and princes; Daytripper and Wildchild are beset upon by Lemurians and an Atlantean bearing (wait no, WEARING) squid; Bevatron and Darcy-Still-Needs-A-Codename fight guards with a compelling voice and conductive voltages - and discover just what has happened to Scott's father; Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler are attacked by a regally and terrifyingly transformed Marvel Girl; on the boat, Hawkeye, Wallflower, Cloak and Clea discover they have a few ocean animals to contend with themselves; Topaz (refuses a codename) fights Marvel Fishgirl on her own territory - the mind; Synch takes over fighting King-Squid-Namor, and discovers surprising facts about the Atlantean when he tries to sync to his powers; Synch helps Topaz and Marvel Girl double-team Namor; Cyclops and Daytripper team up to take on the Starjammers and start breaking them free of the mind control; Wildchild and Nightcrawler work off some frustration on Lemurians; Bevatron and Synch face off against some guards… and Warlord Attuma of the Enormous Ego; Darcy and Blink get rid some of the supply of mind-controlling parasitic squidthings; Daytripper(swimmer), Cyclops and Corsair release more kidnap victims; Topaz and Marvel Girl finish the job or de-squidding Namor, and he has emotions that aren't anger or disdain; the magic that turned the volunteers into merfolk will end easily, however the involuntarily besquidded require some more work; Hawkeye distributes towels and has the officially Worst Idea Ever (tm).

Apr 18 - Poor Unfortunate Souls: Clint's just finishing the setup for the squidlets when Topaz happens by; Clint actually does call Amanda about their confrontation, who gives him some information he didn't have and they both facepalm a lot; Darcy texts Clint, upset at his new pets; Clint texts Nat to tell her where he is; Darcy texts Nat to complain about Clint. Darcy makes a journal entry upset at Clint. Kyle makes a journal entry asking if anyone wants any shark teeth, and that yesterday was really weird. Clea makes a journal entry saying she’s not going to school today, and requesting cheeseburgers. Jean makes a journal entry advising she has laryngitis and that she’s rescheduling some medlab appointments.

Apr 19 - Lorna IMs Alex saying she’s nervous about her results. Topaz texts Clint to say thank you. Lorna texts Wanda inviting her out for drinks to celebrate. Post-squiddening, Topaz goes to find out what the now-former Marvel Fishgirl saw in her head, and to secure a promise for discretion.

Apr 20 - Warren leaves a special 4:20 package on his desk at work. Angel makes a journal post leaving a link and wanting to steal a highway sign. Marie-Ange visits Jean-Phillipe and the cousins talk about his manifestation and possible powers training together.

Apr 21 - Scott confronts Topaz about her draining of emotions during the rescue of his father and she is less than repentant.

Apr 22 - Clea makes a journal post about wanting to go to New York Comic Con and cosplay. Wade texts Jean asking for him removing specific memories. Wade seeks Molly out to give her a rundown of a few precautionary measures he's put in places.

Apr 23 - Clint texts Angel to ask what she’s up to and the two of them decide to share some nutella. Darcy posts up some D20 inspired pride pins.

Apr 24 - Marie-Ange texts Jubilee to let her know that since she 'stole' MA’s job of predicting things M-A has stolen her job of being a thief...and her crochet and ice cream to boot. Jean and Wanda get drinks and sushi and talk about their undersea adventure.

Apr 25 - Jubilee posts to point out she is innocent and delightful, nobody buys it.

Apr 26 - Amanda wonders what Clea is doing at XF, Clea proceeds to point out that XF really needs her to function and not die of eating fast food and a man abusing their elevator. Miles invites Bobby to a party at his dorm. Tandy lets people know that the District X food bank will be opening on Monday and letting people she’ll be hosting a thank you party.

Apr 27 - Quentin takes Hank out for a night in the city. Darcy attempts to feed Topaz while she works in the library.

Apr 28 - While at the party Miles and Bobby have a great time and end up making out with one another, awkward adorkableness ensues. Type X Negative In the news, protesters gather outside Mayo Clinic to lobby against accepting blood donations from visible mutants. After the awkwardness with Bobby Miles texts Peter Parker ot ask if he’s out patrolling, Peter insists on hearing the whole story.

Apr 29 - Maya decides that, after the news article, she’s going to donate blood and join the anti protest protests. Clint lets the proto-eXcalibur know he’s holding a health and safety meeting (wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting) and various mansion teens end up being offered up as minions. Meanwhile Angel and Kevin get together to talk food, of course they do. Topaz emails Stephen informing him that he has been requisitioned as Darcy’s assistant. Kitty posts to let the mansion know she’s taking a short job offer in Chicago for a while. Bobbi and Sharon head to a diner for some comfort food, Bobbi notices how jumpy Sharon is and confronts her about it finding it out it’s to do with her time in the army and the Iraqui super-soldier.

Apr 30 - Wade asks for Clarice’s help with his pseudo parent situation. Type X Negative Another news article goes up about how other blood clinics in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama have followed suit turning away visible mutants.


Ready or Not

X-Men Mission: Type X Negative

Poor Unfortunate Souls

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