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May 7 - Doug Ramsey's birthday, David Haller's birthday



2004: Pete posts rules about the upcoming trip to Boston, and Emma convinces Manuel to go. Marie-Ange gets Jamie to abduct Doug for her, and later Jamie poses so Jubilee can practice drawing. Jubilee also finally meets Manuel. Clarice voices her opinions on the Spaniard, and is comforted by Angelo, but berated by others. Cassandra Complex: Nathan is rocked by a vision and gets help from Charles Xavier and Moira, Alison informs everyone on what happened, and Amanda has a strange dream.

2005: Jean and Betsy still have trouble being civil, but manage with a little prompting from Nathan. Alex is accepted to the University of Hawaii. Clarice has a bad day at work and gets drunk. Growing Pains: Forge’s surgery is successful.

2006: Mutant Fight Club: Kyle meets a girl at the fight club.

2007: Angel trains with Forge on her microwave powers. Terry posts about being deep in finals. Nathan and Medusa discuss her engagement. Ahab (plot): Kyle is curious about tapas and an outing is arranged; on the way back from the restaurant, Kyle, Jennie, Marius and Crystal are attacked by strange mutants; Jennie, Kyle and Marius are teleported away, leaving behind Crystal with a broken leg, who raises the alarm and is brought back by Pietro; the X-Men begin investigating and the school is locked down; the kids' captor reveals himself - Rory Campbell, now calling himself 'Ahab' and quite insane.

2008: Monet announces her new trainee status. Angel has an alarming encounter with Marie's pet monkey, Jack. Crystal arranges for Forge to go to Attilan for a tux fitting. Haller and Lorna go kite flying on her last day. Charles 'fires' Ororo and Scott from being headmasters in anticipation of various changes happening over the summer break, which they don't mind at all. Jan asks John to the prom and gets a response she didn't anticipate; later, John feels a bit guilty and emails her, agreeing to go; Jan emails Tommy, asking if he had any issues with her breast size. Haller's birthday, and Betsy is nearly caught in a compromising situation by Cain, dropping off a gift of beer. On the eve of Lorna's departure, she and Alex act on their still-strong feelings for each other.

2009: Lil wonders about the building of an ark in relation to the amount of rain received. Angel and Julian talk about her joining the X-Men. Jean-Paul turns up on Jake's doorstep to provide consolation for the incident with Adrienne. Amanda and Angelo have a night in and talk about Jake's missing arm.

2010: John and Amara have coffee. Vanessa runs into Bishop at her favorite cafe, jokingly poses an offer and finds herself with a prospective PI for her agency. A Brother's Protection: Nick takes his sister to go meet with Professor Xavier to help decide the next course of action for his sister.

2011: Jean-Paul complains about the plants encroaching on his desk at X-Factor and missing files. Amara and Callie go apartment hunting in District X. X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen: Garrison complains about being called into the office on a Saturday; Garrison is briefed by Fred Duncan about an underground mutant roller derby organisation used as a front for Kick peddling; Garrison meets with Charles and Jean to explain the FBI needs help with the case, not having enough female mutant agents to go undercover; Garrison contacts Muir Island after receiving information Alison Blaire had a brief stint in roller derby, but she's unavailable to train; Paige, on the other hand, is, and knows how to roller skate, becoming Garrison's first recruit. Jean leaves birthday presents for all of Haller's personalities, and for Doug; Doug announces birthday drinks at Finnegans for himself and Haller, inviting whoever is available; Jubilee leaves her gift to Doug on his kitchen table; Laurie mails Doug's gift and leaves Haller's for him on his desk. Kevin leaves Meggan pottery supplies, books and a dvd, plus a sketch. Jean leaves Vanessa some caffeine capsules to help her stay awake. Vanessa emails Laurie about pranking Jean-Paul by leaving plants all over his desk every night. Jean posts to the x_staff comm, slightly drunk at Doug's party.

2012: Terry sends Doug a hand-wrapped journal, a bottle of whiskey and a set of whiskey glasses for his birthday. Terry posts on her journal saying she is going to start looking for an apartment of her own. Lorna texts Haller saying she will be coming around tonight with a gift basket of gifts (and food). Wade leaves Doug a "Bromantically involved" t-shirt and a fruit basket made out of watermelon. Angel posts to her journal saying she and her adviser have worked out a solution to her academic woes. A more-than-slightly inebriated Lorna and Jean give Haller a makeover for his birthday - and things turn awkward when Scott shows up. Doug posts to his journal saying birthdays are overrated, but he now has whiskey and a portrait of himself as a My Little Pony.

2013: Maddie sends Doug a bottle of hot sauce for his birthday. Doug emails Haller to wish him a happy mutual birthday and reflects on the fact they both forget it regularly. Yvette gives Haller an origami birthday card. Amanda leaves Doug a suitably geeky set of gifts. Doug posts about ultraconserved words and thanks people for the birthday wishes. Sooraya runs into Artie in a diner in District X, the day after his ...conversation with Remy.

2014: Doug mentions today is his birthday and is looking for suggestions of what to do. Matt posts that he is done with Spring Classes and that he is finally declared a major, criminal justice and thinking about applying it towards law school.


2015: Sooraya and Warren meet and Warren gets hit with a metaphorical hammer. Doug posts about a supposed Knight Templar Police Force. Wade texts Doug about birthday plan. Alison helps Roxy try to figure out her image inducer.

2016: Jean gives Haller cupcakes for his birthday. Darcy gives Doug a potted chili pepper plant for his. Laurie gives Doug a special birthday treat. Hope and Ty go suit shopping.

2017: Doug posts about him and Haller having forgotten their birthdays. Again.

2018: Generation X: Demon Bear: Clea texts Stephen, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin about doing something for Nica’s birthday. Felicia posts a picture of Rahne’s new haircut. Doug wonders who bet on him forgetting his birthday again.

2019: Alani posts about having a lazy day with nuggets and a bath. Jean texts Haller to say happy birthday and invite him out for dinner. Doug sleeps through his own birthday.

2020: Amanda texts Jubilee and Marie-Ange to start a betting pool concerning Doug's birthday. Doug makes a post about his birthday, sure he'd set a reminder.

2021: Sooraya posts about John Allerdyce leaving the mansion, due to a workload that disallows side trips and mentions that any correspondence could be sent through her or Angelo. Doug posts about his birthday and notes that he actually remembered this year.

2022: Terry texts Kyle to ask if he'd like some stew. Doug announces that he's remembered his birthday two years in a row.