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Lorna Dane returned to the school from Muir Island, while Bobby Drake went to the West Coast Annex to audit their expenses and Nicholas Gleason took on a job as an orderly at Muir, hoping to either regain his old memories or build a new life for himself if they failed to return. Bobby's departure was the final blow to his marriage with Theresa Cassidy and they sought a legal separation. And following a shocking revelation, Jean Grey and Scott Summers fought and were unable to resolve the situation, leaving their relationship under question.

With the circumstances of her return from Attilan, Sooraya Qadir set about training more with her powers, although an accident with David Haller proved to be a significant set back and led to her roommate, Yvette Petrovic, stepping in with a pep talk and an offer to be her (indestructible) training partner. Madelyne Pryor manifested her telepathy, requiring her to spend some time in the Box while she got a handle on shielding, and Layla Miller remained considerably fatigued following her own powers accident at the end of December. Korvus Rook'shir discovered his heirloom sword had some unusual - and destructive - properties of its own while testing it out with Jean and Fred Dukes, following up on the advice of his friends, talked to Scott and became a trainee X-Man, with the trainee name of "Adipose".

Most of X-Force revisited to their teenage days when an informant who had been exposed to Kick gave them a telepathic whammy by accident; only Remy LeBeau and Nico Minoru were left in their right minds, babysitting a motley group of teens in adult bodies as well as trying to locate Thomas Glorian and have him undo what he had done. When it turned out Glorian was in the same position, it was up to a traumatised Emma Frost to fix things, by overlapping Glorian's perception of reality with her own horrendous one of the asylum, and breaking the illusion. Nico's actions throughout the drama led to "the talk" from Remy and her deciding to join the team full-time, rather than just as Amanda's assistant.

The X-Men got to dress up for a protection detail, when an independent film about Day Zero was targeted by both the Friends of Humanity and terrorist threats. And finally, Sooraya received a subpoena, asking her to return to Attilan to give evidence against her abductors, and she looked to her friends on the team to go with her and keep her safe.


Jan 1 - Korvus visits Layla in the infirmary.

Jan 2 - North wishes X-Force a happy holiday with a new filing system (with Cammie's help).

Jan 3 - Adrienne emails Vanessa for help in getting Layla a surprise t-shirt gift; Adrienne leaves the shirt on Layla's door.

Jan 4 - Nico makes her New Year's resolution - not to destroy the world. Sooraya and Adrienne talk after a tutoring session about college and Sooraya's powers studies. Warren reflects on how much work has piled up over the holiday period.

Jan 5 - Jean and Sooraya talk about her powers following a science class. Layla thanks her anonymous shirt giver. Wanda announces her return to New York. Adrienne talks to Warren about investing in the mutant clothing store in District X. Lorna Dane returns from Scotland and Remy picks her up at the airport; Lorna announces her return from Muir Island.

Jan 6 - Vanessa texts Garrison asking for him to keep her company. Jean-Paul invites Adrienne over for snacks and movies. Maddie's powers manifest, with Jean and Haller coming to her rescue. Wade asks about an incident involving someone screaming in his head and Jean explains Maddie manifested her telepathy; Haller posts to x_journal explaining the situation with Maddie, who is in the Box until she can learn some shielding; Haller emails Jean about forgetting to post about Maddie earlier; Layla brings down some things for Maddie and Jean reassures her that her roomie will be okay. Layla emails her teachers asking for an extension on her schoolwork due to powers-related exhaustion.

Jan 7 - Vanessa emails Doug about getting an ID to match her new pink self, as she doesn't seem to be turning back to her blue self. Adrienne gets a new Wii game and invites Vanessa to come play with her. Bishop gives Sooraya hands on instruction with various handguns.

Jan 8 - Sarah V. is unimpressed with how 2012 has gone so far.

Jan 9 - Operation: Teenage Wasteland: An unexpected and unwelcome visitor arrives at the Snow Valley offices, completely disrupting a staff meeting and generally making a giant nuisance of himself; Wade e-mails Marie-Ange about the recent visitor at Snow Valley; Amanda posts on the Snow Valley journal about Glorian being stashed in a safehouse. Kyle finds Lorna cooking food and they talk about shoes, food, gossip, and school. Jubilee e-mails Doug while feeling rather amorous.

Jan 10 - Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Remy wakes up in bed with his wife, who doesn't know who he is; Doug wakes up almost naked, in bed with a woman who he knows, but doesn't know him; Remy goes looking for the other members of X-Force, the first stop being Cammie; Remy finally finds someone who doesn't think they're sixteen; Remy checks in on Sarah, who is also affected, and she's really really not happy with Remy; Marie-Ange and Amanda wake up amnesic and confused, and so does Wade; Wanda wakes up with one Dr. Stephen Strange, who has no better luck trying to find out what went wrong; Nico arrives at Amanda's and sort of explains X-Force to the three not-quite-teens, and gets them moving to the office; On her way out the fire escape, Wanda encounters Christophe Nord, and they both encounter Remy; Dr. Stephen Strange finds himself in Alberta, Canada; Emma wakes up with a stabbing pain in her head before Remy finds her; Remy posts to x_journal announcing there's an urgent situation and that X-Force will be under radio silence for the next several days, and that Wade is with them; Remy and Nico drag all of X-Force to the offices and they attempt to figure out exactly what the hell is going on; Remy tries to find Glorian, trying to get access to the systems, and Doug finds out he has an extensive stash of porn; Remy finds himself counseling Wanda as she struggles to come to terms with what's going on; While waiting for something to happen, Amanda and Marie-Ange catch up on two entirely different lives; When Remy stops by what is/will be Marie-Ange's office, she has questions for him; Doug and Wade decide that hiding from the girls is the better part of valor; Doug goes seeking out Marie-Ange as one of the few people he remembers that remembers him, and finds out something he was truly not expecting; Doug meets Christophe Nord in the offices and helps him catch up with what he's missed.. Sooraya e-mails Maddie to see if she's up for a visitor. Adri leaves a gift for Maddie outside her door. Fred makes a journal entry about how he's working with Kyle now. Sooraya visits Maddie in the box with food and they make plans to teach Sooraya ice-skating.

Jan 11 - Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Wanda, Jubilee, Ororo and Amanda pick up some street-level gossip and discuss it over tacos; Marie-Ange posts to Snow Valley's journal saying if anyone has any updates on Glorian's location that they should share it there; Remy checks in on the very quiet Sofia to see if she's ready for this; After Wade and David do some unsuccessful scouting of hospitals and police stations for any word of Glorian, they shop, and Wade returns to Snow Valley with a present for Marie-Ange, and to show off his new pants; David and Wade find one of David's guns and Wade ends up getting shot; Remy's plan to find Thomas Glorian and restore X-Force back to what they call normal begins with a break-in; Sofia and Marie-Ange do their best to be mice that roar, or, in this case, mice that block off alleys and create hurricane winds, but they're just a little better at their powers than they expected; Doug and North and Nico... start a commotion; While the boys + Nico are wrecking fuses and making a lot of sound and noise, Wanda and Amanda get their hands in Russo's gang's pants; Ororo, Remy and Sarah break into the building where Russo has Glorian stashed. Remy and Ororo come in through the window, Sarah comes in through the door... and then Russo goes out through the window, several stories up; Once Glorian is out of the building, Wade is tasked with getting him from the building to the office safely; Glorian has been brought to the office, and now it's Emma's job - untrained, sixteen year old Emma Frost - to fix everything; Jubilee visits Doug in his server room to see how he's coping with the after effects of reverting to a 16 year old. After a session in the Danger Room Scott and Lorna head to the kitchen for a coffee and a talk. Haller trains Sooraya in the use of her powers and he learns a little more of what happened in Attilan when things go wrong. Haller e-mails Yvette to update her on what he found out about Sooraya's past in Attilan. Warren and Jean-Paul have lunch at one of Warren's new favorite spots, and discuss the District X community council and their plans. Following the training accident with Haller, Yvette does her best to help out her roomie.

Jan 12 - Remy makes an entry on Snow Valley's journal to announce he's taking the rest of the week off after everything that went down. Wanda e-mails Remy to thank him for everything he did for them in the previous few days. Lorna makes a journal entry about organizing an ice cream social on Friday for everybody. Doug e-mails Adri and asks her to check in on Emma. Remy e-mails Nico to tell her she did a good job helping him with the recent X-Force crisis. Adri e-mails Emma and Amanda to check in with them after hearing about the recent X-Force crisis. Day Zero, the Movie: Warren posts to the x_team journal about a potential problem at a film festival this weekend and asking for Meltdown, Cannonball, Wallflower, Hamster, and Sparky to meet with him tomorrow for a briefing. Nico posts a Nyan cat video in her journal. Sam and Tabitha run into each other at the grocery. Operation: Teenage Wasteland: Wade takes a drugged up Marie-Ange back to the Brownstone. Remy and Ororo spend some time together, talking about the past and with Remy giving Ororo a birthday gift.

Jan 13 - Lorna confirms on her journal that the ice cream social is going ahead from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the kitchen. Amanda makes a journal entry asking what they hell they did with her hair. Maddie tries to sneak some ice cream without getting caught, but Lorna sees her and they chat a bit before Maddie goes back to her dorm.

Jan 14 - Day Zero The Movie: Warren and Jean-Phillipe walk the red carpet at the premiere of the Day Zero movie; Lex and Laurie keep an eye on the gathered crowd, which includes some FOH protesters; Jean-Phillipe and Warren chat to one of the film's executive producers; Warren checks in with Kurt and Dori; Sam and Tabitha sneak into position; Warren and Jean-Phillipe get back to work; Laurie and Lex run into some trouble outside when an argument between some mutants and some FoH protesters turns violent; meanwhile Tabitha and Sam restrain a wannabe terrorist. Wade breaks into Doug's office with Mexican food and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Jan 15 - Jean, Scott, Warren, Adrienne and Jean-Paul attend an outdoor concert together, only for Jean to have a panic attack after a fight breaking out triggers her. She and Scott later discuss the reason for her panic attack, and they fight. At Wade's urging Doug and Marie-Ange manage to talk and declare a truce. Jean shows up outside Jean-Paul's apartment and admits that she and Scott had a fight before asking if she could stay for a few days.

Jan 16 - Jubilee makes a request to Snow Valley, looking for more work to do. Meggan posts, looking for Molly. Tabitha posts about buying underwear online. Matt, Meggan and Wade find a sick Molly hiding. Wade lets everyone know they've found Molly. Megan's in a down mood, and talks to Kurt about it. Deciding Emma's been hiding out long enough, Adrienne seeks her out and refuses to leave until Emma talks to her, though neither sister feels better afterwards. Post Operation: Teenage Wasteland, Vanessa drops in with food for a sleep-deprived and over-worked David.

Jan 17 - Adrienne emails Wade about buying a hoodie for the sick Molly. Warren posts about his birthday, inviting everyone to a new bar in District X to celebrate. Sooraya emails Bishop about training. Kurt stops by the suite to check on Jean and end up having a heart to heart talk with Scott.

Jan 18 - Jean and Korvus test out his new sword, with some surprising (and destructive) results. Jean emails Kyle about the repairs. Adrienne leaves Molly a gift bag from the T-Shirt fairy and Wade. Jean-Paul texts Jean, asking her if she likes pina coladas.

Jan 19 - Sharon and Lorna meet for the first time, and it goes pretty well. Jean leaves Warren a birthday gift. Warren texts Vanessa about not showing up for his birthday drinks. Sooraya asks a question after an interview for college does not go the way she expected.

Jan 20 - Vanessa emails Warren to apologize for not staying very long at his birthday drinks. Terry and Angelo run into each other grocery shopping and catch up. Sharon posts about moving back to the mansion and surviving her first week of classes. Jean-Paul texts Warren, also apologising for leaving early. Wade emails Warren about his birthday present, which is a set of knives, offering to show him how to use them. Lorna invites Sharon out shopping.

Jan 21 - Fred and Scott talk about Fred joining the X-Men. Fred posts about becoming the newest X-Men trainee and the usual discussion about trainee names commences. Kyle posts about Squirrel Appreciation Day and squirrelnapping his girlfriend. A drunk Jubilee texts Marie-Ange asking for help. Amara and Sooraya go out for lunch and talk about their future plans.

Jan 22 - Laurie texts Kyle about the state of his dishevelment when he snuck back in the previous night. Terry couriers Doug some mermaid soap. Doug emails Terry about his mysterious package. Doug and Terry admit they have feelings for one another and Terry reveals she and Bobby are separating.

Jan 23 - Layla posts about her slowly improving health and all of the work she has to catch up on.

Jan 24 - Megan wonders about becoming a psychologist. Clarice posts on her journal letting people know about her new years and stating that she was swamped at college but would be at the mansion for training. Vanessa and Callisto hunt for a missing kid in the tunnels under the city, after a night in the sewers Vanessa offers Callisto a room for the night. Wade and Marie-Ange discuss communist Russian rum plots via a text exchange.

Jan 25 - Warren and Angelo discuss Angelo's future plans on running for state office. Jubilee checks up on Doug after Operation: Teenage Wasteland. Kurt announces Nick has moved to Muir Island. Sarah V. announces to the world how awesome Layla is. Lorna announces she is taking a trip over the weekend.

Jan 26 - Sharon leaves Haggis out in the kitchen for people to try and makes plans with Layla to learn to make Wiener Schnitzel.

Jan 27 - Scott announces that he and Lorna are flying to Hawaii to celebrate Alex's birthday. Doug admits that his 16 year old self had found 4-chan and was a little bit of a jerk. I Do... NOT!: A subpeona arrives for Sooraya to appear before a court in Attilan as a witness. Jean e-mails Lorna expressing her regrets that she couldn't be there on Alex's birthday. Warren and Piotr belatedly go out for a drink to commemorate their almost shared birthdays, and start building a bridge towards a reformed friendship.

Jan 28 - Marie-Ange posts a video of glee to her journal and wishes she could hire the cellists to play the soundtrack to her life. Sooraya and Sarah V. meet in the library and discuss class and Bishop.

Jan 29 - Korvus and Wade start building a set of armor for Korvus to use.

Jan 30 - Jubilee and Kyle have lunch in New York. Laurie comes across Warren trying to learn archery. Laurie posts about her time back at Westchester College and planning a visit to New York. Nico comes to talk to Remy, and makes a major decision about her work with X-Force.

Jan 31 - Tabitha posts her refusal to discuss the pictures on her phone and about watching dueling cellos and blaming Marie-Ange for it. I Do...NOT!: Sooraya asks Angelo to come with her when she has to go to Attilan. Lorna posts about the one year anniversary of Hank's amazing coffee machine, HB2.7 and her love for it.


Operation: Teenage Wasteland

X-Men Mission: Day Zero, the Movie

I Do...NOT!

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