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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jean Grey (disambiguation).

Jean Grey - replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Poppy Montgomery
Codename: Phoenix
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Staff
Birthdate: October 27th, 1973
Journal: xp_phoenix
Player: (Former) Mackinzie

Professor Charles Xavier's first student, Dr. Jean Grey-Summers balances many roles as doctor, teacher, mentor, and X-Man. She was killed battling her alternate self, the Dark Phoenix in January 2015.


Character Journal: xp_phoenix

Real Name: Jean Grey-Summers

Codename: Phoenix

Aliases: Marvel Girl, Jane Smith, The Black Queen, Phoenix, Red, Jeannie, J, Evil Ginger, Cherry Bomb

First Appearance: May 8th, 2003

Date of Birth: October 27th, 1973

Place of Birth: upstate New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Elaine Grey (mother), Dr. John Grey (father), Sarah Grey (sister), Joey (nephew), Gailyn (niece). Jean's brother-in-law was killed in an accident, and her sister has decided to return to using her maiden name.

Education: BS from Columbia University and MD from George Washington University as well as teaching credentials in science

Relationship Status: Married to Scott Summers

Occupation: Teacher, Doctor

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Jean was born in upstate New York, where she lived with her parents and older sister until she was thirteen. When Jean's powers began to develop at thirteen, her lack of telepathic shielding threatened to drive her crazy and simultaneously deeply disturbed her family, particularly her mother. Wanting to help his little girl, Dr. Grey contacted his colleague, Charles Xavier, and asked if he could train Jean. Xavier agreed and, in order to both focus her studies and protect her unshielded mind, Jean moved in to Xavier's mansion and became his and Erik Lehnsherr's first student.

The Early Years

Jean studied at Xavier's home on her own, then was joined by Hank McCoy, Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe and others as Xavier extended his school. Continuing her education, Jean went to Columbia University for her undergraduate degree and it was while she was a student at Columbia that the sixteen year old Scott Summers was brought to Xavier's. The two of them became good friends while she was home during summer breaks and on weekends as she worked on further controlling her powers and they remained close when she moved to Washington, DC to study medicine. It was while she was studying in DC that her interest in politics was formed.

Pre- and Post-X1

Jean and Scott's relationship began when he was twenty-one and she was twenty-six and developed quickly, to the point that when she finished her degree and returned they moved in together, developing a psychic link and soon getting engaged. Approximately two years later Logan entered the picture and the events of X1 took place. Although not particularly attracted to him on an emotional or mental level, the physical attraction to Logan was definitely hard to deny, particularly with her strengthening telepathic and telekinetic powers upsetting her control of her mind. She fought against the attraction but it did place a strain on her and Scott's relationship.

Alkali Lake and Jane Smith


Jean believed that it was an interaction with her expanding and no longer properly controlled telekinesis which was causing the Blackbird engine not to start after the dam at Alkali Lake was destroyed. Deciding to sacrifice herself to save her teacher, her team, her love and her students, Jean left the plane and held back the water while lifting the plane to safety. Despite the increase in her powers which made it possible, the strain was too much to handle and she lost consciousness. However, her powers were not exhausted and her subconscious reflexes managed to get her to the top of the water and keep her afloat but could not deal with the flotsam in the water. She took at least one sharp knock to the head (and probably several) resulting in complete amnesia and damaging her to the point where she could no longer use her powers, let alone control them.

She washed ashore and would likely have frozen to death if a local trapper hadn’t found her. He got her to the closest airport and they took her to a hospital in Vancouver. She was revived there, but with no ID and no memory there was not much they could do for her. Once she was physically recovered they released her, and she started life in Vancouver as Jane Smith with regular hospital visits to test if her memory was returning.

As Jane she lived in Vancouver for a year working odd jobs, usually in shops and waitressing as there aren’t that many jobs you can do without a degree or papers, and got along fairly well. It wasn’t until the anniversary of Alkali Lake that her problems started – her powers began to resurface but Jane had no control. The fits were sporadic and seemingly unrelated at first, but it began to be clear to Jane’s friends that some of her lost memories were related to these fits and that there was something strange about her. She lost many friends who were directly exposed to her powers – mostly they were simply frightened off, but in at least one cause someone was hurt by Jane – and she became more reclusive. By midwinter most of her new friends had totally abandoned her, only her boyfriend Thomas remained, trying to convince Jane to seek help.

He was the one who found information about Charles Xavier, an American who might be able to help, and convinced Jane to visit Xavier’s school. He offered to go with her, but she refused, not wanting to expose him to any more of whatever was going wrong with her.

Jean's Return

Jane came to Xavier's in March of 2005 and wasn't in the building more than a few minutes before she encountered Scott. Seeing Scott opened the psi-link (which had been closed but not broken with Jean's 'death') the pain of which, along with Jean's returning memories, triggered another of her power episodes. Jean collapsed and woke in the medlab with her memories fully restored.

The first week of Jean's return to the school found her living with an inhibitor as she worked on rebuilding her destroyed psychic shields. Even after she could shield her self, she spent a long period of time sleeping in The Box to avoid projecting her nightmares of drowning to the school at large.

The next several months were spent getting reacquainted with her friends and students at Xavier's and in the wider world, and forming new or shifted relationships including a strong animosity with Betsy Braddock, owing to the other woman's affair with Scott. Jean also worked extensively during this time to regain control of her powers. Additionally, after the events of Bad Blood, Jean confronted Alison and was thrown into the lake, leading to another powers incident and the flash boiling of several gallons of water. She and Alison then made a deal that Alison would wear a shirt revealing her scars once Jean mastered her hydrophobia and swam across the lake. The two women then began to work extensively on conquering Jean's fear.

All of this culminated in August with Jean and Scott getting re-engaged and Jean beginning to work seriously about getting back on the X-Men, which she accomplished in early September. Jean had regained her life, which was thoroughly proven when she and Scott eloped the Christmas after the G8 riot.

Not So Plain Jane

On a planned field trip to DC with students interested in mutant issues and sports, Jean encountered a mutant called Mesmero - Phase 1 who was working for Sebastian Shaw as a lobbyist under the name of Parker Matthews. Matthews, in an attempt to use his hypnotic powers to get Jean to sleep with him, accidentally released Jean's suppressed alter ego of Jane Smith who, in the year since Jean had returned to life, had become the receptacle for all of Jean's negative emotions. Jane, now free, left Scott and the school to become the Black Queen for the Hellfire Club.

Jane, after having been the holding pen for all of Jean's anger and fear, decided to strike back at Jean for, in effect, stealing her life and decided to do this by hurting the people Jean cared most about, twisting their feelings for Jean and casting events in the worst light possible. Scott was, of course, the most obvious and easy target, as Jane convinced him that she had never felt Scott was worth her time, that he'd rushed her after her return from Alkali and that, with his lost eye, she had always had to take care of him too much. She also slept with Bobby Drake and sent a video tape of the event to Scott, leading to her and Scott having sex in an alley and Jane erasing Scott's memory of that encounter.

Eventually the connection between Jane and the Hellfire Club came to light and Scott quite rightly assumed that Jean could not be in her right mind. After a private confrontation between the two of them which landed Scott in jail, Shaw arranged to have the X-Men admitted to the club so Jean could be removed, during which time Scott, which Charles' help, invaded Jean's mind to release her from Mesmero and Jane's control, leading to a reintegration of the two facets of Jean's personality. During this attempt Scott let go of Charles' shielding influence and was almost lost inside Jean's mind, the psychic pressure of which scarred him slightly, causing the mental link the two of them shared to become severed in order to protect the integrity of Scott's mind.

Jean returned to the mansion to begin the process of dealing with (and apologizing for) what she had done, as well as relearning how to cope with all the negative emotions she had been suppressing for so long. She was helped on this process by Jamie Madrox, Lorna Dane and David Haller who had all had not dissimilar experiences in their pasts, and while many of her friendships were repaired, those between herself and Bobby and Theresa Cassidy never have.

Also during this time, Jean and Scott finally went on their much delayed honeymoon, as well as taking a trip to Vancouver and spoke with Jane's friend Thomas so Jean could at least try to close that chapter of her life.

Scott's Abduction


Jean's slow, careful recovery was rather severely derailed when Daniel Lyman abducted Scott - not being on the team, all Jean could do was sit and wait and stew, although she did convince Ororo (despite her better judgment) to allow her to come on the pickup when they did finally find him.

During the rescue mission Jean ended up slipping away from the assault team and, following the psychic and audible clues to the room where Scott was being tortured, ended up once again losing control of her darker impulses and put the torturers out of commission with excessive force.

The only upside of the entire thing was that her mental link with Scott was reinstated, but faced with what she had done she and Charles decided that she clearly was not coping with the reintegration of her darker side. At Charles' suggestion Jean decided to take a hiatus from her work at the school to spend some time at a monastery in Tibet where she could deal with what she had done uninterruptedly and relearn the iron control that both of them felt a psi with her power levels had to have. This decision tore at both Jean and Scott, since it meant she could not be there to help him recover from his ordeal, but in light of what she had done Jean considered herself a danger and could not delay.

Tibet and The Rose

Jean spent several months at the monastery in complete peace, until the day when, deciding to utilize the Rose, a meditation aid that had the added effect of allowing mutants to reach beyond their limits in accessing and utilizing their powers, she visited it's chamber and discovered Mystique in the process of stealing it. Jean contacted the X-Men, and Scott returned to active duty for the first time since the events of Search and Rescue. After recovering the Rose from the Chinese authorities and neutralizing Mystique by knocking her unconscious and implanting a telepathic suggestion to keep her unconscious for several hours, Jean returned to the mansion with the team, though it was not until a mission on Youra that Jean returned from hiatus to the team.

The Preservers

Following the bombing of the Tel Aviv Elpis office, the FBI caught a young member of the Preservers planning to bomb a conference at the United Nations. At the request of Val Cooper, Jean telepathically scanned the young man while he was in custody to gain further information about his motives and contacts. After Jean left the room to recover from the distress of what she saw, the young man exploded. Jean's information about the suicide bombers being literal suicide bombs allowed the X-Men to raid a Preserver safehouse in Portugal and take many prisoners. Unfortunately, in the process Scott was affected by the mutant who was creating the bombs. Jean worked tirelessly alongside an FBI medical team but they were unable to help Scott and he resorted to knocking her out in order to escape the facility they were in, a fact which briefly caused some stress in their marriage. Jean would deal with The Preservers years later in Budapest.

Robert Haverford

After dealing with dinosaurs and gender-swapping, Jean participated in an Amnesty International event in New York and was approached by a man named Robert Haverford, a philanthropist with whom Jean agreed to dine with to discuss the school. At dinner, Haverford drugged Jean and Scott to question them about the disappearance of The Rose, then set off in pursuit of it, chasing it through historical and religious sites Charles Xavier had visited in his youth. With Ororo's help in determining Haverford's next destination, Jean and Scott traveled to Peru to intercept him and his partner and arrange for their arrest. Jean would encounter Haverford again, however, in 2009, when Haverford (using the alias Vargas) stole papers of a WWII Japanese commander from Christopher Summers. Jean and Scott went to investigate in Madripoor after Chris completed some reconnaissance and found Haverford's hotel. Scott was kidnapped and possessed but Jean caught up to him in Kota Kinbalu and the possessor fled. She and Scott tracked Haverford in the jungle using Jean's powers and dumped him deeper in the jungle after removing supposedly supernatural-power-granting orchids from him, despite Haverford's having eaten one.

Tara Trask

Jean had many encounters with Tara Trask throughout Trask's trouble making timeperiod, first encountering the psi in 2007 after Jean was forced to enter Nathan's mind to restore him after Trask invaded it. Jean confronted Trask with Wanda and ordered her to stay away from Nathan, which she did for less than a year before masterminding an assassination attempt on T'Challa. She was behind another in Budapest, which Trask revealed when Jean and Nathan traveled to Chechnya, supposedly to rescue Ilyas Saidullayev. Instead, Jean wound up fighting the Chechen telekinetic while Nathan confronted Trask.

Trask and Jean were also both heavily involved in the Taygetos arc, their association culminating in Jean's defeating Trask on the astral plane, destroying her astral form which led to the other woman's coma and subsequent death.

Family Complications

In February of 2008, The Shadow King threw the Astral Plane out of whack, causing Jean to think she was eleven years old. This led to spending a week with her mother at the mansion (not to mention some awkward encounters with Scott, Betsy, Ororo, and others), who had to re-explain Jean's manifestation to her eleven year-old brain but found herself enjoying having her little girl back. Upon recovering her mind, Jean regained her awkward relationship with her mother, but the two made steps to reconnect.

In addition to her own family complications, 2008 also found Jean faced with her husband's, as Scott's father resurfaced. After reading the mind of the pirate Corsair who is attempting to rescue children on their way to Madripoor at the same time as the X-Men are, Jean discovers Corsair is actually Christopher Summers, the father assumed dead for fifteen years. She informed Scott of when he assumed Corsair was after Jean and had punched him. Jean prompted Scott to meet with his father to learn of Chris's past.


In June 2008, Jean fought a Wakandan called Achebe who had helped an ancient Wakandan god wreak havoc on the mindscape in order to gain worshipers and defeated him in astral combat, though the experience disoriented Jean greatly. Her aid to the Wakandans led to improved relations between the X-Men and Wakanda. When Wakanda's leader, T'Challa faced an assassination attempt Jean co-led the team sent to stop it. In Wakanda she and Nathan faced Tara Trask's associate, Ilyas Saidullayev, who was under the influence of Kick which led Jean and Nathan to have to meld their minds together to defeat him in an enormous telekinetic battle and leave him in a coma, to be taken into SHIELD custody. Emma Frost separated them, but there were lingering side effects, including knowledge particular to the other that neither possessed beforehand.



During her time at the school Jean has been especially involved in helping students and fellow staff members through her medical expertise, including Marius St. Croix, Monet St. Croix, Jennie Stavros, Tatiana Caban, Angel, Cammie Black, and Yvette.

She was instrumental to Nathan in Chechnya when she fought fellow telekinetic Ilyas Saidullayev and stole medical supplies to tend Nathan when he was shot, and administered the blood test establishing that Manuel de la Rocha was related to Valentia. She was also of great aid to the various mutants who had their powers switched, and to Jean-Paul Beaubier in the aftermath of his torture by Taygetos.


In September 2009, Jean received an email from Scott telling her that the Professor suggested they go on vacation, which Jean took him up on. She and Scott then relocated to the West Coast Annex in order to create and lead the Professor's brand new second team of X-Men.

The West Coast Annex and Re-Return to Xaviers

After Jean and Scott arrived at the West Coast Annex, they began to work with the Southern California chapter of Red X to assist on various humanitarian missions in the area, believing Red X's tenets would be ideal in helping build skills with the trainees, as well as fellow team members and themselves in their efforts to help protect the West Coast from any would be problems. Despite Red X's attempts at helping reconstruct parts of the city in 2008 after the San Diego earthquake of 2006, there was still mistrust and hatred of mutants coming from some citizens, which Jean and Scott hoped to quell. Their efforts garnered some success, but the road to healing emotional scars is a long one.

When a small group of mutant haters randomly attacked a couple of mutants at a large concert, s few members of the WCA who happened to be there stepped in to stop the fight before it got out of hand. As skill, combat training, and very little powers were used, the fight was soon over before it began and it luckily gained little notice. The skirmish reinforced Jean's desire and commitment to Xavier's dream of trying to foster peace between mutants and humans.

After learning of the dwindling numbers of teachers in Westchester, as well as an attack on graduating seniors in Salem Center, Jean decided to come back to Xavier's to help out. Scott chose to stay behind at the West Coast Annex to lead the rest of the team until they could become a self-sustaining entity.

Back in Black

Jean jumped right back into the thick of things upon her return to the Xavier Institute. She helped patch up a small group of the mansion's residents after the temporary loss of their abilities and their attempt to regain them and slipped in to a newer role by leading a team on a rescue mission to save an other X-Team after their capture by the M-Squad.

The months following were equally busy, with Jean leading a team to help one of her students, Julian Keller, rescue his kidnapped family and wound up saving both Julian's and her own life, encasing them both in a telekinetic shield when his powers, sent into overdrive by Gordon McPhearson, made the building they were in come down around them.

While investigating the kidnapping of Julian Keller's family, Jean, with the help of some of the other X-Men, discovered that Nico Minoru, Doreen Green, and Crystal Amaquelin had been kidnapped. Initially assuming they had been taken by McPhearson, they soon found out through Amanda Sefton that the girls had actually been taken by Robert and Tina Minoru, Nico's parents.

A group of X-Men and Junior X-Men came to rescue the girls and were soon confronted with a group of cult members and the spirit of one of Nico Minoru's ancestors, Arcana Minoru, who had possessed Nico.

During the battle, Jean was injured by a magical creature who had been summoned by one of the cult members. Because her wound was not healing properly, she begrudgingly went to Amanda for help. The mission and subsequent injury fostered a growing unease toward magic in Jean.

Old Wounds

Jean continued to grow as a leader in the missions that she led. But her position as a leader made her feel responsible when most of her team were injured after a mission to Madripoor. Overtime she remembered risk was part of the job. As time went on she also led a team of X-Women undercover at a roller derby.

But Jean had been harboring a secret that she hadn't told anyone about, not even her husband: she had become pregnant in California, but lost the child while trying to stop the attack on the mutants at the concert earlier. That secret was revealed to four people after one of Jean's old foes | Parker Matthews attacked the mansion, wanting revenge for what was done to him. Due to the psychic connection Matthews had developed after their previous encounter, as an unintended side effect of dispatching Matthews, Jean was put in a coma for three weeks but was rescued by David Haller and Charles Xavier. After waking, Jean had a lot of mending to do but knew she wasn't alone.

Lost Friends and Returned Lovers

Shortly after her waking from the coma she discovered her friend Vanessa had been kidnapped and helped form a search team to rescue her. After rescuing Vanessa, the two developed a rift when Vanessa tried to leave the medlab while still injured and Jean kept her from leaving. It was never really quite repaired. From then, Jean's weariness toward magic was reaffirmed when she, and others, were turned into their Halloween costumes and Jean became Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

She worked with Garrison Kane and her team to stop a group of brainwashed super soldiers turned terrorists from killing a group of hostages at a pharmaceutical company. She and some of the other X-Men also helped out Clarice Ferguson when a member of Magnetic North was admitted into the hospital where she worked at.

Things took a turn when Scott returned from the West Coast Annex for good. Though Jean was happy to see him, she kept what the loss of their child from him, still unable to come to grips with the fact herself. The secret she kept took a toll on her and the problem finally came to a head when an event at a concert reminded her of her loss, causing a panic attack. Scott found out the hard way and they had a fight, resulting in a temporary separation between the two of them.

In the meantime, Jean helped rescue one of her students after the girl's return to Attilan resulted in a kidnapping and attempted arranged marriage. After that, things settled down for a little while, despite everything between her and Scott. But it was only the calm before the storm.


Jean was called to the island nation of Genosha with a group of various X-Team members when most of the students and staff were kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan Embassy that protested the treatment of mutants in Genosha. After breaking into a prison where some of their people were being held, Jean's team was ambushed by a brainwashed Betsy Braddock and her team of Magistrates. Jean's fellow teammate, Legion was overcome by the sight of Betsy and ignored Jean's order to run, instead disorienting her by trying to get her understand his love for Betsy with a psi-blast of information. This unfortunately led to a bad move on Haller's part when Betsy tricked him into thinking he was getting through to her and knocked him out with her psi-blade. Jean was separated from her entire team but managed to escape with Skin and Dominion. The three evaded capture by knocking out some magistrates and stealing their uniforms, then jumping down one of the sewer drains that led outside the building.

From there, Jean, Garrison, and Angelo met up at a safehouse with a group of other Xavier affiliates who had also rendezvoused there. After tending the wounds of the injured, a worried Jean reflected on a conversation she had with Scott a few weeks earlier on the anniversary of her death, which allowed the two to take the first steps toward rebuilding their relationship. Scott, meanwhile, had been captured and and was being interrogated by the Genoshan Magistrates for information. At the safehouse, Jean worked with her group to find a way to show the Genoshan people how the mutant population of their country were being treated, as many were in the dark. The group was forced to flee, however, as their safehouse was discovered. Along the way, Jean was deeply affected by the death of Russell Davis, a member of the Genoshan Government who secretly worked for British Intelligence. Davis supplied Xavier's information that put them in contact with the Mutant Affairs Commission of the Genoshan Government and was killed for it, Jean hearing the murder over the phone.

Despite a number of hardships and set backs, the group of X-Teams and the students, along with Jean, came together to fight the insane brother of the Genoshan president, who had gone mad with power and had been genetically modified to become a giant monster. Along the way Jean teamed up with a number of telepaths to help the monster down psionically. As a result of a combination of anger and overexertion of her abilities, Jean's powers became unstable, resulting in the manifestation of her telepathic avatar, a phoenix, into the real world. For many weeks after the battle the phoenix would show up whenever Jean used her telekinesis, resulting in her being benched from the X-Men until she was able to regain her control through sessions with Professor Xavier.

A New Leaf

Jean's first use of her abilities since working with Xavier came after being forced to work with Emma Frost and David Haller to piece back together Garrison Kane's mind after an incident with the god Thor. From there, she was able to feel more confident in her abilities and went on an actual mission to help rescue Adrienne Frost from the Hellfire Club. She and Scott have also finally started to come to an understanding after expressing their repressed feelings following Jean's encounter with a student that reminded her of what her child could've been like. While it has taken some time, she has eventually began to try to heal.


The beginning of the year brought with it a massive tsunami that threatened to wipe out Avalon - Phase 1|Avalon, and Jean joined a Red-X team to help evacuate, and later rescue people who hadn't left in time. When Hope Abbott accidentally trapped herself on the astral plane during the mission, she helped to bring the girl back. In August, she and Scott decided to redecorate and move into Ororo's old attic apartment, but those plans were put on hold to join an X-Men team investigating an incident in Slorenia. While there they discovered The Fury, a techno-organic machine capable of copying certain mutant powers (including Jean's telekinesis and partly her telepathy). The mission was nearly a disaster, with the Fury blowing out Jean's psychic shields and blowing up Scott's cyber eye, leaving him completely blind, and in the aftermath Jean spent several weeks in the Box while she and Charles worked to rebuild her shields, but she and Scott still found time to celebrate when both of Scott's eyes were restored by Marius Laverne.

During this time, Jean also met young mutant Gabriel Cohuelo when he tried to mug her. She extended an offer to join Xavier's, but at the time he declined, insisting he was fine on his own. This turned out to be entirely wrong, however, when he mugged the wrong mutants and they went after him for revenge. He called Jean for help and she, along with Garrison and Kurt, rescued him and brought him back to Xavier's to recover, where Jean again offered him a place at the school. This time he accepted, although Jean had some personal misgivings about not telling him everything about the mansion and its tendency to attract trouble.

In October, Jean was part of the X-Men team that rescued Laurie Collins and Hope Abbott from the Foundation for Genetic Harmony. Laurie had suffered physical and psychological torture to the point she was comatose, which required Jean and Charles to go into her mind to bring her 'back'. Then in December it was another rescue/retrieval operation, this time of reality TV star, Arthur Centino when, amnesiac and pursued by his studio, he called the mansion for help.

By the time Christmas rolled around, Jean was more than ready for a vacation, and spent the holiday with her husband in Italy.

The Dark Phoenix

Called to Muir Island Research Facility following a Brotherhood of Mutants attack, Jean led a small team of X-Men as part of a plan to flank their opponents. It initially worked, until the Brotherhood revealed their greater plan, having recruited the Dark Riders and members of Magnetic North, the Mutant Liberation Front and The Preservers to vastly outnumber the X-Men. Jean fought hard, but could only watch as one of her team, Penance, was killed by Senyaka while Wildchild and Squirrel Girl were in danger of being overwhelmed. The retreat was called, but Jean went after Magneto, unable to reconcile this bloodbath with the man who had once taught her. The final explosion which destroyed the island and killed all those still on the ground was the last straw - Jean manifested the Phoenix and vaporised Magneto without a thought. Coming to her senses shortly after, she was overcome with guilt and horror and fled, disappearing somewhere over the Atlantic.

While the various teams sought answers, another incident, in which the Phoenix appeared in India and not only destroyed Apocalypse and his remaining Dark Riders, but also incinerated a member of the Imperial Guard and wiped out a city of several million people took place. Pictures of the Phoenix, a red haired woman who looked very like Jean, raised questions from those who knew Jean - had she become a force for destruction as a result of killing Magneto? Charles refused to accept this and used Cerebro and his fellow telepaths to search for Jean while Team Science - Paige Guthrie, Sue Storm and Sarah Vale - worked on a psychic inhibitor which would make Jean harmless. A small group was sent to retrieve their teammate, located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in a telekinetic cocoon, but shortly after raising her and putting the inhibitor in her, the Imperial Guard appeared in force and sought to arrest Jean for genocide following the attack in India. The X-Men fought back, but when Namor Mazur was killed, Jean surrendered to stop any further bloodshed and was taken by the Guard back to India for trial.

Faced with increasing evidence of a massive disturbance between universes, potentially caused by the appearance of the Phoenix, the tough decision was made to rescue Jean from India, in order to determine the truth. It was a difficult mission, and with so many X-Men injured, the teams were forced to include trainees and students. Jean was rescued, but at a high cost as several mutants were killed during their battles with the Imperial Guard, including Clint Barton, Remy LeBeau and Ororo Munroe. They managed to escape largely due to a powers flare from Blink.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Charles, Emma Frost and the remaining grads and students found themselves facing attack from more alternate versions of themselves, apparently sent against them by the Phoenix. More lives were lost in the defence, and as the tide was being turned in their favour, the Dark Phoenix herself appeared, most definitely not "their" Jean and intent on destroying the mansion to get at Cerebro and use it to drain the energy of every mutant on the planet, making herself even stronger. Everyone left, including the injured, fought back as much as they could, before the mansion itself collapsed on top of them.

The India teams arrived back at the mansion in time to dig out various survivors and wage a desperate battle against the Dark Phoenix. It was a lost cause, however, as the power-mad version of Phoenix tore apart the mansion and killed several of the defenders in her quest to get to Cerebro. Using the telepathy-boosting device, she tapped into and burned up the lives of 90% of the world's mutant population, before Jean was able to defeat her, losing her own life in the process.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Copper red, currently cut to about mid-back.



Jean is a powerful telepath and telekinetic. She has also developed a sort of 'pyrokinesis' as another aspect of her powers, and has demonstrated various stunts, include a radiating heat shimmer, flash boiling water, and sparks of flame coming off of her and her TK shield, as well as being able to set things on fire. It is extremely rare and difficult to use, and she only really displays it when she becomes blindingly angry or loses self-control.

She has the most control over her telekinesis, able to use it with great precision (though not as fine as someone like Nathan Dayspring). And while her telepathy can be more powerful than other telepaths, it is not as powerful as the Professor's. She could have the potential to surpass the Professor if she allowed herself to, but she subconsciously holds herself back, afraid of what she might do, and what she has done.

Her control over her abilities have shifted over the years after her "death" and subsequent attempts to regain her mental focus through various means. Her time at the West Coast Annex has allowed her to, for the most part, regain her control back to her former level.

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  • During Jean's 'death' and after her subsequent reappearance, the psychic link she had with Scott was still active, prompting him to have nightmares and headaches before her return.
  • Jean and the Professor share a mutual love for the Rolling Stones, especially their album Let it Bleed.
  • Secretly enjoys reading trashy romance novels.





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Step By Step


Onwards to Victory

The Dawn of Liberation


Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules


Tropic of Capricorn

Hotel California

No Way Back

Deal With The Devil


Red-X Mission: King Tide

Second Thoughts

Fury Said To A Mouse


A Touch Of Brimstone

Fires From The Ashes

The Trial of Jean Grey

The Dark Phoenix


Former Player: Mackinzie

Player Icon Base: Poppy Montgomery

Meta Trivia

The original mods had accepted an application for a Jean Grey player in 2003 but the player lost interest and so the original return of Jean Grey plot was dropped. There is a post and a log by Jean Grey that takes place during X-2, both of which were socked by the original mods.

Cora took on the character in March 2005 and played her for several years before leaving the game in September 2009. Mackinzie then adopted her in July 2010, before killing her off and bringing in a younger version in January 2015 as part of the relaunch.