Fin Fang Foom

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Fin Fang Foom
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: The Mandarin
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!


The X-Men have seen stranger things than a 50 foot tall purple dragon, but not by much.


Name: Fin Fang Foom

Aliases: none

Affiliation: The Mandarin

First appearance: July 27, 2007

Family: N/A


Fin Fang Foom is a sort of spirit that has been tied into a small Chinese village in the Ling Valley for 2000 years. The 99 villagers can form into the giant dragon at will, losing their bodies to become the green dragon. His consciousness resides in all of them, and while the village has been nearly wiped out on several occasions, one villager surviving is all it takes for Foom to eventually return. In 1969, Christian Kane was able to force Foom to revert back to the individual villagers, who were rounded up and incarcerated by the Chinese government. The Mandarin was able to find an ancient statue that granted the owner control over Foom. Through a great deal of effort, he was able to locate the remaining surviving villagers, and reunite them with each other and enough of his men to create the required 99 for Foom to be reborn. Using the statue, the Mandarin hoped that Foom would provoke a war between China and Russia, which he could use to undermine and overthrow the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, Christian Kane uncovered the plot, and using the X-Men, Foom was defeated, the 99 individuals again rounded up and incarcerated. The Mandarin escaped.


A 50ft Chinese dragon spirit whose physical form is made out of the merging of 99 Chinese. As a dragon, he's immensely strong, in the range of being able to lift hundred of tons. He can fly, and breathe an acidic breath that closely resembles flame, but is not. Foom's natural armor makes him highly resistant to damage, including elemental effects like lightning, fire, and cold. He doesn't need to breathe in a traditional fashion, and can swim almost as quickly as he can fly. The more damage Fin Fang Foom takes, the harder it is to maintain his form. If defeated, his body will rapidly return to the 99 individuals, all unconscious. Foom can be contained by keeping the 99 people far enough away to be able to reform. As individuals die, the spirit can pass the call along to another, and the possessor of his totemic statue can actually create new members of the 99.


X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!


Socked by: Dex

PB: None