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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the group. For other uses, see Exemplars (disambiguation).

The Exemplars
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The Exemplars are an ancient order devoted to balancing chaotic forces in the world, and sworn to maintain the imprisonment of Chthon, Elder God of Chaos.


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One of the original Exemplars, now dead. She has appeared at least twice to Wanda Maximoff as a personal guide.

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The Exemplars had been born from Chthon's first worshipers when it had attempted to enter the real world, no longer content to spread chaos from the place of the Elder Gods. Realising the threat Chthon posed to the world, they refused to cooperate with their fellows and disrupted the ritual, trapping Chthon within an inter-dimensional prison. The Exemplars had been tasked with keeping Chthon in his prison, hunting down the unfortunate hosts and either helping or killing them, depending on how far gone they were.

One such host, albeit an unwitting one, was Wanda Maximoff. Brought to the Exemplars by her mentor, Agatha Harkness, she was trained to control her chaos powers and was watched closely for signs of Chthon using her to break free. When this did happen in 2006, the Exemplars joined with Charles Xavier and the mansion's telepaths and together they were able to once more lock Chthon away. Wanda felt betrayed that her tie with Chthon had never been revealed to her, and this has coloured her relationship with the group since.



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