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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: The Corruptor
Affiliations: Elder Gods
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: September 2005

One of the self-styled "Elder Gods", Chthon is an extradimensional entity that previously possessed a link to Wanda Maximoff.


Name: Chthon

Aliases: The Corruptor

Affiliation: none

First appearance: September 2005 (first descriptions of Chthon as a separate being)

Family: Cyttorak ('brother'), other "Elder Gods"


Existing beyond our known universe, the beings calling themselves "Elder Gods" are entities of immense power that surpasses human comprehension. Over ten thousand years ago, two of them - Chthon and Cyttorak, representing the concepts of Corruption and Destruction - fought, and in defiance of the Elder Gods' laws, Cyttorak slew Chthon.

In punishment for this act, Cyttorak was imprisoned inside a ruby gem, and cast down to Earth to be forever imprisoned. Chthon's essence was relegated to Earth, not destroyed but discorporated and powerless. Over millennia, Chthon - himself a force of entropy - began to subtly influence various individuals throughout history to acts of rebellion, violence, and chaos.

Phase 1

When Wanda Maximoff was born, Chthon sensed the potential in her chaos-manipulating power to finally free him from his weakened state. Over a period of years, the Elder God insinuated his presence into Wanda's psyche, strengthening each time she used her power to manipulate chaos. Wanda often described her power as "looking into the abyss" - and inside was Chthon looking back.

After a series of foreboding dreams, Wanda became aware of a presence in her mind. Chthon exerted his control, possessing Wanda and devising a new plan - to create a new body to inhabit, using Wanda as a broodmare. Sensing the remnants of Cyttorak's power left in Cain Marko, Chthon attempted to seduce Cain using Wanda's body, and would have succeeded had it not been for the intervention of the X-Men.

While trapped in her own mind, Wanda was contacted by another peer of Chthon and Cyttorak, the Elder God called Bova. Using her control over chaos to find the shatterpoint in Chthon's mental prison, Wanda regained control over her body.

Weeks later, Wanda visited the house where she was born and Chthon took his first hold of her. Through the intervention of Bova and the other Elder Gods, Chthon's taint was finally removed from Wanda.

Cult of Chthon

Like all gods, Chthon has his followers. The Cult of Chthon is extensive and well-connected and extremely hard to pin down. They believe the world needs to be destroyed in order to be reborn and that Chthon, as the embodiment of Chaos, is the one to do it. They also believe that Chthon will reward them for securing his release. As Wanda is the 'key' to Chthon's prison, they have frequently targeted her, some occasions more subtly than others.

For the most part, the cultists have been largely anonymous, their involvement with various incidents revealed by a particular symbol - an owl's eye - left at the sites of their rituals: the sewers under New York; a village in Africa; on the back of a mutant used to break into a museum; and at the scene of Agatha Harkness' abduction.

One cultist, however, has been identified: Nicholas Harkness, the leader of the cult and son of Agatha Harkness. As shown by his use of the Devourer, a ring which transferred the power of dying magic users into himself, Harkness' involvement with the cult is largely self-serving, aimed at granting him magical abilities he does not have naturally.

Phase 2


Phase 1

Head Like A Hole

These Earthly Things

Operation: Anansesem

House of Wolves

Operation: Dasavatharam

Hotel California (as an illusion)

Phase 2


In her visions, Wanda's mind interpreted Chthon as either a large owl, or two searing eyes staring out of a dark abyss.


Socked by: Jen

PB: None

Chthon's story is told in a series of plots called the Chthon Arc, which is still ongoing.