Razor's Edge

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Razor's Edge
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Dates run: September 1, 2008
Run By: Rossi
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"I was thinking that I could be taking the care of things. He was only the human person, not a mutant."

A trip home goes seriously awry for Yvette when she discovers a side of herself no-one expected.


Yvette Petrovic, Angelo Espinosa, Kyle Gibney, Angelica Jones, Monet St. Croix, Laurie Collins and John Allerdyce

Dr. Pierre Marcel


September 1, 2008

Plot Summary

An Amnesty International conference into the child (mutant and otherwise) slave trade was held in Kosovo, being one of the known hubs for such trade in Europe. Elpis was invited to come along, with Yvette accompanying them due to her personal expierience and potentially to speak to people if she's up for it. Yvette also invited some of her friends - Angel, Kyle and Laurie.

During the conference, Dr. Marcel met with and had a talk with the adults of the group regarding the former State orphanage employee believed responsible for Yvette and other children vanishing from the orphanage. He had been located, working with a local "war orphans" relocation program, and Dr. Marcel was hoping that Yvette would be in the mental state to give evidence should an arrest occur. The problem arose when Yvette, doing her usual quiet sneaking around and listening thing, overheard the story and decided to take matters into her own hands, only overhears part of the conversation - she missed the part where Marcel explained the reason no-one had done anything yet was because the police were involved in a surveillance operation to potentially capture the whole gang.

Yvette left the hotel, but in the process ran into Angel. Yvette refused to listen to any kind of 'reasonable' action and so Angel tagged along to try and avoid trouble and potentially because in the wake Sri Lanka, she hoped to be able to do something. They went to the building housing the relocation program, intent on confronting the man responsible for Yvette's lost six months. He was in the process of leaving, and they followed him, using the tricks taught to Yvette by Logan and Kyle and their powers - flying over roofs, etc. They arrived at the base of operations for the slave ring, and that was when things went seriously wrong. There were a lot of men, a lot of guns, and several children, and two super-powered teenage girls. The gang was Albanian mafia, definitely ruthless enough to try and cover their escape with violence rather than kidnapping, and when they realised it wasn't the police, they discussed what to do with the two captured girls.

Fortunately at that point the rest of the group, having tracked the girls down with Kyle's senses and Monet's telepathy, burst onto the scene. A short fight ensued, with most of the gang fleeing, but Yvette went after the man who had taken her, intent on making him pay. Laurie intervened with her powers, but Yvette was too het up and pushed her aside, inflicting serious cuts before Angelo managed to restrain her. Dr. Marcel managed to intercede and avoid a difficult situation with Elpis, but the group left shortly after the incident in order to avoid complications.

Upon returning to the mansion, Yvette was grounded for two weeks. Garrison Kane had a serious talk with her about her actions and discovered several issues relating to the team.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of Yvette's actions, moves were made for her to start training in the Danger Room with her powers.

Kyle and Laurie's series of misunderstandings and spats became all-out hostility on the trip home.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was designed to be part of the IC justification for the New Mutants team.