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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jean Grey (disambiguation).

Jean Grey
Portrayed by Bridget Regan
Codename: Phoenix
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Doctor
Birthdate: October 27, 1984
Journal: Satellite Mind
Player: Mackinzie

We come into this world alone, and we leave the same way, the time we spend in between ... time spent alive, sharing, learning ... together ... is all that makes life worth living.

Consumed with a desire to heal and help people, telepathic and telekinetic Dr. Jean Grey finds her calling met while living at the X-Mansion.


Character Journal: xp_phoenix

Real Name: Jean Grey

Codename: None

Aliases: Marvel Girl (Formerly), Karen Grant, Julia Ash, Jena Pyre, Red, Phoenix

First Appearance: January 21, 2015

Date of Birth: October 27, 1984

Place of Birth: Annandale on Hudson, New York

Citizenship: American/British (dual citizenship)

Relatives: Dr. John Grey (Father), Elaine Grey (Mother), Sara Grey-Bailey (Older Sister), Paul Bailey (Brother in Law), Joseph “Joey” Thomas Bailey (Nephew), Gailyn Bailey (Niece)

Education: BS from Columbia University and MD from George Washington University (Washington DC)

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Doctor

Team Affiliation: X-Men


Early Life

Jean Grey was born to Elaine Grey and Dr. John Grey, a professor of history at Bard College. She was the youngest after her sister Sara, who was born two years earlier. Jean was a bright, imaginative girl who often divided her time between reading and playing with her sister and the neighborhood kids. When she was 12, Jean was forced to grow up impossibly early when she witnessed her best friend, Annie Richardson, get hit by a car. As the girl lay dying, Jean’s mutant ability to read minds manifested, and she felt her friend’s thoughts and emotions as she passed. This event left Jean depressed and withdrawn, and she suddenly discovered that she was hearing voices that she couldn’t turn off.

Initially the Grey family suspected Jean had a mental illness, but a chance encounter with one of his old colleagues from Oxford, Professor Charles Xavier, at a college event convinced him that Jean was not hearing voices of her own making but rather the thoughts of everyone else. Xavier, eventually revealing that he too was a mutant, convinced John to allow him to tutor Jean to help control her abilities.

While Jean’s family was remarkably understanding of the fact that Jean and Xavier were mutants, they knew that society wasn’t, and their concern for Jean’s safety should the school be found out kept them from enrolling Jean at Xavier’s full time. Xavier became a tutor and mentor to Jean, helping her both emotionally and physically with her power. This strong bond created strain between Xavier and John, who began to grow jealous of Jean and Xavier’s father-daughter relationship.

As Jean grew, so did her abilities. Because of this, Xavier installed blocks in her mind so that her powers could grow gradually, rather than allowing her to be overwhelmed by them. Once Jean became stable enough to function on her own, John took a job at Oxford University, moving his family to London when Jean was 16. The move and loss of Jean’s friendships, coupled also with the emergence of a secondary mutation, telekinesis, took a toll and Jean’s progress backslid. Xavier begged John to allow Jean to come to the school full time but John refused and instead allowed a compromise for Jean to go to Muir Island, a facility in Scotland that also specialized in helping mutants. Jean, tired of the constant rivalry between her father and Xavier, was able to convince John that she could have two father figures in her life and it didn’t mean she loved him any less. Realizing Jean still needed Xavier due to the rarity of her abilities, John finally agreed to remote tutoring via Cerebro and eventually got over his qualms with the other Professor.

Eventual Arrival At The X-Mansion

After finishing high school at Muir, Jean decided that she wanted to return to the United States to receive her undergraduate degree. Inspired by one of the researchers at Muir, Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Jean entered the pre-med program at Columbia University in New York City. Growing tension between humans and mutants following a foiled attack by the mutant terrorist Magneto at the UN Summit made Jean restless and she began to become more active in finding ways to work toward peace between mutants and humans. Xavier gradually started to remove the mental blocks on her powers, and tried to help quench her desire to make a difference, grooming her to help a select team of fellow mutants discreetly ferry mutants to safer places all around the world. Her skill in getting mutants out of sometimes very precarious situations earned her the nickname Marvel Girl, a name which stuck, becoming her codename.

Once graduating from Columbia, she soon headed to George Washington University in Washington, DC to enter medical school and keep her pulse on the political hotbed discussion about mutants. Her work with the Mutant Underground continued (but was albeit slowed significantly by the rigors of the program), and once she finished medical school she remained in Washington DC for a couple of years to do that off and on while working on her internship and residency, using various aliases to help her get around and remain hidden. In 2012, she joined the organization put together by Xavier after Genosha called X-Corps, which gave a name to the team and more focus to what they had been doing all along.

Her arrival at Xavier's came as the result of a mission carried out by the request of Xavier to look into suspicion from one of Jean’s political contacts that a high tech weapons manufacturing company based in New York was supplying anti-mutant groups with the tools they needed to take their ‘cause’ to the next level. She soon discovered this company was also working on contracts with the government to supply special forces with the means to capture mutants they deemed dangerous. Jean's mission was complicated by her feelings for her unwitting information source, Warren Worthington, playboy son of the company's owner. Having obtained some information while on a date with Warren, Jean's conscience got the better of her and she eventually confessed. To her surprise Warren not only agreed to help her with the investigation but revealed his own mutant status and eventually moved into the mansion.

The relationship was short-lived, with Jean finding out through gossip that Warren was still seeing other people. Her adjustment to living at the mansion was difficult as well, with people reacting oddly to her. The team, too, was different than she had thought, with Clarice Ferguson shocking Jean with her actions during a mission. Retrieving students Xavin Majesdane, Quentin Quire and Rahne Sinclair was more her speed, as was assisting Kurt Sefton when his image inducer broke and counselling Laurie Collins during her physical therapy as well as working in the medlab. Over time, Jean began finding her feet.

Her investigation of Worthington Industries had repercussions, when she was targeted by Crossfire. Jean was less than impressed to find Warren and his vigilante friends (including a minor - Miles Morales) had been injured in their attempts to investigate industrial espionage, when there were other options available. The contract on Jean meant she was confined to the mansion for a time, until Marie-Ange Colbert and Wade Wilson were able to give her the all-clear. She did thank Warren for saving her life, but also lectured him about his fear of commitment, which he took about as well as expected. Jean's relationship with her telepathy student, Quentin, was equally rocky, with Quentin doing his best to antagonize her - and then, amazingly, actually apologising for his actions and agreeing to cooperate in future.

Towards the end of the year, Jean was involved in another X-Men mission, rescuing a young girl who had just manifested, and watched another teammate go over the top as David Haller lost control of his temper and injured several bystanders. She was also called to assist in the retrieval of a Weapon X program, five young telepaths cloned from Emma Frost's genetic material, her medical and telepathic skills being needed by the X-Force team involved.

Not-So-Quiet Life

The mansion drama continued to keep Jean busy through 2016 and 2017. Between working at Claremont, working at the mansion med lab, stopping mutant terrorists, saving kids who were taken to another dimension, and getting stuck in the head of one of the mansion empaths, Jean somehow found time to have a life, and continue making friends at the mansion and have some kind of personal life. 2017 was just as adventurous, and even more terrifying. It started with two X-Men missions, one of which included fighting brainwashed Avengers, and in September, a chance encounter with a kind man in the ER, brought the Shadow King into Jean's life. While she managed to fight it off with some help, the entity possessed Quentin Quire instead, and she was forced to watch her student kill himself in order to save everyone from the Shadow King. Thankfully, looks can be deceiving - a piece of Quentin stayed in Jean's mind, allowing them to spend a little too much personal time together until Marie-Ange Colbert and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring could help him build a new body.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Other Features: Wears glasses when reading


Jean Grey is a powerful telepath and telekinetic, her abilities honed through training with Professor Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggart. She has also developed a sort of 'pyrokinesis' as another aspect of her powers, and has demonstrated various stunts, include a radiating heat shimmer, flash boiling water, and sparks of flame coming off of her and her TK shield, as well as being able to set things on fire. Given the destructive nature of this ability, she only really displays it when she becomes angry or loses self-control.

She has the most control over her telepathy, and while it can be more powerful than some telepaths, it is not as powerful as the Professor's. She could have the potential to surpass the Professor if she allowed herself to, but she subconsciously holds herself back, afraid of what she might do. She has been practicing her telekinesis more due to the nature of her work and has been honing her precision to be able to use it in rescues, battle or in case of a medical emergency. Because of her age and less experience, her powers are not as strong as her former self, but they are still formidable due to the specialized training from Xavier and MacTaggart.

She does not possess the sheer cosmic powers of the Dark Phoenix or her alternate self near the end, but vestiges of the Phoenix still remain in the manifestation of the firebird. She will not have shown it yet but it will come in a later date. In the meantime her telepathic avatar is a glowing pinkish purple form.


Tablet, stethoscope


This version of Jean never stayed at the mansion due to her family fearing she might get hurt by close association with Xavier.

Jean enjoys tea due to living in Scotland while as teenager, but she will also drink coffee.

Like her alternate counterpart she also enjoys to read, though her tastes are more varied.

Jean has a dual citizenship due to living in the UK when she was 16. While she spent time at Muir Island in Scotland, her citizenship is also in Great Britain due to her parents living in London.

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Player: Mackinzie

E-mail: MackEmail.PNG


Player Icon Base: Bridget Regan

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