Something Slender (and Awful)

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Something Slender (and Awful)
Dates run: January 19, 2013
Run By: Frito
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Do not be ridiculous. Every one of those pictures and videos of 'Slendermen' is fabricated.

While on a volunteer trip to the city, the New Mutants have several run-ins with mysterious, creepy, black-suited men - only none of the adults believe them.


New Mutants: Madelyne Pryor, Billy Kaplan, Clint Barton, Molly Hayes, Tandy Bowen, Topaz, Renee Nguyen, Hope Abbott, Susan Storm, Matt Murdock

X-Force: Doug Ramsey, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Remy LeBeau, Wanda Maximoff, Jubilation Lee, Nico Minoru

Villains: Slendermen


January 19, 2013

Plot Summary

Having arrived in New York City in small groups, the New Mutants spent the morning entertaining themselves only to realize that each group was being followed by a strange man in a black suit. Unnerved, the New Mutants contacted the mansion, where Jennie Stavros answered the phone, and spoke to Jean-Phillipe Colbert - only to be told that Slendermen were not real. The kids then got in touch with one another and agreed to meet at a central location to discuss their options, given that no one seemed to believe them. Maddie expressed her disbelief of the entire situation, but came along with her friends to the meeting place anyway.

Billy and Topaz, recognizing that there might be some kind of magical influence, put their heads together and came up with the idea of temporarily tattooing a protective symbol on each of their classmates. This seemed to work for a little while, but once the New Mutants got on the subway to go to the event they'd volunteered for, the Slendermen attacked again and managed to separate each of the children from the others. Maddie fought back, using her psionic abilities to get out of the askew world and to send a quick warning to all of the other kids still trapped there.

While each of the New Mutants dealt with personal fears and emotional situations, Maddie went to the one place she thought people might believe her - Snow Valley. Amanda and Doug, knowing Slendermen were real, rallied the troops and called together a group of colleagues who had previously experienced inter-dimensional travel. They then broke into the askew world, leaving a tear in reality so that they could retreat with the children once the rescues were complete.

Some of the kids managed to escape the Slendermen tormenting them and went to the aid of their classmates, so when X-Force arrived they were able to collect the children in groups rather than attempting to find them all separately. They used Maddie as a telepathic switchboard to locate her friends and then retreated, managing to escape the askew world and close the inter-dimensional portal after dealing a significant amount of damage to the Slendermen.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of Marie-Ange handing him an Asgardian bow, Clint developed an interest in archery.

Because of the chunky, white-ish goo the Slendermen became when they exploded, many of the New Mutants expressed a sudden aversion to eggs, especially scrambled eggs.

Matt Murdock first received his billy club from Marie-Ange.


Plotrunner: Frito

The plot's title was a direct reference to the website being the originators of the Slendermen mythos.

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)