Askew World

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A 'bubble' in the astral plane, "Askew World" is the home of the predatory Slendermen.

Askew World
First Seen: Something Slender (and Awful)


The domain of the Slendermen, ‘Askew World’ is like Silent Hill - everything seems vaguely off, oddly colored, with weird sounds and flickering images that you can almost see something in before they disappear. The laws of physics are mutable, and there is a pervasive underlying sense of hopelessness and despair to everything. Basically the Askew World is a nightmarish version of the real world - a dark ‘bubble’ on the astral plane rather than a separate dimension.

Within this dimension are "bubbles" or "pocket" dimensions where the Slenderchildren - children taken by the Slenders and then changed by the atmosphere into monsters themselves - nest.


Something Slender (and Awful)

Something Slender This Way Comes