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Gideon Morrow - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Gideon Faraday
Affiliations: Eris Consulting - pro-mutant
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: July 7, 2005

A Social Darwinist, not even family ties kept others free of Gideon's schemes for a perfect mutant society.


Name: Gideon Morrow (deceased)

Aliases: Gideon Faraday

Affiliation: Eris Consulting

First appearance: July 7, 2005

Family: Saul Morrow (brother, deceased), Esther Morrow (sister-in-law, deceased), Nathan Dayspring (nephew)

Last appearance: April 4, 2006


As a younger man, Gideon worked to synthesize a philosophical system of his own, drawing on the Social Darwinists and on other thinkers (Machiavelli, Nietzsche, the usual suspects). He founded Eris Consulting, an information-brokerage and consulting company, believing that ‘he who has the knowledge has the power’, and also worked with VULCAN, a government think-tank that helped set up the Mistra program.

He also spent time in Alaska with his brother Saul, consulting with him on the best way to shape the life of his nephew Nathan, whom the brothers considered their great experiment. Utilizing his sister-in-law’s telepathy, he removed all memory of himself from Nathan’s mind, unintentionally leaving gaping holes that the boy’s subconscious tried to fill with fabricated memories. Gideon was also the one who arranged for Nathan to leave Alaska and be put in a position to be picked up by social services – and then later sent to Mistra.

When Nathan attempted to run with his family, sixteen years later, it was Gideon who alerted Mistra to Aliya and Tyler’s location, resulting in their deaths. For the next several years, Gideon worked behind the scenes, carrying on covert work that involved him with the Hellfire Club, among many other suspicious groups, governments, and individuals.

He re-met Nathan when Nathan and Remy broke into the Eris offices in Philadelphia, looking for any connection between that company and Samara Data Recovery, owned by Saul. Ignorant of his true connection with Gideon, Nathan came into direct conflict with him during an X-Men mission to Chad, where Gideon defeated him in telekinetic combat.

Some weeks later, soon after Rachel’s birth, Nathan went to meet his father and give him pictures of his new grandchild. Gideon appeared at that lunch, and he and Saul finally told Nathan the truth – about his childhood, about Mistra, and about Aliya and Tyler’s deaths. Nathan flung himself out a forty-seventh story window to get away, and returned to the mansion.

Over the next few months, Nathan became involved in humanitarian work in an attempt to thwart his father and uncle’s activities. Gideon helped Pete set Nathan up during the time that Pete was acting as the White King, a confrontation that put Nathan in the hospital. Later, he appeared to Nathan in Kashmir, giving him an explanation for the holes in his mind. Gideon also appeared at other times, to Moira on a shopping trip and Angelo at a conference, proving to Nathan that he could get to the people he cared about at any time. He took things further by kidnapping Domino later that year, forcing Nathan and Pete to travel to Namibia to rescue her.

In the New Year, he murdered Bridge, driving a grief-stricken Nathan to look for alternative ways to fight him. One of the most successful was a careful sting operation in Vladivostok that exposed Gideon’s involvement in human trafficking. Angered, Gideon took advantage of a ’summit’ proposed by his brother and kidnapped Nathan, taking him to South America in an attempt to buy some time to synch to his precognition and see the distant future. What he would have done with Nathan afterwards is unknown, but his success left him open to a psychic attack from Askani, who left him fatally injured. Saul, thinking that Nathan had been killed, finished the job.


Gideon had the ability to synch to the abilities of other mutants. Having studied and honed his power for decades, he was extremely proficient with it, able to use a wide range of powers as skillfully as if they were his own. He was particularly proficient with psionics.

At some point in the past, he synched to a mutant with the ability to reverse or perhaps arrest the aging process, permanently. This was responsible for Gideon looking decades younger than his brother, when he was in fact the older brother.


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Formerly socked by: Alicia, Willow