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Mortimer Toynbee
Portrayed by Ray Park
Known Aliases: Toad
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants
Socked By: Al
Introduction: X-Men

A British-born mutant with some rather unsavoury personality traits, Toad was in custody following his capture after Thirteen Days but escaped in November 2009. He appears to have rejoined the Brotherhood.


Name: Mortimer Toynbee

Aliases: Toad

Occupation: Brotherhood of Mutants

First appearance: X-Men

Family: unknown


Little is known about Mortimer Toynbee before he joined up with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants. He was instrumental in the leadup to the Liberty Island incident, helping create the device intended to turn normal humans into mutants. He has been a member of the Brotherhood since its inception, despite occasional poor treatment by his fellow mutants, he has always been loyal (some would say sycophantic) to Magneto.

Toad tends to exhibit cowardly behavior around those mutants more powerful than himself, yet shifts to a bullying, swaggering persona around those he deems weaker. It has been theorized that Toad himself was bullied as a child, possibly because of his unusual appearance.

As of 2007, Toad remained in Magneto's employ, although it was presumed he is being kept close to home, given his tendency to get into trouble of the X-Men-related variety when left to his own pursuits. He appeared in Berlin with Mystique and new member, Nimrod, disrupting a political rally by anti-mutant campaigner, Baron Eric Wagner.

He was with the Brotherhood when they hijacked the Russian space station and took over the satellite weapons system put in orbit by a rogue group within the Russian military. He survived the breakup of the station, and was taken into custody after a fight with Kyle Gibney, who accompanied the Special Forces team sent into Tibet to rescue a group of stranded X-Men.

In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, Toad escaped. After a run-in with the X-Men and defeating the over-eager trainee Jay Guthrie, he vanished. He is assumed to have sought out Magneto, along with fellow Brotherhood members, Katu and Bloodhawk. This was confirmed in August 2011 when he was sighted in the company of a mutant chemist known as Mister M following an attack on Silver that backfired. High on Laurie's pheromones and Megan's pixie dust, he escaped being arrested by sheer unpredictability. He rejoined the Brotherhood on Avalon, and followed the rejuvenated Magneto when he retreated from the X-Men's attack.


Toad's primary mutant power is the enhanced muscle strength in his legs and lower back, allowing him to leap over 45 feet vertically in a single bound. His body is adapted to absorb the shock and impact of such leaps, rendering him very tough and agile.

Toad's skin also secretes an adhesive that lets him adhere to surfaces such as walls and ceilings - even completely inverted. He can also spit this adhesive at an opponent, where it hardens upon prolonged contact with air, often with disgustingly effective results.

Toad can also extend his tongue up to twelve feet, and use it as a prehensile appendage. He is well-skilled in this particular use of his mutant physiology, and often retains it for a surprise in combat.


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Socked by: Al

PB: Ray Park