Amy Wright

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Amy Wright
Portrayed by Julia Goldani Telles
Known Aliases: Eyepsy
Affiliations: Hope Abbott
Socked By: Sam
Introduction: No Way Back

An old friend of Hope Abbott's. The manifestation of Amy's physical mutation led to her parents cutting her off from the world to hide what their daughter was. Following being kidnapped and brainwashed along with Hope, Amy was sent to have the brainwashing reversed. It failed however and she escaped. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Name: Amy Wright

Aliases: Eyespy

Occupation: Student

First appearance: August 23, 2013

Family: Parents: Mr and Mrs Wright (first names unknown); younger sister, Calleigh.


Amy was a friend of Hope’s through violin lessons. Though a year older then Hope, they got along well. Unfortunately, she and Hope lost contact when Hope moved to Xavier’s, not knowing the reason of her friend’s sudden departure from town.

Phase 1

In autumn 2012 she herself manifested, gaining a pair of eagle eyes. Amy’s mother, knowing how the town most likely would react, withdrew her from school and decided to enroll her in an online school for the last two years of high school. Most of Amy’s social ties were broken. When Amy went out, she wore a pair of dark glasses to hide her eyes. Still, people caught glimpses and the rumors started quickly, though nobody knew for sure what was going. Suddenly being cut off from all her friends has made the former outgoing, social Amy withdrawn and depressed. Things were not being helped by her younger sister, fourteen year old Calleigh, who did still have her freedom and liked to rub it in.

When Hope returned home to visit in August 2013 and discovered Amy's mutation, she tried to help Amy see that there were other options for her than just staying prisoner in her parents' house. The two later assisted in the rescue of a local girl who had gone missing, revealing their mutant statuses.

Hope and Amy stayed in touch, and in September 2014, Amy introduced Hope to a forum run by the Foundation for Genetic Harmony. The foundation offered Amy and Hope internships in Europe, but the whole thing turned out to be a front for Rudolph von Habsburg, who was taking young mutants and brainwashing them in order to build a perfect world where humans are subversive to mutants. Hope managed to break free of her conditioning and escape, but Amy remained loyal to the Archduke and when an X-Men team raided the Archduke's castle, Amy (now going by her "mutant" name Eyespy) got her hands on a gun and tried to kill CJ Ward and Ian Archer (two fellow followers who had defected), but was stopped by Jean Grey and Kyle Gibney. The X-Men took her back to the States to get her help and hopefully de-condition her.

Phase 2

In February 2015, following M-Day, Amy proved to Hope she was alive and well and still with the Foundation (now known as GenetiX United) when she sent Hope a card calling her a traitor.


Amy’s eyes resemble the eyes of an eagle with a tube-like shape, a second fovea, a high amount of receptors and a huge amount of nerve connections. This means an extremely acute and sharp vision in normal daylight, with a huge amount of precision. In low light she can see far less though. Her color range is about the same as a normal human.


Phase 1

No Way Back

Higher Than Hope

Phase 2


PB: Julia Goldani Telles

Socked by: Sam