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Christian Kane
Portrayed by Sean Connery
Known Aliases: Too numerous to list
Affiliations: Formerly Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: July 26, 2007

Christian Kane is the father of Garrison Kane. A former intelligence agent, who once was one of Pete Wisdom's teachers, the enigmatic Mister Kane is supposed to be retired from service; a condition he doesn't always adhere to.


Name: Sir Christian Ian Kane

Aliases: Too numerous to list

Occupation: Retired from Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service

First appearance: July 26, 2007

Family: Muffi DiLytte (ex-wife), Garrison Kane (son), Victoria Kane (daughter), Emily Kane (ex-wife - deceased), Didi Lucrelira (wife)


Christian Kane is one of the great legends in the intelligence community. His father, Sir Windemere Kane and his grandfather, Sir Garrison Kane all served Britain in the First and Second World Wars as operatives, in the SOE and the 1st Intelligence Division respectively. His father was killed during Operation Market Garden in 1944, and his mother had died three years earlier during an air raid, leaving Christian in the care of his grandfather.

Kane worked directly for British Intelligence in the sixties and seventies as an operative, thwarting the plans of global threats like Fin Fang Foom, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. He worked with other agents, like Georges Batroc of France, and Alejandro Montaya of Spain, and even with his regular rival in the KGB, Alexei Alanovich Shostakov. Considered the operatives' operative, even despite his great reputation in the field, Christian was still inordinately successful in countering threats to Her Majesty's government and safeguarding British interests. He showed no compunctions about killing, even innocents if needed, in order to complete his mission.

In the 80s, Christian hung up his laser watch and rocket car to take over the newly emerging Black Ops agencies of British Intelligence, leading the way for a darker and more vicious shadow war. He mentored a new wave of agents like Pete Wisdom; men closer to his own early years of the sixties, when the Cambridge Five scandal nearly crippled the Service, and a handful of semi-independent agent controllers ran vicious counter-operations to re-establish their networks. His men, most loyal to him ahead of the Service, rolled back decades of foriegn agency successes, but at a large and well hidden cost of their lives and those of innocents.

During a stint in New York at the UN in the early eighties, Christian met Emily Cuthbert, a Far East language specialist from Canada and the two fell in love. Emily moved to London with Christian, and they had two children over the next five years. First Garrison, and four years later, his younger sister Victoria. They separated not long after and Emily moved back to Toronto with the children. They attempted to reconcile later, but Christian's job as well as his womanizing was too much for Emily.

Kane officially retired from the SIS in 1996, some say forcibly so, and since then has lived between his home in London and a large sailboat named 'Enigma' traveling mostly through the South Pacific. While no longer part of the Service, Kane's name still appears in occasional reports, and he continues a more clandestine service to his country. His relationship with his children is strained, especially with his son Garrison. His recent marriage to Didi Lucrelira, the twenty-four year old former secretary of the SIS Operations Chief has done nothing to help the situation.

Phase 1

Kane made himself first known to the X-Men when he appeared (much to his son's displeasure) with information that led to the thwarting of Fin Fang Foom. Not long after, a threat believed ended in the 1970s reappeared in the form of Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, requiring the help of the X-Men and X-Force to stop. Over time, the strained relationship between Garrison and Christian began to heal, as experience and personal perspective on his father's choices were mirrored by Garrison. Kane was also revealed to have dealings with Amahl Farouk, and the two formed an unlikely team when Kane rescued him from the hands of Indian agents.

While they were trapped in Genosha, Christian assisted Garrison and a group of escaped mutants by getting them fake IDs and finding them a safehouse to hide in and putting them in contact with British Agent Russell Davis, who was working with Genoshan Commission. In November 2012, Christian stepped in to vouch for Adrienne Frost when she was trying to gain the trust of Emma Steed, an old ally of Christian's, in order to help Adrienne topple the Black Court. He helped hold the Blue King hostage in order to stage the king's death, leading to the Blue King's arrest by British Intelligence. He later declined Steed's offer to take the position of Blue King.

Phase 2

In January 2015, Christian suggested to old friend and cohort Kevin Sydney and his protegee, Domino, that X-Force was looking for new hires. Following the suspicious death of a friend of Christian's, Kevin repaid the favour by involving X-Force in investigating the matter. Later on in the year, Domino and Kevin were given another job by Christian, this time in Africa.


None. Christian is an expertly trained British operative, who has been extensively trained in inflitration, assassination, counter intelligence, martial arts, languages, and a dozen other areas. He is an expert marksman, perfering precision, low-caliber weapons that can be easily concealed. However, now in his late sixties, Christian's physical skills are no longer what they once were.


Phase 1

X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!


Ktenology 101

Old Man of the Mountain

Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules

Phase 2

Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown (referenced)

The Zodiac: Leo


PB: Sean Connery

Socked by: Dex

Obviously, Christian Kane is very much based on the tongue in cheek elements of James Bond.