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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Namor (disambiguation).

Namor Mazur - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Robbie Amell
Codename: Submariner
Affiliations: None
Birthdate: July 12, 1996
Journal: x_submariner
Player: (Former) Walks

A minor member of the Attilan royal family. Namor attended college in New York City in order to discover life outside of the small country he grew up in. He was killed in January 2015.


Character Journal: x_submariner

Real Name: Namor Mazur

Codename: Submariner

Aliases: Marqués de McKenzie, Lord McKenzie, Your Grace

First Appearance: June 21, 2013

Date of Birth: July 12, 1996 ( Recorded as 1994 on official paperwork due to Attilan’s previous time-displacement)

Place of Birth: Marvega, Attilan

Citizenship: Attilani

Relatives: Attilan Royal Family; Triton Mazur, Duke of Thakkar (father), Fen, Duchess of Thakkar (mother), Lord Karnak Mazur (uncle), King Blackagar Boltagon Second Cousin), Queen Medusa Amaquelin (Second Cousin), Princess Crystal Amaquelin (Second Cousin), Disgraced Prince Maximus Boltagon (Second Cousin)

Education: Education under royal tutors equitable to an American High School Degree (English Second Form, Portuguese Secondary Education), Supplementary education at the The Amaquelin and Boltagon School for Abilities Enhancement, Currently Enrolled at Columbia for Political Science and Environmental Policy

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation:



When Namor was born the the island of Attilan let out a collective sigh of relief. While his father and mother’s relationship was certainly celebrated, the community feared the disadvantages of Triton’s mutation would be passed along to another line Thakkar Dukes. Yet Triton’s tiny baby was neither green, gilled, or immobile.

Namor, with all the benefits of his father’s gifts with none of the disadvantages, was thusly welcomed the waiting arms of the Attilan Royal Family. His childhood was spent equally in the sea, coached by his father Triton on the finer points of his powers, seafaring, and marine biology, and on land, coached in the art of politics, strategy, naval tactics, and combat by his Uncle Karnak. All of this attention -- not to mention the spoiling that comes from having a large, wealthy family -- certainly went to the young boy’s head. At every turn, Namor was told he was special. So he believed it.

One of young Namor’s favorite memories from this period is when Medusa and Crystal would return and share stories of the outside world -- a school where powers were celebrated and a wide world outside Attilan that would surely adore the young Marqués.

Silence Falls

Then 2007 stuck. It was, really, one blow after another in the following years: Attilan becoming isolated, the death of his extended family, and an end to the good times. No one really had the energy for Namor’s demanding behavior during the events of the Sound of Silence. The boy retreated to the sea for days on end, eager to find an answer to the silence in what had once been his personal playground. Months and years of nothing but empty sea greatly soured Namor’s earlier fantasies of adventure and he struggled to learn as much as possible in the secret hope that he could be a hero.

It was in the last year of the Silence that the biggest blow to Namor’s pride fell. He grew sick for several days and was left with the emergence of four tiny wings on his ankles. Attilan -- still stuck, still frustrated -- couldn’t deal with one more disappointment. The young, celebrated youth was suddenly subject to all of the pity/ostracism of which he had never noticed that his father and cousin Gorgon had suffered. Namor saw this mocking disinterest as a personal affront. He had, however, absorbed the lessons that his uncle had taught him well. Namor would rise above. He would grip to his pride like a buoy and rise above his family’s scorn.

Most of Namor’s curiosity about the outside world had faded when Attilan was returned to the normal timestream (without him playing any major part). He strove to perfect everything he could about himself during this time with many a beleaguered mentor -- his new flight, his underwater abilities, his intelligence, his bearing -- in order to solidify the strengths he had and shine at home instead of abroad. His personality soured and what was once charm turned to hot-headedness.

This, unfortunately, did very little to endear the kid to anyone in the royal court. They just saw a haughty, entitled teen that would bring very little to the new royal inner circle.

Studying Abroad

Triton, having expanded his salvage crews into a highly profitable international business, encouraged his son to benefit from exposure to the wider world instead of sitting around stewing. Namor leapt at the chance. It was tiring being frustrated all the time and the wider world would have to adore him as he should be adored. He was accepted into Columbia University and, at his father’s and mother’s suggestion, left early to learn about American culture at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

She Sells Sea Shells

Namor first visited Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in July 2013 while touring college campuses in the New York area. He accompanied Sam Guthrie and a group of students to a Smuggler’s Cave that reacted strangely to the group’s (namely, his own) presence during the events of She Sells Sea Shells. Namor did not notice that he was never the target of the automatons as the cave came alive or that he did not suffer the cave’s poison during the fighting.

Living At The X-Mansion

Namor began his studies at Columbia in January 2014. While his presence in the classroom has been admirable, a quick series of “irreconcilable roommate differences” resulted in Namor having to take up residence at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and commute for classes. (These differences were really more the holes he punched in walls due to a roommate, but Student Housing Offices like to be fancy). His attitude earned him phew friends at the mansion - most notably he squared off several times with Hope Abbott and Matt Murdock. He did manage to make friends with Clint Barton however, and semi-bonding with Angelica Jones and Catseye over a shared love of swimming. He also found himself under the magical scrutiny of Amanda Sefton, who felt a strange jolt from him upon their first meeting.

Magic kept coming up around Namor - in April 2014 they discovered that whenever he got close to a necklace Sue took from the magic cave, it glowed. Within the next few days he also witnessed Marie-Ange Colbert going into a precognitive fit, which was just weirdness on top of more weirdness for him. On a more positive note, he spent spring break scuba diving with Catseye and Angel.

In May 2014 he assisted with helping to evacuate the mutant island Avalon when a tsunami threatened the island, and rescued Hope A. when her body was swept away in the wave. In June 2014 he intervened in Molly Hayes's cime-fighting career, trying to help her and resulting both of them needing to be rescued by David Haller and Cecilia Reyes.

It wasn't all fun and games for Namor, however. In August he was kidnapped by D'Spayre and Spite who used his royal blood to bring back their master The Dweller in the Dark. Dweller took over Tandy Bowen's body, and he and Sue warned Amanda and her magic class of what was happening. He then helped to distract SWORD agents on scene while Amanda and her class saved Tandy. That wasn't the end of his excitement that month, however - he found himself in the middle of yet another disaster when he accompanied some friends on a trip to a street art fair in District X and an out of control mutant brought the paintings to life.

Thankfully, he returned to living a quiet life soon after.

The End

In January 2015, Muir Island was invaded and destroyed. Upon hearing of this, Namor's father demanded that he returned home, but he skipped his flight and stayed in favor of helping to track down Jean Grey, who had disappeared. While helping to try and rescue Jean from India, he was shot down by Starbolt and killed.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Grey-green

Hair: Black

Other Features: Widow's Peak; Four small, palm sized wings of white/gray feathers on his ankles (two on each leg)


Flight, Aquatic Prowess/Adaptation, increased physical agility, durability, endurance, and speed over baseline human.

The Wet

Amphibious physiognomy suited for high pressure aquatic environments. Underwater this translates into high speed swimming, the physical durability needed to survive depths greater than 5,000 feet (his body does not experience oxygen toxicity or nitrogen narcosis), the ability to absorb and process oxygen/no need to “breathe” with gills or inhalation, and physical imperviousness to extreme temperatures. Namor does not experience any discomfort without physical contact with water beyond standard human hydration needs, but being in the water for prolonged periods of time will result in a personality shift toward hotheadedness and aggression.

The Dry

His physical mutation translates into super strength (up to 2 tons) and increased durability and stamina above the Olympic baseline. He does not have heightened land-speed. These mutations were apparent at birth and are shared, in part, with his father.

The High

At puberty Namor gained the ability to fly. This was accompanied by the physical manifestation of two small wings on each ankle. These wings do not really make any sense re: flight when science is applied, but covering or injuring the wings inhibits his control. Physics-wise, Namor produces a psionic field of force to propel himself against gravity and is able to reach speeds of ~50 mph comfortably. His flight ceiling seems to be capped out ~700ft before he experiences discomfort and loss of control. Any ice accumulation on his wings will greatly limit his speed and control in flight, so weather can certainly inhibit any soaring.



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  • Namor speaks Portuguese and English fluently
  • Namor has studied Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and Jogo do Pau (Portuguese Staff Fighting) under his uncle Karnak
  • Namor is skilled at sailing, particularly on small vessels due to growing up near the sea



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Player: Walks

Player Icon Base: Robbie Amell

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