Half An Ocean Away

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Half An Ocean Away
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Dates run: August 29-30, 2012
Run By: Sam, Rossi
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"This is going to sound strange, but have you heard from Chloe recently?" Now his voice was not just urgent, but also worried and even a little harried.

"Chloe?" He was right - that did sound strange. "No, I haven't talked to her since March. Why, what's going on?" Angel hadn't missed the tone of his voice, and it was setting her on edge as well.

When Angel hears that her old flatemate has gone missing, she heads back to England to do some investigating of her own.


Angelica Jones, Scott Summers, Kurt Sefton, Kyle Gibney, Lorna Dane, Yvette Petrovic

Chloe Wright, Blaine Addison, James Baker

Finley Miller, The Shadow Dwellers


August 29-30, 2012

Plot Summary

It has been five months since Angel last had contact with any of her friends in England. This changes with an early-morning phone call from Blaine Addison. Angel's confusion (and slight elation) quickly turns to worry when Blaine tells her that her old flatmate, Chloe Wright, has been missing since Saturday. Angel gets a few details and, in a snap-second decision, tells Blaine she'll be on the first flight she can get to England.

Later that day, after seeing a hasty note from Angel, Scott catches the redhead on her way out the door to find out what's going on. Angel hurriedly explains and tries to take off again, which Scott put an ends to when he reminds her that she's part of a team, and running off on her own isn't the recommended route of action to take. He ends up accompanying her to keep her out of trouble.

The next day, Angel and Scott arrive in England and are greeted by Blaine, who takes them first to the police station and then to Chloe's neighbhorhood. During the course of the "investigation," Blaine becomes suspicious of Angel and Scott, not understanding why they seem to know so much about what they're doing. Before he can act too much on these suspicions, though, they find a young boy whom Angel is startled to realize she recognizes - he is the boy who manifested fire powers on the street back in March. More surprises: he tells Angel that he knows what happened to Chloe.

They find a place to talk and the boy - James - tells the trio about The Shadow Dwellers, a group of mutants living in the sewers under London. Led by a young man named Fin, most of the Dwellers just want to live peaceful lives, but there are a few who believe in their leader's ideals of punishing humans for their treatment of mutants. He witnessed James' manifestation back in March, as well as the events that immediate followed with Chloe and Angel. So when a chance encounter a few days earlier brought him and Chloe together, he decided she deserved a special brand of "punishment," and kidnapped her. James, who had been reluctantly living with the Dwellers since his manifestation, tried to stop him, but Fin overpowered him and left him behind.

Scott and Angel separate themselves from the boys to discuss the situation, and decide that calling in the X-Men is a good idea. Kyle, Lorna, Yvette, and Kurt arrive in England, and after a quick briefing, James leads them to the sewer entrance. They go down, and their covert attempts are quickly ruined when Fin and his group happen upon them. A fight breaks out, with Kyle facing a telekinetic, Yvette and Kurt fighting a mutant with superstrength, Angel going against a mutant with the ability to control water, and Scott and Lorna facing down with Fin. The X-Men emerge victorious, making it easy for them to find Chloe.

Once Chloe is released from the hospital, Angel goes to the apartment to talk to her former roommate, and they both end up facing guilt over the events that transpired between them. And at least start to make up.

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As a result of the plot, Angel and Chloe made tentative steps towards repairing their friendship.


Plotrunner: Sam, Rossi

This was Sam's first plot. She's since gotten much better at writing them. Don't judge her based on this.