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Portrayed by Rhona Mitra
Known Aliases: Dana Adams
Affiliations: The Dweller in the Dark
Socked By: Rei
Introduction: Light in the Darkness

"Your fears...they are mine."

D'Spayre has as taken an interest to Tandy Bowen as her powers allow her to continually store life force within her, and an emotional teenager who is prone to fear.


Name: D’Spayre

Aliases: Dana Adams

Affiliation: Demon

First appearance: Light in the Darkness

Family: Father/Master: The Dweller in the Dark, Sister: Spite


D’spayre was born from the darkness of fears and of pain. A demon by birth and also a servant to a greater darkness. D’spayre took on a mission on Earth to harvest human life and transforming it into fear. On Earth, D’spayre took on the name Dana Adams, a woman who mysteriously appeared in Mississippi one day.

The story for Dana was that she was woman looking for a new start in the south and joined the Church of Redeeming light, shortly before Pastor Green passed away unexpectedly. Dana took the opportunity to take charge of the group during their mourning and their sadness for her own benefit. Dana’s showed the people that she was destine to lead them and revealed that she was an avatar for the Light Goddess. The more they feared her the more powerful Dana grew, especially when they opened the door to mutants.

Using the mutants as a boost of her powers to instill fear into her followers, D’Spayre powers grew but her followers grew weaker. Some of them dying from the fear inside of them had eaten away and there was nothing left. It was a secret that the church held tightly until one of the teenagers ran away from the compound but died days later due to the exposed amount of fear she had within her. D’Spayre knew they had to be careful but she couldn’t afford to continue to only take a small community of people when there was an entire world out there that she could harvest for.

Phase 1

The teen’s death didn’t slow down the new members that came into the fold. One happened to be Nathan Tyler, D’Spayre took an interest to him immediately. She knew he was a mutant as she could feel the amount of light inside of him. Her powers spiked a bit as the fear grew stronger, and her members continued to dwilled down. Dana twisted Nathans already fragile mind and bent him to her will. He revealed to her that he was working for SHIELD and that her church was under investigation for the death of the teen girl that had ran away months prior. D’Spayre knew then she didn’t have much time before the walls began closing in on her and she began preparations of leaving the country.

Upon learning that her church was under the watchful eye of SHIELD due to a death of a girl, she had Nathan give false reports to SHIELD to throw them off their scent for a while longer as she continued to gather the life energy and fear from her flock. When D’Spayre found out he had a daughter and that recent reports suggested that she was a mutant, the idea of having two mutant that could create a living light would be able to feed D’Spayre’s power and allow the fear to grow to a larger population.

With Tandy at her side, D’Spayre power grew and as Tandy’s life force continually stored in her body, D’Spayre knew that the girl would be key to her plans. However, those plans were cut shorts at the arrival of the X-Men and SHIELD, they took the girl back and D’Spayre was forced to retreat back into the Demon World.

She returned in August 2014 with her sister Spite, kidnapping Tandy and Namor Mazur and using both of them to bring back her master, The Dweller in the Dark, with Tandy acting as Dweller's avatar. The three went to New York, and were stopped by Amanda Sefton and her students, who drove Dweller from Tandy's body and forced Dweller and D'Spayre back to the demon realm, while Spite was killed by SHIELD agents.

Phase 2

In May 2019 D'Spayre and the Dweller in the Dark were freed from their prison by agents of the Society of Thule as part of a larger plan to restore Cul Bor'son to the throne of Asgard and cede Earth to the Dweller in return. She helped amass the Worthy but vanished before the final confrontation. Her fate is unknown.


D'Spayre draws psychic sustenance from the despair suffered by other beings. She can instill great fear by touch, though she prefers to act indirectly and cause her victims to generate their own fear by filling their mind with illusions of terror and despondency. Virtually immortal, D'Spayre is normally invulnerable to physical injury; however, she can be physically harmed if sufficiently weakened by a lack of psychic sustenance. D'Spayre can also levitate , create fire concussive blasts of energy, and travel between limbo and this world. D'Spayre can also create small imp-like creatures, with sharp teeth and claws.


Phase 1

Light in the Darkness

Darkness Within

Phase 2

Fear in the Dark


Socked by: Rei

PB: Rhona Mitra