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This page is part of the X-Project "Phase 1" universe - that is, the game from its onset in May 2003 until January 20, 2015.

For the X-Men from January 21, 2015, go to Phase 2.


Teams: X-Men
First Seen: X-Men

The X-Men are a team of mutants, brought together by Professor Charles Xavier, for the purpose of furthering human/mutant acceptance and integration by the following:

  • 1) Reduce the threat of hostile mutants
  • 2) Protect mutants from persecution and harm
  • 3) Provide a visible pro-mutant humanitarian force by aiding with incidents such as disaster relief.


Current X-Men


Xmen jpc.jpg Bevatron
Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Xm clarice.jpg Blink
Clarice Ferguson
Cannonball.psd.png Cannonball
Sam Guthrie
Catseye2.psd.png Catseye
Sharon Smith
Xm scott.jpg Cyclops
Scott Summers
Xm garrison.jpg Dominion
Garrison Kane
Sooraya sm.jpg Dust
Sooraya Qadir
Xm marius.jpg Emplate
Marius Laverne
Angel X-Men2.png Firestar
Angelica Jones
Paige.png Husk
Paige Guthrie
Xm haller.jpg Legion
David Haller
Tabitha copy.psd.png Meltdown
Tabitha Smith
Xm kurt.jpg Nightcrawler
Kurt Sefton
Yvette comic brighter.png Penance
Yvette Petrovic
Jean-pop-duo.jpg Phoenix
Jean Grey-Summers
Lorna.psd.png Polaris
Lorna Dane
Rogue sm.jpg Rogue
Marie D'Ancato
Xm roulette.png Roulette
Jennie Stavros
Xm laurie.jpg Wallflower
Laurie Collins
Xm kyle.png Wildchild
Kyle Gibney
Xm logan.jpg Wolverine

X-Men Trainees

Xm dori.jpg Rocky
Doreen Green
Caught.png Nevermore
Korvus Rook'shir
Ricochet.png Pinball
Johnny Gallo
Matt character icon.jpg Ping
Matt Murdock
Clint.psd.png Hawkeye (Cupid)
Clinton Barton

Former/Inactive X-Men

* denotes character available for application.

Personal Leave/Sabbatical

  • Beast* (in Scotland with family)
  • Kylun* (in Scotland with family)
  • M* (on personal leave)
  • Siryn* (on leave and working for Interpol in Europe)
  • Sunfire* (on medical leave at Muir Island)
  • Sway* (on personal leave following a job offer in Chicago)
  • Wasp* (on personal leave)

West Coast Annex



Team Structure

The wide range of missions dealt with by the team requires that the team itself be flexible and cover a wide range of options. There are also the legal ramifications involved with exposing prospective new team members to danger, plus the changing nature of the team roster over time.

In September 2009, with the departure of Cyclops to the West Coast Annex, the team was forced to reassess their operational tactics. Down to just one team leader, it became necessary for a more flexible model to be followed, with mission leaders being chosen according to their skills and experience with specific situations and Storm allowing them to then choose the team they thought best suited. So far it has proven to be a successful experiment, even more so with Storm's departure from the team.

New X-Men Announcements

X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue and X-Men Black

Formerly, the X-Men were organized into three sub-teams, each with a Field Leader and secondary leader, informally referred to as the "CO" and "XO". These leadership teams (Cyclops/Cannonball, Storm/Nightcrawler, and Dazzler/Jetstream) usually selected the appropriate team members for a mission depending on mission parameters.

With the departure of Dazzler and Jetstream, as well as several other active X-Men, the concept of separate X-Men teams has been abandoned.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ!


The criteria to become an X-Men trainee are as follows:

  • Be eighteen years of age OR be seventeen and have written permission to train from your parent/guardian.
  • To be a student in good standing if currently enrolled in high school.

The training regimen to join the X-Men involves studying past missions, individual powers work, as well as a training program designed to test not only a potential X-Man's capability to use their powers effectively, but also their judgment and discipline. After successfully completing training to the satisfaction of the team leaders and passing both physical and psychological evaluation, a trainee can be moved onto the full team roster. A student cannot become a trainee before the age of seventeen, and a trainee cannot be made a full X-Man before the age of eighteen.

As trainees, potential X-Men are often given a code name of a humorous nature, as part of a good-natured "hazing" from their seniors. Trainee code names are designed to acclimate trainees to the idea that as X-Men, they are expected to put their personal agendas aside and operate as a team.

Trainees do go on missions, generally as observers or to fulfill vital roles with as little personal risk as possible. They are expected to obey instructions, especially those regarding staying out of danger - disobeying such instructions can be reason to rescind the person's trainee status.

Trainee Announcements

OOC: Please see the Trainee FAQ for more information on what is expected of players of trainees.


The X-Men have a sort of joint auxiliary/support system, composed of both former team members who could be called upon in emergencies as well as people who have not gone through team training but still had specific skills that could aid the team in some manner. Due to their lack of regular training with the team, they are only used on a "as required" basis.

Former Auxiliaries:

Current Auxiliaries:

West Coast Annex

In April 2006 the creation of the West Coast Annex was announced. The Annex was intended to be a place for those X-Men needing futher training and some time off from the mansion. Dazzler and Jetstream founded the Annex, and were later joined by Colossus, Angel, Firecracker and Multiple Man. In September 2009 Cyclops and Phoenix were asked by Charles to develop a West Coast team and relocated from the mansion, with Forge joining them not long after. Colossus, Angel, Phoenix and Cyclops have since returned to the mansion and Firecracker is now a member of X-Force.


Between 2003 and the beginning of 2005 Pete Wisdom provided his experience and contacts in espionage to the team, investigating potential threats, trying to locate villains such as Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants, going with the team on missions that required a certain degree of stealth that his training had provided. However, with his departure in February 2005 and apparent defection to the Hellfire Club, a gap appeared in the team's resources.

The gap was filled by Remy LeBeau, who was seeking to atone for his crimes as Gambit by keeping the school safe. He recruited Jake Gavin and Betsy Braddock to assist him and during 2005 they attempted to counter any possible threat caused by Pete's defection as well as continue the work he had done.

With the departure of Pete, Betsy and Remy and the return of Jake to Infonet, the team largely relies on its own resources for intelligence, including connections with various police and government agencies and Cable's contacts from his days as a mercenary. There is also informal co-operation between X-Force and the X-Men, although given the public profile of many of the X-Men missions, this co-operation remains covert.


Cerebro: the machine designed by Charles and Erik to help amplify Charles' telepathy.

Danger Room: the specialised training room.

Blackbird: the modified jet used to travel to missions.

Uniforms: The standard X-Men uniform is a black leather jacket and trousers combination, with minor design customizations for each team member. The uniform fabric itself is armored, and capable of withstanding some small arms fire, although it is not impervious body armor. The uniform is also insulated against temperature extremes, and is lightweight enough to be worn year-round.

Various team members have customized their uniforms to better utilize or focus aspects of their powers. Cable's uniform, for example, is armored with microceramic plates that can be telekinetically stiffened into heavy armor. Polaris' uniform has approximately 40 pounds of steel incorporated into the lining that she can manipulate with her powers. Penance's uniform includes a pair of custom-made goggles, to protect her light-sensitive eyes and to mute their customary glow in stealth situations.

Communicators: The standard X-Men communicator resembles a slide-top cell phone, and is capable of accessing most existing cellular networks as well as the X-Men's dedicated communications network. Each communicator has a GPS locator integrated into it, as well as a wireless earpiece that can be worn when necessary.

Telepathic Switchboard: Cable, Phoenix and Legion have been trained in "telepathic switchboarding" techniques, for use in situations where communicators may be unreliable or spoken communication is impractical. The procedure consists of a temporary telepathic linking between team members, using the telepath as a sort of switchboard operator to convey surface thoughts between members of the link.

Doomsday files: Scott's personal training scenarios.

Medical Facilities

The infirmary complex is located in the basement of the mansion. It contains a full surgical operating theater, as well as a separate series of rooms (colloquially known as "Medlab") for specialized treatment dealing with severe medical cases or those related to mutations. There are a number of private recovery rooms, as well as offices for the medical personnel on staff. There is a general examination room/waiting room that is accessible by all mansion residents, with the remainder of the medical complex generally restricted to staff or those students assisting the doctors.

Specialized facilities include:

  • The Box: A small room intended for the short-term recovery of psionically-sensitive mutants. "The Box", as it has been termed, was designed by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in such a manner that psionic powers do not extend beyond its boundaries, thus effectively sequestering a psi from the rest of the world for purposes of containment or recuperation.
  • A reinforced room designed to withstand superhuman strength and destructive powers. This room has been shown to be able to contain a mutant of Rogue's physical strength, as well as withstanding the explosion of the Gem of Cyttorak.


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