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Warren Worthington came back from Law School, much to Illyana Rasputin's displeasure, and Forge, Paige Guthrie and Moira MacTaggart worked together to teach Jonothon Starsmore how to build himself a new body. Amanda Sefton became increasingly distant after her relapse, causing much concern in her friends; Marie-Ange Colbert and Doug Ramsey went to consult Tante Mattie and Manuel de la Rocha sought advice from a number of people about how to save his relationship and was advised to give her space as she asked for, but not too much. Meggan Szardos was upset about living in a new room away from Amanda. Jubilation Lee started dating David, a human boy she'd met at a concert. Scott Summers and Jean Grey tried to make wedding plans between crises and Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy made their relationship public.

However, the bulk of the month was tied up with things medlab. Tommy Jones remained in a coma in the medlab, creating much controversy as his identity was discovered. Terry, Bobby and Jay Guthrie in particular were conflicted by his presence.

Haroun al-Rashid was critically injured in an X-Man mission, requiring treatment for a biological weapon and a complete upgrade of his cybernetics - Kitty Pryde, Doug Ramsey, Paige and Forge dealt with the cybernetics whilst Henry McCoy, Moira MacTaggart, Jean Grey and Madelyn Bartlet dealt with the medical side and Alison Blaire, Cain Marko and Nathan Dayspring dealt with the legal aspects connected to Shaw Industries owning the patents on the Jetstream project.

Nathan responded to a message from Gideon Faraday about valuable information in regards to African camps training young mutant soldiers and took the bait; Pete Wisdom, the buyer of said information, put him in hospital. The incident was kept from the students and Nathan was treated in New York due to the strain already on the medlab staff. He later began having strange headaches and was placed on epileptic medication after initial protest. The phenomenon happened in conjunction with the continued fading of the Askani, including Manuel's friend Lusanya; Manuel mourned the passing of his friend.

Acting on information obtained from Jake Gavin as penance for his part in couriering the package to Pete from Gideon, the team destroyed a bioweapons laboratory in Peru. They were unable to get any information on Eris Consulting or the Hellfire Club connection and later Betsy Braddock was exposed to a virus that affected only psis, causing her powers to flare out of control and capture several of the mansion's residents in her memories. The incident left Madelyn with issues regarding psychic contact which she eventually talked about.

Out-of-control psychics were also involved with the month's X-Men mission. A group of four sisters acting as a group mind made their retrieval from an FBI safehouse difficult for the team. Iceman was also reinstated as a full team member. The Intel team found themselves reeling from a security compromise that resulted in the deaths of many of their contacts.

Concern for Lorna Dane was raised after Alex Summers alerted the school she wasn't in California and never had been. Concern became alarm after an incident in Salem Center involving some of the FOH kids, an incident which a witness described as being committed by a woman with green hair. Manuel was deeply troubled after finding the victims. Alison's father was also a victim of Malice, his death revenge for freezing Magneto's assets while in prison.


Sep. 1 - Amanda is affected by Forge and Manuel's experiment and the truth comes out. Terry tells Alison about her new relationship with Bobby and then fights with her about telling Jay that Tommy is in medlab; Terry announces that Tommy is the mystery patient; Bobby rescues her from dehydration whilst she's running it off. Jay talks Jean and Charles into letting him see Tommy. Forge and Manuel discuss their different perspectives on life after their linking experiment. Just One Drug: Marie-Ange asks Doug to come with her to New Orleans to talk to Tante about Amanda. With Malice Aforethought: Lorna calls Alex to tell him she is still 'delayed in California'. Maverick: Dazzler whilst on comm duty gets a call from David North who knew Logan, asking for help and notifies Betsy; the team go to assist and Omega Red attacks; Jetstream is badly injured and infected by Omega Red's deathspores; North blows up both Omega Red and himself in a gas explosion.

Sep, 2 - Upgrade: Haroun is brought back and the medical team works desperately to save him whilst Forge runs scenarios for rebuilding the cyberware; Alison and Cain go to Shaw Industries to force Sebastian Shaw to provide the materials for the upgrade; North calls, having managed to survive the explosion, with the cure for the spores - radiation. Manuel and Dani go clothes shopping and flirt. Manuel and Amanda talk for the first time after their fight over her addiction.

Sep. 3 - Just One Drug: Doug and Marie-Ange talk to Tante Mattie; Jubilee and Amanda make breakfast for the medlab and discuss addiction. With Malice Aforethought: Kitty runs into Lorna whilst in Florida on vacation with Jamie.

Sep. 4 - Stalemate: Gideon calls Nathan with news of vital information he needs; Nathan discovers Pete is the client and they fight; Pete uses an EMP device to beat the shit out of Nathan and put him in the hospital. Upgrade: Forge asks Kitty and Doug to write the code for Haroun's upgrade. Kitty and Jamie return from Florida. Just One Drug: Amanda asks Angelo for the key to her study back.

Sep. 5 - Stalemate: It's announced that Nathan was hit by a car to prevent a panic among the students; Pete deals with the consequences of nearly killing his best friend. Upgrade: Haroun's treatment continues and the strain shows on those close to him.

Sep. 6 - Upgrade: Doug beings work on the coding with Kitty for Haroun's new cyberware interfaces en route from New Orleans; Moira fetches equipment from Muir; Forge is frustrated. Scott and Jean talk wedding plans. Just One Drug: Amanda asks Marie-Ange about New Orleans and neither girl is happy with the lack of answers. Stalemate: Jake passes on information that he was the courier involved in the incident with Pete and that the HFC and Gideon both have an interest in a laboratory in Peru.

Sep. 7 - X-Men Mission: Stalemate: Cain, on guard duty for Nathan in the hospital, talks to him about being stupid; the team and Betsy go to investigate the bioweapons lab in Peru, it's inconclusive and Wanda loses control of her powers; GW comes to visit and comforts Moira. Meggan has a tantrum and locks herself in the bathroom of her new suite.

Sep. 8 - Upgrade: Testing myomer fibres, Forge and Paige have a moment, which Paige halts; Alison contemplates asking her father for legal advice re the Jetstream data; Haroun briefly regains consciousness. Stalemate: Nathan comes back from the hospital and he and Amanda exchange tense words on the journals about Rachel getting used to him getting hurt. Manuel tries to reconcile with Amanda, and finds her rather distant.

Sep. 9 - Bobby talks to Jean about his FOH issues. Upgrade: Alison and Nate discuss Haroun's issues with Alison's father; the computer team have a breakthrough. Wanda and Scott fight about her loss of control in Peru. Manuel confronts Nathan about the truck accident lie.

Sep. 10 - Nathan confronts Jake on the ethics of his job. Stalemate: At a Hellfire Club function, Betsy is infected with a psychic virus that was engineered in the Peru lab and her telepathy goes haywire.

Sep. 11 - Scott and Jean plan more wedding. Butterfly Effect: Under the influence of a virus, Betsy is brought back by Madelyn and Remy and then sucks them and several students and other staff members into her memories of her past.

Sep. 13 - With Malice Aforethought: Malice kills Alison's father when he's on the brink of reconciling with his daughter. Butterfly Effect: Betsy is discharged from medlab.

Sep. 14 - Nathan has an odd moment whilst talking to Clarice. Butterfly Effect: Betsy asks those affected to share the memories they saw.

Sep. 15 - Jubilee talks to Amanda about her new boyfriend and the reception is less than pleasant. Madelyn is frustrated by Nathan's complaints about needing more tests and Moira calls Nathan on not telling the medlab staff about his incident. Clarice explains to Nathan it wasn't "the usual weirdness". Alison is notified of her father's death. Upgrade: Forge notifies the medical staff the new MMI chip is ready to be implanted once the deathspore has been eliminated with radiation. Amanda provides Nathan, Moira and Rachel with protection charms as previously discussed with Moira.

Sep. 16 - Paige comforts Jubilee after the fight with Amanda. Clarice and Jennie paint the comatose Tommy's nails and get into trouble with the doctors. With Malice Aforethought: Lorna's parents call Alex and ask why Lorna hasn't called them; Alex raises the alarm that Lorna isn't where she said she was and the intel team swing into action. Amanda and Manuel go out for dinner and Manuel asks her if she still wants him.

Sep. 17 - Nathan tries to comfort Alison. Nathan is put on mild epilepsy medication for his 'fits'.

Sep. 18 - X-Men Mission: Scary Little Blonde Girls: The team go to pick up four young telepaths and find they've barricaded themselves in the government safehouse they've been staying in. Jean tries to address her fear of water.

Sep. 19 - Upgrade: Forge asks Sam for flight statistics. Scott reminds Jean it's been six months since she came back to the mansion. Paige makes a post about looking at the sunny side of life that's taken badly by Nate given the closeness of the Youra six month anniversary.

Sep. 20 - Upgrade: Haroun regains consciousness; Forge announces the cybernetic upgrade is ready to be implanted; Alison buys the company that manufactures the components. Lusanya says goodbye to Manuel before fading; Amanda emails him in the morning asking if he's all right. It's six months since Youra and Nathan talks to psychic hallucinations of his friends. Jean starts to crack under the pressure. Nathan mentions some of his odd symptoms to Jean and she gets data on one of his fits.

Sep. 21 - Jean and Manuel have a mild confrontation in the rose garden. Alison checks up on how Bobby's dealing with Tommy's presence.

Sep. 22 - With Malice Aforethought: Malice attacks some of the Salem Center FOH children and wipes their minds; Manuel and an old lady witness the incident and the alert is raised against Lorna. Amanda and Manuel make semi-successful attempts to comfort each other. The doctors feel that Nathan's symptoms and the Askani might be connected; Nathan is having odd dreams. The intel team find they're losing contacts and that their system must have been compromised. Doug has powers complications from Upgrade and is unable to talk.

Sep. 23 - Forge takes Paige to spend the night at her college after her revelation she's been keeping files on her fellow X-Men; Moira emails her and reassures her she wants Paige to continue being her assistant, although with counselling or an ethics course. Upgrade: the medical team strip out the cyberware and kill the virus. With Malice Aforethought: Manuel offers to use Cerebro to track down Lorna, but Scott refuses.

Sep. 24 - With Malice Aforethought: Betsy checks out the alley where Malice attacked the children. Upgrade: the medical team kill the deathspore by irradiating it.

Sep. 25 - Upgrade: the medical team stand down as Haroun is out of danger; Doug can't talk as a result of over-using his mutation. Manuel and Dani talk about Amanda, but then her powers flare out of control.

Sep. 26 - Bobby is reinstated to the team. Manuel talks to Kitty about Amanda. Dani apologises to Manuel for her powers accident. Madelyn apologises to the psis for avoiding them in the wake of Butterfly Effect. Kyle steals Forge's shoe and Jamie's lunch and suffers.

Sep. 27 - Madelyn apologises to Jean for her issues with telepathy in the wake of the incident with Betsy. Warren returns to the school. Forge suggests Jennie talk to her mother. Wanda cuts off her hair. Hellfire and Damnation: Remy has to break the news of an agent's death to his widow, and doesn't handle it well. With Malice Aforethought: Scott asks Forge for his help in finding Lorna; Remy discovers Lorna's 'friend' was never at LAX the day Lorna disappeared.

Sep. 28 - Forge tells Moira about his plans to give Jono his body back. Rahne argues with Illyana on the journals. Kyle questions his sexuality. Kylun offers to read to the comatose Tommy. Betsy asks an associate to look into some of the memories stirred up by Butterfly Effect. Moira gives Forge Jono's medical notes to work on. Illyana is less than impressed by Warren's return.

Sep 29 - Kashmir Waltz: Nathan tells Angelo they need to go to Kashmir to seek information on young mutants. Manuel and Dani nearly sleep together. Jennie emails Fred Duncan to find her mother for her. Upgrade: Dr. Jonathan Hawksmoor talks to Alison about Haroun's recovery and about the old cyberware being an experiment in creating super-soldiers.

Sep. 30 - Kashmir Waltz: Angelo and Nathan leave for Kashmir. Nathan continues to have disturbing pre-cognitive dreams. Forge discovers there will be solar flares that will interfere with the Jono experiment and insists on doing it straight away; Jono gets his body back.


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