Karl Mordo

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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Karl Mordo (disambiguation).

Karl Mordo
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Portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Ancient One
Socked By: Zoila
Introduction: Dark Dimension Homecoming

"The Ancient One has done what he can. He provided the protection when no one else would. You should be more grateful for what he was able to do. I guarantee you, there is nobody in this world who has the ability to do more."

Disciple of the Ancient One and son of aristocracy, Karl Mordo's arrogance and superiority may pave the road to his destruction.


Name: Karl Amadeus Mordo

Aliases: Unknown

Affiliation: Sorcerer Supreme

First appearance: October 8, 2017

Family: Unknown


The son of a British lord, Karl Amadeus Mordo had a secret, he was a magician. Used to getting him way he sought out magicians who could help him learn magic but each one he found proved to be a fake and a charlatan. That was until he came across stories of a monk with powers in Tibet, the Ancient One. Karl sets out to try and find the Ancient One but failed to locate more than rumour and story of the old man. Dissatisfied he returned home and sought other means of expanding his burgeoning talent, dabbling in dark magic to increase his power.

It was during one of these rites that Mordo sensed another magic user, one he knew would take the fame and glory that was rightfully his. Mordo was left with just a name, Stephen Strange. Hunting down the young boy Karl chose to attack him at night to defeat his rival before he could prove to be a threat. Luckily the Ancient One sensed the disturbance and was able to intervene, he removed memory of the incident from Stephen’s mind and took Karl with him hoping that through his training the young aristocrat would be able to master his inner demons. He was one of those who helped provide an escape to the Xavier Institute mutants from the Dark Dimension, but certainly did not endear himself to Stephen's magic teacher, Amanda Sefton or her X-Force teammates.


Karl Mordo is a talented and powerful mage who has spent years dabbling in dark magic in order to increase his power. His time spent practicing black magic has given him a strong knowledge of demons and he is happy to use them in his plans. He has tried to avoid these while under the Ancient One’s tutelage, but the siren call of black magic is too strong to resist.


Dark Dimension Homecoming


PB: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Socked by: Zoila