Poor Unfortunate Souls

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Poor Unfortunate Souls
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Dates run: April 16-17, 2018
Run By: Frito
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"Disney movies?" Topaz opened her eyes again to raise an eyebrow. Tandy had put her through the entire Disney movie line-up over the course of a weekend once. It hadn't been pleasant. "What do Disney movies have to do with getting under wat-" There was almost an audible click as the pieces fell into place. "No."

Clea read the words and bit her lower lip as she looked at her fellow friends, "Can I say, I am bloody jealous? Because I am."

"If it wasn't for the giant squid, I'd happily swap spots, Clea," Amanda sighed. "But it looks like this is the only option." She took a breath and forced the words out. "We're going to have to turn into mermaids."

A distress call from Corsair leads a slightly unwilling group into a great adventure under the sea.


Scott Summers, Clinton Barton, Jean Grey, Namor, Kyle Gibney, Jean-Phillipe Colbert

Amanda Sefton, Topaz, Clea Lake, Kurt Sefton, Darcy Lewis, Clarice Ferguson, Laurie Collins, Everett Thomas, Wanda Maximoff, Tyrone Johnson


Attuma and the Lemurians


April 16-17, 2018

Plot Summary

A distress call from his father, Christopher Summers, leads Scott to bring a small team - Jean, Kyle, Namor, Clint, and Jean-Phillipe - to the one place no one should ever go: The Bermuda Triangle. They find the Starjammers ship, but no Starjammers, and are investigating when Namor suddenly collapses and begins seizing and throwing up. While Jean tries to treat him, a giant squid comes out of the water, grabbing Namor and Jean and dragging them in before anyone can stop them.

With the rest of the X-Men in Minnesota dealing with another conflict, they call on Clint's weird little team of people and the magic group - Amanda, Topaz, Clea, Kurt, Darcy, Clarice, Laurie, Everett, Wanda, and Ty - to help. The magical ladies convene and try to figure out how to rescue everyone, and Amanda comes to a very chilling and unsettling decision - they'll have to turn into merfolk in order to swim to the bottom of the ocean and save the kidnapped people. No one is pleased with the idea.

It's decided that Scott, Amanda, Kurt, Topaz, Darcy, Jean-Phillipe, Ev, Wanda, Kyle, and Clarice will be the ones to make the harrowing journey, with everyone else staying topside in case of a surface emergency. The newly turned mermaids/various sea human-creatures dive in and head for the bottom of the ocean, where they find Jean, Namor, and the Starjammers are all being controlled by squid-like creatures attached to their faces. Kurt and Wanda take on Jean, with Topaz taking over later and using a combination of magic and empathy to free Jean from the mind control. Jean-Phillipe and Ev encounter Attuma, the mastermind behind all of this, and after chasing him off, Ev starts a battle with Namor. He is assisted by Jean and Topaz to free Namor as well. Scott and Amanda take on the Starjammers, and Amanda manages to free them with magic. With all of the brainwashed people taken care of, the entire group goes to release the rest of the squids so they can't be used for nefarious purposes again, although a few of them follow Wanda back to the surface.

Meanwhile, the giant squid reappears to attack the boat people, and they manage to fight it off without too much personal or property damage (Laurie even got to test out her taser arm). When the merfolk/formerly possessed return to the surface, Topaz and Amanda assist in freeing them from their squid hats for good.

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Trivia and Meta


The one-off blood blank attack the day before this plot became its own plot run by Sam and Zippit.

This was the first time anyone (in this case, Everett) realized that Namor isn't a mutant (as he wasn't able to sync with Namor's powers).

At the end of the adventure, Clint decided to collect a couple of the squid hats (naming them Squidward and Ursulette). No one is particularly amused by this, with Topaz and Darcy being particularly vocal about their displeasure.


Plotrunner: Frito (with some help from Sam, who's a nosy busy body and inserted herself into things (lies, Sam is great))

Poster by Mackinzie