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Kyle Gibney
Portrayed by Matt Barr
Codename: Wildchild
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: March 20, 1990
Journal: King of all wild things
Player: Frito

Kyle Gibney is a former student of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and now the former English teacher of Xavier's and member of the X-Men. He now also helps to home-school kids who can't attend the public high school. His feral mutation and healing factor give him a tendency to leap before he looks.


Character Journal: xp_wildchild

Aliases: Beast Boy (X-Men Trainee name), Wildchild

First Appearance: October 24, 2004

Place of Birth: Billings, Montana

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Tyler Gibney (father), Margaret "Midge" Gibney (mother; deceased), Arlene Cross (maternal grandmother), Frank Cross (maternal grandfather).

Education: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, College student at Empire State University, majoring in Education

Relationship Status: Dating Theresa Cassidy

Occupation: Former Xavier's English teacher; currently home-schools kids who can't attend the local high school

Team Affiliation: X-Men


Phase 1


Kyle was born the only child of Margaret Gibney and Tyler Gibney, although unknown to Kyle until his late teens, Tyler is not his biological father. Until his early teens Kyle was a fairly average boy. Not quite a 'handful', but active, cheerful and just a little bit loud. A little hyper, a little overly affectionate, but nothing that was a major problem. Until he hit thirteen, puberty and all the social games that teenagers play in middle and high school.

Desperate for friends, he fell into socializing with the local 'bad crowd', believing that the group accepted him. In truth, they used him as an errand boy, an alibi and a lookout, and he quickly picked up a few skills in jimmying car locks and hotwiring cars. With a want to be accepted by his friends, Kyle took a dare. Kyle stole a Porsche.

Naturally, he was caught and arrested, and sent to juvenile hall. The stress of the situation caused him to manifest his mutation a few days after arrival, and he spent nearly a week in the center's infirmary, in bone-wracking pain. It was another several weeks before his mutation finished manifesting, leaving him nearly a foot taller and with several physical changes.


Only a week after his mutation fully manifested, social workers and members of the local police came to transfer him to a detention facility designed for mutant adolescents. That is what they told Kyle, and the guards at the juvenile detention center. In reality, they were Mistra operatives, intent on taking him to be trained.

In October 2004, the Mistra training facility that Kyle was held at was discovered by Nathan Dayspring. He and several others - Pete Wisdom, Madelyn Bartlet, and Sam and Paige Guthrie went to the facility intent on shutting it down and rescuing the children there.

While Kyle was in the process of being empathically manipulated by one of the Mistra operatives, Nate found him and attempted to rescue him, and then calm him. It backfired, sending Kyle into a panic. In his haste to escape, Kyle attacked Sam, and was then tranquilized by Madelyn and brought to the school.

Living At The X-Mansion

Kyle's time at the school was largely been one of self-discovery and acceptance. He had to learn to accept his mutation, and now almost embraces it, at least on the surface. His unusual appearance still causes him some discomfort, but he considers the benefits to far outweigh the disadvantages.

With the resources of the school at hand, Kyle became a fair to average student, putting in a great deal of effort to maintain a B+ average, and showing a preference towards English and Literature that seem out of place in the athletic looking hyperactive young man.

In the time that Kyle has spent at the school, he has developed a close and unlikely friendship with Forge. He is also good friends with Marius Laverne, Jennie Stavros, Julio Richter and Angelica Jones. During both of her times at the school, he was a frequent stalking target and friend of Catseye.

During his senior year of high school, Kyle spent it much like any other normal teenager with an acceptable set of grades. Fighting off Senioritis, sorting through piles of college applications, looking for dates and wondering just what the heck he's going to do with himself in the future. Unlike the average high school senior, Kyle gained an additional and new set of responsibilities.

Maturity and the X-Men

After being the subject of a kidnapping for the seventh time, and suffering genetic manipulation and brainwashing at the of Rory Campbell, Kyle (along with Jennie and Marius) decided to join the X-Men in an effort to both learn to prevent threats to himself, but also to help prevent it to others. He was beset upon with the trainee codename "Beast Boy" and spent the last half of 2007 learning to control himself, work with the team, use his powers responsibly, and how to write mission reports that do not use the word "PWN". The last of these has, much to the regret of the team leaders, not been entirely successful, even into 2009 and Forge and Kyle's 'report' on the events of Analog Kid, Digital Man.

His ex-boyfriend Jay Guthrie returned to the mansion, which caused Kyle no small amount of awkwardness until he and Jay managed to resolve their lingering issues. In the meantime, Kyle went on a single date with Laurie Collins, with any further dates being prevented when their respective powers interacted badly and they decided it was best to not risk it. In winter 2007, Kyle began dating Clarice Ferguson, after Clarice assisted Kyle with his contribution to the 2007 Halloween themed costumes of the Teen Titans from the DC Universe comic series.

Kyle's training as an X-Man began to pay off during the events of Thirteen Days. When the X-Men and trainees who had remained behind were called up to retrieve and rescue their teammates who had crash-landed, Kyle found himself defending Skin, Blink and a squad of soldiers from Toad. Quick thought and some unorthodox tactics gave Kyle the upper hand, luring Toad in close range with insults and mocking and despite a broken jaw, breaking Toad's kneecaps and knocking him unconscious. The injuries took some time to heal, and in the meantime Kyle found himself embarrassed to to thanked for saving Angelo and Clarice's lives.

Presented with actual opportunities for the first time, and beginning to believe he wasn't as dumb as he had always been told when he successfully passed his SATs, Kyle enrolled at Empire State University, majoring in eduction, although he was - and remains - reticent about his choice in major. To earn money for himself, he began working as Cain Marko| Cain's assistant groundskeeper, a job he found himself well suited to doing.

Despite his new-found maturity and adult status, there were several incidents which displayed Kyle's temper. Recurring arguments on the journals with Laurie, an extremely negative reaction to a suggestion by Kevin Ford that they experiment with his healing factor and hostile reactions to the nickname 'Dog Boy' were mostly generated by residual trauma from the Hounding incident and Kyle's deep-seated insecurities about his feral nature. An incident with another mutant, in which Kyle was turned into a fox gave him small comfort knowing that he was a fox-based, rather than a dog-based feral. His issues with Laurie, however, were more difficult to address, with apologies said and the two repeatedly trying to talk, only for another argument to arise on the journals.

Following a student pick up gone horribly wrong, Kyle was made full X-Man, taking on the code name "Wildchild".

Keeping The Faith and Doing No Harm

Kyle once again found himself at the mercy of others when he and several other younger X-Men, plus Jan we captured by the Brotherhood of Mutants. Kyle in particular suffered, being brutally tortured by the sadistic Senyaka. During the worst of it, Kyle regressed to some of the Mistra programming he had been given several years ago, manifesting a tactical personality which helped him escape. The incident disturbed Kyle, who had thought he had escaped Mistra's reprogramming unscathed. The death of Colin MacInnis gave him the chance to talk to Anika about the issue and as always, she was more able to help him than most.

Bouncing back, Kyle assisted in a Red X mission and rescued Nathan from drowning in Alaska. During this time, he and Clarice realized they were essentially friends having sex, rather than a couple, and ended the relationship amicably. Later on, Kyle started dating Janet Van Dyne.

The journal fights with Laurie continued, however, with Kyle driven outside to cool off safely. His personal anger management strategies came in even more useful when Yvette Petrovic, in an uncharacteristic bout of anger and frustration, pursued the man who had kidnapped her in Kosovo. Kyle was shot during the rescue, but managed to resolve things enough with the young girl to suggest the Danger Room as a safer way to let off steam. Less successful was managing his own temper as yet again, he and Laurie fought in the journals, this time about seat upgrades.

The issues between Laurie and Kyle came to a head when, following an attack on the pair by another mutant in New York, Laurie accused Kyle of not being able to control himself due to his feral nature. The accusation, which he felt was as good as calling him an animal, enraged Kyle and virtually destroyed any friendship between the two. Over the next several months, Laurie made several attempts to rebuild things, but more often than not the attempts resulted in further hostilities.

The Weight of Responsibility

During Day Zero, Kyle found himself fighting War alongside Sabretooth, the man who had eviscerated him. In the confusion, Sabretooth escaped, a situation which Kyle predicted would not end well. He was correct - only a month later Sabretooth was implicated in an attack that left Garrison Kane, Pete Wisdom, Jay Guthrie and Danielle Moonstar missing, presumed dead. Assisting with the FBI investigation with Adrienne Frost, Kyle confirmed the former Brotherhood member's participation by scent.

Kyle mourned his three friends and buried himself in his various duties. With Cain Marko| Cain's departure and Kyle's promotion to groundskeeper, these were many. Between his job, the X-Men and his studies, Kyle found himself stretched thin. Laurie continued to pick at him, driving him to ask Haller and Samson to intervene, but despite that stress, Manuel de la Rocha believed him to be the best choice for a suitemate for the unshielded empath, citing the simple clarity of Kyle's emotions as the reason for the choice.

The return of the missing did little to clear the tension; Kyle found Jay's new-found predatory instincts clashing with his own and they very nearly came to serious physical violence on several occasions. The two resolved things 'their' way, featuring a dead rabbit as a peace offering. Suzanne Chan also came to Kyle's rescue, offering to take on the paperwork side of the groundskeeping, something he had struggled with due to his youth and not being taken seriously by contractors.

Already close with Yvette and Catseye, who had returned to the school, Kyle found himself helping out the various New Mutants more and more, in particular, Doreen Green, whose feral episodes were disorienting and frightening to her and whom Kyle rescued from a tree at one point. Callie Betto also joined Kyle's maintenance crew, assisting with the gardening angle.

In mid-2009, more than six months after the fight which had created the gulf, Laurie and Kyle were forced to cooperate to escape elevator controlled by technopath Milan. It proved to be a step towards ending hostilities, and the two have restored their friendship, with Kyle occasionally providing Laurie with a dose of reality to oppose some of her more sheltered or naive viewpoints.

Comings and Goings

Late summer saw Kyle having to confront his own pack instincts, going under telepathic cover to rescue Nate from his captors, and seeing first-hand what he would have likely been like had Mistra continued their empathic conditioning. The telepathic camouflage also had the unintended and minor side-effect of removing the last remnants of the tractable 'beta' conditioning from Ahab.

This resulted in his being more than willing to aggressively confront Jay Guthrie on the winged mutant's unwillingness to be assigned a trainee code name and the two spent weeks sniping at each other.

Autumn and winter brought a reminder to Kyle about why he hated zombies, when Nico's Halloween decorations came to life. He was briefly deafened trying to track and re-capture some of the escapees from the jailbreak in November, and despite he and Laurie having restored their friendship, was unable to comfort her after her own encounters with the prisoners. He found himself working closely with Catseye to track and return Nicholas Gleason when the young man ran away after accidentally hurting Julian Keller.

The autumn departures saw Kyle attempting to remain optimistic about the eventual return of those who left, but when Jay, Forge, and Jennie Stavros all left within a short period, he seemed to lose some of his belief that his people would always come back to the fold. After the departures, Kyle became less social, and less quick with a joke or reassuring remark, and quicker to anger, even going to the point of damaging his laptop and working off the frustration sparring with Forge's other close friend, Doug Ramsey.

Kyle was injured again, this time more seriously, during the India mission, when he, Dominion and Wasp blew up a fuel depot. Kyle was seriously burned and put into a medical coma for several weeks while his healing factor took care of his injuries. He required further physical therapy, however, and saw a new side to the quiet and shy Yvette Petrovic when she took on the job with a particularly bratty Kyle. He also was called on his attitudes about his female teammates, being lectured by the small red girl (who had recently become a trainee) that they were no more delicate and fragile than he was and could withstand the rigors of the team. It also became clear around mid-2010 that fellow feral Doreen Green had a crush on him, something his girlfriend Jan was quite happy to tease him about. Kyle tried to ignore Dori's hero-worship, although it was difficult when she later came to him to ask for advice about joining the team.

Graduation 2010 was marked by a betrayal, an attack and the apparent death of a student, something that hit Kyle hard as he had been working with the young werewolf on powers control. Before he could really close up, however, he wound up with a new roomie, Jared Corbo, whose outlook and attitude tended to clash with Kyle's own. Over the time they shared a suite, they had several epic journal fights, although one was precipitated more by an incident at Kyle's university involving his medical records for his teaching rounds and a bigoted secretary. 'Work' also kept Kyle busy, with a Red X mission in Alberta, a rescue mission in LA and the return of an old foe in District X.

Mr Reliable

2011 became the year that Kyle took on some of the training for the new X-Men, especially Dori and Jean-Phillipe Colbert, and became something of a mentor to young student Molly Hayes, as well as befriending former mercenary Wade Wilson, at the mansion for medical treatment. He also tried to help the amnesiac Nicholas Gleason, back from the 'dead' and calling himself John, piece together his memories. He and Julian Keller continued to rub each other the wrong way, both in and out of the Danger Room, and eventually the situation with Jared reached a stage Kyle could no longer live with him, making a request to Charles Xavier that the other young man move out following 'hazing' jokes about the blind student, Matt Murdock. Warren Worthington, moving back to the mansion to focus on the team, soon filled the gap.

Kyle's relationship with Jan ended much the same way as his relationship with Clarice had ended, with again the pair realizing they were really friends who had sex rather than being romantically involved. When Laurie's air scrubber broke and the grad wing was filled with sex pheromones, Kyle found himself 'taking one for the team' in the form of Laura Kinney. Marius Laverne, disturbed by his predatory reaction, had thrown himself out of the window and it was Kyle who found and rescued him from Molly's questions – and distracted Laura from going after him. Later, for Xavier's Prom, he practically dragged Dori out of her room when he found out she was playing World of Warcraft instead, and while she initially protested, she wasn't too upset.

Part of the rescue team when the New Mutants went missing, Kyle suffered the wrath of Artie Maddicks on the journal stoically, refusing to react to even the "Dog Boy" taunts. He was also the supervising adult for Matt's punishment detail after he beat up Artie. No sooner had the dust settled on that incident when the mansion was invaded again, this time with the residents being cast into their worst personal nightmares. While the shared nightmare Kyle found himself in with Monet St. Croix and Piotr Rasputin was bad enough, waking was worse as he was planted with a telepathic trigger by Nightmare and attached Meggan Szardos, cutting up her arms and shoulders. Kurt Sefton stepped in and teleported Kyle to the Box, but being in a 'white room' again only made Kyle more ferocious and Kurt was injured as well. Eventually, with Jean Grey defeating Nightmare, the trigger was removed, and Kyle spent several days up a tree.

During a Danger Room run with Dori, Kyle found himself realizing the hyperactive squirrel girl was in fact an attractive young woman, and an awkward moment led to dinner. An email conversation while Kyle was in New Orleans with Laurie, Kevin and a number of the grads led to a second date being arranged, much to Julian's disapproval; the wealthy young heir 'tested' Kyle by offering him $250,000.00 to not date Dori. Predictably, Kyle refused – and then told Dori what her best friend had done. Needless to say, the incident did little to improve Kyle's impression of Julian, who he already disliked because of his treatment of Nick back before Nick's disappearance.

Kyle's healing factor came in handy during Yvette's birthday party, although before his system cleared itself of the combination of Laurie's happy hormones and Pixie's hallucinogenic dust, he and Kurt shared their love of pineapples and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. This was followed by a more serious matter, when the Black Court of the Hellfire Club almost killed Garrison and a group of FBI and DEA agents in a fire; summoned by Adrienne Frost via Emma, the X-Men went into the burning factory and rescued the unconscious law officers.

Kyle's perennial joke about his biological father backfired on him when he tried it on Wade, who was both old enough and had possibly known Kyle's mother back in the day. Eventually, unable to coax any information from his mother, Kyle suggested a DNA test to settle things one way or another. The joke also went public, causing a lot of confusion as Wade's real age became a subject of debate (it was eventually settled that Wade was in fact not Kyle's father).

Wade's Halloween party went off in usual Xavier's style when an old pendant of Amanda's accidentally activates and curses the party, leading to Kyle and several other party members believing they really were their costumes. Even after the curse was broken, Kyle retained the ability to speak Chinese. The year ended with Kyle joining an X-Men team to deal with a hostage situation in California as a result of Garrison accidentally unearthing the Super Soldier program.


The year brought with it one disaster after another. It started with two refugees from the small island of Genosha taking refuge at Xavier's and later disappearing from protective custody. In an attempt to find out what had happened to them, Kyle joined a mission to try and find the kidnappers, which ended up failing. A few months later a group of mansionites and mansion associates were kidnapped from the mansion, and Kyle joined the rescue team to try and save them. It ended in disaster, however, with most of the rescue team (Kyle included) being captured, and a very small portion escaping into the Genoshan wilderness. The captured group was later rescued when the train they were on was ambushed by the Genoshan Resistance. Kyle then assisted in helping to raid the city, helping to bring down Mutate 42, and defeating the crazed monster Moreau.

There was no risk for the wicked, however. No sooner did everyone get home (where Kyle was furious to learn he had missed his graduation and his fantasy baseball team had failed miserably), was Kyle being recruited to help a couple of teenage mutants who had been kidnapped. He was then pulled off on another mission to investigate a mutant who had appeared in Madripoor, who turned out to be an alternate version of Rachel Kinross-Dayspring. In August he helped patrol a mutant concert that had been threatened by anti-mutant protesters, and only a few days later he was running off to England to help Angel find her friend who had been kidnapped by a mutant group. And finally in November he went to Peru with a team and inadvertently ended up helping Jennie Stavros, who was being hunted.


Twenty-thirteen was significantly quieter, with Kyle settling into his new position as English teacher at Xavier's - a position which came with its own unique set of problems, like having to assure Molly Hayes that he did not, in fact, think she was stupid after her encounter with the Slendermen. In February he helped to rescue Garrison and Adrienne after they were shipwrecked on the mutant island Avalon (which was being run by Magneto]]. And the end of the year brought with it a demon raid on the mansion, during which Kyle had to destroy a library wall (and later hide from the wrath of the students who used the library for sanctuary).

The fun continued into twenty-fourteen, when Kyle went back to Avalon to help evacuate it when a tsunami threatened to wipe it out. And the field trip curse struck again in August when a field trip Kyle was chaperoning was attacked by paintings brought to life by an out of control mutant, and Kyle ended up being eaten by a painting and later rescued by Tyrone Johnson.

Weapon X and the end of the world

In November 2014, Kyle's world turned upside down. It started with a phone call from his mother letting him know his adoptive father was in a car accident. When Kyle returned home to help, however, and was greeted by Abraham Cornelius and Omega Red. He found out that his mother had once been a researcher with Weapon X, and that the researchers on the project had known about Kyle's healing factor. Cornelius and Omega coerced Kyle into going down to a contaminated facility to retrieve data for them, using his mother as leverage. Kyle went in, meeting "Patient Zero" while down in the lab. He later ended up being rescued by Logan and Wade when Patient Zero turned on him. Unfortunately, Cornelius and Omega got away with his mother.

Kyle, Garrison Wade, Logan, and David North went after Cornelius and Omega to rescue Kyle's mother, but they were far too late - it turned out she had been used as bait to lure in an "apex feral" named Romulus. In the course of the investigation, Kyle also discovered that his mother had been used as a surrogate to breed with sterile ferals - Kyle being the result.

He returned home deeply disturbed by this revelation and the loss of his mother, shutting himself off from his friends and trying to deal with things on his own. He was relieved to discover that his father didn't hate him, at least.

He didn't have much time to mourn, however - in January 2015, Muir Island came under attack by the Brotherhood of Mutants, and he went with the X-Men to help defend it. The fight turned into a slaughter, however, with many X-Men ending up dead and Kyle himself getting severely injured. While the world fell apart he was laid up in the med lab, but was finally forced back into action when the mansion was leveled, and he helped evacuate the survivors.

Phase 2


When the universe fell apart, Kyle was among the survivors who woke up in the new world Xorn had created for everyone. The world quickly became too much for him to handle, however, and after helping his father move he took for Australia with Marius, where he spent two months drinking and ignoring the world. He finally returned to the mansion in March, with no idea what to do with his life now that he was an unemployed bum.

For the most part he just kicked around the mansion, spending a lot of time playing Splatoon with Dori. He made cautious friends with Clinton Barton (and was both amused and a little disturbed when Angel started dated Clint because it was weird), and in August actually helped Clint with investigating an Atlantean artifact. He got to hit a lot of fish people when Namor accidentally activated the artifact and a portal opened. In September Charles dragged Kyle out of his self-imposed exile and made him the new home-school teacher for kids such as Rahne Sinclair - kids who were unable to attend the local high school due to powers issues. It wasn't ideal, but once Kyle started thinking about it he realized it could be a good opportunity for him.


He fell deeper into the apathy hole when Dori left the mansion to go to grad school in L.A., laking himself just because, and threw himself twice as hard into teaching Xavin and Rahne. Dori's return during the summer and the realization that both his students were leaving him (Xavin for college, Rahne for public school), threw Kyle a bit more, but he was given something new to focus on when Jessica Jones quit being a GenX mentor, and Julian and Angel asked him to take her place.

In March, he joined a small team put together by Clint to investigate some strange goings ons in Alaska, and was captured by Paul Norbert Ebersol, who used his nanites to control Kyle and send him after his friends. Kyle was rescued by a combination of Molly and Topaz, and joined the final battle to take Norbert (who definitely was awesome) down, and rescue Clint. And after all that the only payment they got was Starbucks cards.

In October, Clint recruited him, along with Matt Murdock and Everett Thomas, to investigate a mysterious package. They ended up in the library with Topaz helping, and things went to hell when they opened the package and found a staff, which Clint and Matt both touched. They went ballistic, influenced by the staff, and Kyle, Ev, and Topaz had to fight them down. The humans got off with mostly bumps and bruises, but there were a few book casualties.


Without a proper team affiliation (as he still wanted to quit the X-Men but still hadn't quite worked up the gumption to talk to Scott about it), Kyle managed to have what was probably the quietest year of the decade-plus he'd been at the mansion. He did ask Wanda about how she had quit the X-Men, hoping for some life-saving advice that would help him to do so. And in lieu of a team, he became more of a mentor of sorts to various students, spending extra time Miles to help him through his first death in his superhero career.

After finding out Clint wanted to start a new team, and some talking with Topaz, he threw himself into helping recruit for that, getting Laurie on board with the team and helping to set up their new headquarters, an old church on the mansion grounds. Really, it was almost a suspiciously quiet year.


2018 was an... interesting year. Clint recruited Kyle to be his second-in-command of their semi-team, and Kyle in turn recruited Topaz (basically it meant a lot of paperwork), got into a slight tiff with Clint when he proposed team uniforms, and turned into a shark. It was a weird year. Scott received an SOS from his father, and a group comprised of X-Men and the not-quite-a-team team went out to the ocean to find them. Determining they would have to go to the bottom of the ocean, the magic users on board (Amanda, Clea, and Topaz) dug up a spell that would allow them to do the transformation. Kyle's experience was especially horrifying for him, and it's not something he ever wants to repeat. The year ended on a decent note when he began dating new arrival Terry Cassidy.

Two Years of the Usual

Kyle finally got his crap together in the wake of Clint's departure, and spoke to Scott about re-joining the X-Men (something he had been avoiding since the end of the universe). 2019 involved the regular mansion shenanigans (including the almost mandatory Halloween disaster, but 2020 gave him a reprieve. Terry left, though they stayed in contact, and he had a mostly quiet year.

It was all just lull until 2021, when everything went to hell in April. Fixer's nanites invaded the mansion, resulting in several serious injuries, including Doug losing an arm, and Laurie losing her good prosthetic. He tried to mitigate some of the damage Laurie did in her spiteful state, but was forced to admit that he could stop her. Instead, he focused on doing whatever he could to help everyone else. There was a little thing about the world being fixed so they could talk about Dark Phoenix, but Kyle was happy to avoid that a bit.

Also, Terry came back. That was pretty cool.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 205 lbs.

Eyes: green-brown

Hair: dirty blond

Other Features: Due to his mutation, Kyle has somewhat larger than normal ears, pointed at the tops. He also has extended top and bottom canine teeth, and the nails of his fingers and toes are clawed. His feet are larger then normal human feet, and have developed in such a way that Kyle is most comfortable walking on the balls of his feet. On any given day, he might have short spiky hair, longer shaggy hair, or below-the-collar hair tied back into a ponytail and a variable amount of facial hair, depending on his mood, and whether or not he decided that shaving was more or less important than another fifteen minutes of sleep.


Kyle has what is described as a " feral" mutation. He possesses enhanced agility and strength, and his senses of sight, hearing, smell, and taste are incredibly acute. He also possesses atavistic physical traits, with claws, elongated canine teeth and a less complex digestive system.

As an effect of the increased agility, Kyle possesses a natural sense of balance and lands on his feet more often than not when falling or jumping - he is not at the trained skill level of a gymnast or acrobat, but easily does flips, cartwheels and handstands. He can - and does when showing off - walk on his hands for several yards. He is also stronger then someone of his build would normally be, with increased muscle density, although not to a great degree - it is a byproduct of his healing factor rather than a separate power of it's own.

Kyle's finger and toenails are clawed - on his hands, they are thicker, tougher and sharper than normal human fingernails, tan and slightly curved. He can retract his claws into the nailbeds of his fingertips, although this prevents him from bending the first knuckle of each finger. Because of the claws, Kyle has difficulty with holding pens and pencils, and his handwriting has been described as somewhere between terrible and 'why would anyone do that to a piece of paper?'.

On his feet, the claws more resemble that of a large cat or dog and he cannot retract the claws on his toes. In addition Kyle's feet are noticeably different looking from regular human feet. The bones of his feet are elongated - if his feet could be put in normal shoes, he'd be somewhere around an American size fifteen or sixteen - but where his heels are narrow, the balls of his feet and his toes are wide. and he walks primarily on the balls of his feet. Putting his feet flat on the ground is uncomfortable for him and causes cramps in his Achilles' tendons.

Because of this, Kyle does not quite move like a normal person. He hunches when he walks, and unless he takes a great deal of care to try not to, tends to 'bounce' a little. He actually looks more normal running than walking as most people run on the balls of their feet. He can also run on all fours, while in his youth would refuse to demonstrate, now embraces this and alternates his morning jogs between a normal two-legged stance and all-fours.

Kyle's ears are pointed, larger than normal, and look a little 'too big' for his face. He also has fangs - his top and bottom canines are much longer then normal, and this is typically visible when he talks. He also has a thicker and heavier jaw then a normal human - he can bite through small bones.

Kyle also possesses a healing factor. Less powerful than that of Logan or Sarah, he heals from injuries faster than normal, up to regrowing two toes that were accidentally severed in a wood chopping accident. He is resistant to colds, flus and infections, and recovers very quickly from exposure such as hypothermia. Kyle also seems to possess somewhat of a degree of control over his healing factor, and with enough incentive can heal life-threatening injuries first, while leaving other injuries for later. This control is very limited, and has only occurred twice, both in situations where Kyle was near death.


Marius purchased a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 for Kyle as repayment for his help in saving Marius life. As of his 18th birthday, and the closing of his juvenile criminal record, Kyle is finally the legal owner of the motorcycle that was purchased for him years earlier.


Despite all former protests to the contrary, Kyle is not only an excellent dancer, he very much enjoys it, as it gives him a chance to show off his agility and athleticism without being violent.

Due to his mutation, Kyle's digestive system reacts badly to a number of artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives that most people can consume. Despite being a self-described omnivore, he is very conscious of what goes into his food - and the food choices and sensitivies of others. When you have a two page long (and growing) list of foods you can't eat, you can't help but notice it when other people do the same.

Kyle is the owner of a small black-and-white cat named Shamu, Jr, which he and Marie rescued from the snowed-in animal shelter in Kansas City. Shamu is spoiled rotten, and takes complete advantage of it.

Kyle's in-game Twitter handle is @justsaynotoshoes and and first appears in the tweets for an in-game event.

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X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?

There Will Be Peace


Dinosaur Bugaloo

My Long Forgotten Son

Don't Close Your Eyes

Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkedelic Boogaloo

Capital Turpitude

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Sons of Liberty


London to Ladysmith via Pretoria

X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms

For Free Trade

The End of the Beginning

The Unrelenting Struggle


Onwards to Victory

The Dawn of Liberation

Any Port in a Storm

Ashes and Mist

X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe

Half An Ocean Away



Tropic of Capricorn

Deal With The Devil


Red-X Mission: King Tide

New Mutants: Scribblenauts

Death is Legion

The Wild Hunt


A Touch Of Brimstone

The Dark Phoenix

Phase 2


It’s Greek To Me


Are We Ourselves

Staff of Five - event


With Extreme Prejudice

Green-Eyed Monster


Poor Unfortunate Souls

Set Fire to the Rain

The Danger Room Paradox


Fear in the Dark

House of Horrors


A Fistful of Nanites

X-Men Mission: Coming to America

Sons of Mutancy

X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel

Potomac Calls to Chesapeake

Monster Mash

The Color of Horror

Arise, X-Man


Exorcism Robotica

X-Men Mission: Town Called Malice


A Haven to Call Home

Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand - as transport


Player: Frito

E-mail: FritoEmail.jpg

AIM: fritokal

Player Icon Base: Matt Barr

Meta Trivia

When writing the application for the character of Kyle Gibney, Frito had been inspired by the voice and mannerisms of Beast Boy from the Teen Titans cartoon. After several months of Icon Bases that were less than ideal, it was suggested to her by Ben that she use Greg Cipes, who fit the physical description of Kyle almost exactly at the time. Greg Cipes happens to provide the voice for Beast Boy. Due to this, when it became time for Kyle to be assigned a 'trainee codename', Beast Boy was the obvious choice. Shiro (played by Ben) was the one to suggest this.

In 2011 when it became apparent that Greg Cipes was very much a hippie and his fashion choices were far more ridiculous than even Kyle would wear, Kyle's pb was changed to Matt Barr.