Exorcism Robotica

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Exorcism Robotica
Plot exorcismrobotica.png
Dates run: January 21, 2022
Run By: Dex
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“All the bravado. All the arrogance.” Olivier and suddenly darted forward. His hand grabbed Garrison by the face, claws encompassing his head. “And while I can’t stop you, I can leave you with one last gift. Take away one last thing.”

Conspiracies are unmasked and secrets revealed when the X-Men return for a re-match against the Brotherhood of Mutants and learn the truth of the Sentinel Project... and Erik the Red.


X-Men: Bevatron, Blink, Cyclops, Dust, Echo, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Spectrum, Wildchild, Wolverine.

Amanda Sefton, Gabriel Cohuelo, Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney; Marie-Ange Colbert.

Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, Frank Costa/Olivier, Bolivar Trask, Paul Rilker, Sentinels, Erik the Red.


January 21, 2022

Plot Summary

It starts as Amanda posts to the X-Men about intelligence indicating the location of a new Sentinel production facility and the likelihood of eminent attack by the Brotherhood. When questioned by Marie-Ange about where she got the intel, she refuses to say specifically. Bolivar Trask is showing off the now operational Sentinel factory to his sponsors from AIM as well as Olivier and his men when the Brotherhood appear and attack. Trask activates his Sentinels to fight the Brotherhood, only to see them attack Olivier and his men first. As Trask flees, Olivier is forced to reveal his demonic form, only to discover Magneto is ready for it, blasting him with sleets of silver and cold iron. Olivier retreats, teleporting away, and both Magneto and Erik the Red follow via Zero to chase him. As they teleport out, the X-Men arrive for a remake with the Brotherhood and to take down the Sentinels. They destroy all the prototype Sentinels as well as the Master Mold control centre and production facility. During the confusion of the fight, Amanda appears with a reluctant Gabe in tow, and bring Jean and Kyle with her, teleporting the group into the parking lot of AZTECA, Olivier's night club. They arrive just in time to see Magneto in conversation with Erik the Red, learning that he'd been set up and betrayed, but Erik was willing to let him escape.

As they walked forward to demand answers, Erik removed his helmet, revealing it was Garrison Kane, alive, posing as Erik the Red the whole time. He quickly explained it had been vital to bring Magneto and the Brotherhood in to destroy the Sentinels and wound Olivier enough to be vulnerable. Amanda handed each one a crystal on a necklace that would grant them one chance to return from Olivier's hell dimension, explaining that the only way to stop Olivier was to destroy his bridge to Earth, trapping him back in his dimension, and the only people who could do it were people who had been touched by his power, as all of them had been. As they entered the dimension, with Amanda holding the portal behind them open, they each picked up a clay mask and were tempted with the offer of whatever future each one secretly wished for. Jean wavered, ready to agree, when the Phoenix Force intervened, and each of them destroyed their mask, breaking the bridge, with only Amanda holding it open. Before they could leave, Abigail Brand appeared, still under Olivier's thrall. She was quickly disarmed and knocked unconscious, but lacked a crystal to transit back to Earth, Garrison put his around her neck, explaining that he knew a back door out of the dimension, sending them back through the bridge. As he was about to escape, Olivier caught up and they fought, but it was clear he couldn't really win. Instead, Olivier grabbed Garrison and used magical flame to burn away all of Garrison's omni-skin before pushing him through the portal back to Earth, vowing revenge.

The club was burned to the ground by black flames, and Jean caught sense of Garrison's mind, clearing through to wrap his skinless body in a telekinetic field in order to get him to the sick bay alive. As Garrison recuperated, he explained what had happened to him, why he'd been forced to play dead and join the Brotherhood, and what he'd been involved in, to various degrees of acceptance by the mansion residents effected by the events. As a result, Adrienne Frost left both Garrison and the mansion for good, returning to Boston.

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Garrison lost his omni-skin, but as a result of the magical damage, he was broken from the natural magical order, as a result, manifesting a chaos field to keep him alive long enough until he could safely weaken and die.

The new organization of the Brotherhood was revealed fully, including their successful interference with the Mutant Underground


Plotrunner: Dex

'Erik the Red' was a name and costume used by Scott Summers in Uncanny X-Men 51-52 to infiltrate the Brotherhood.

The images for Erik the Red's costume are from Marvel rival DC's Arkham Knight designs for Red Hood.