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The much-delayed graduation finally happened, and the dance that followed stirred the mansion's residents up. Callie Betto, after some convincing on Fred Dukes' part, agreed to return to the mansion in the wake of Amara Aquilla's departure. Former student Johnny Gallo returned to the mansion after having been gone for three years, and found a plethora of new students, as well as many old, friendly faces. The school gained yet another new student - Renee Nguyen. Rachel Kinross-Dayspring's presence in the mansion continued to stir up feelings, especially when she met Sooraya Qadir. Angelo Espinosa found out that his girlfriend was moving to Cleveland to be with her brother.

A series of strange events led Amanda Sefton and Wanda Maximoff to Billy Kaplan, a newly manifested mutant and magic user whose pranks on the city got just a little out of control. They found him just as he was attempting to break down Amanda's protective wards, and convinced him to let them help him. An X-Men team was deployed to act as security at a concert in Minnesota after The Purifiers started issuing threats. A fight broke out on the second night, and the X-Men worked together to take the Purifiers down and save the civilians. Angelica Jones, accompanied by Scott Summers, went back to England after hearing her former roommate disappeared, and the two discovered an underground gang of mutants has been terrorizing the streets of London.


Aug 1 - Maddie convinces Hope A. to go for an adventure and they end up going skinny dipping. Maddie emails Haller she is making progress with Hope A. and asks about the promised dessert. Lorna leaves a gift at Sharon’s door. Doug posts about horses with funny names competing at the Olympics.

Aug 2 - Kyle posts about being sent talking egg .gifs by Dori. Maddie emails Doug, Marie-Ange and Amanda about coming to stay over for a night.

Aug 3 - Yvette comes across Fred training in the Danger Room unsupervised and has a meltdown at him. Graduation Day: Kurt and Scott talk about their view of the world and the dream after Genosha. Sooraya brings Angel lunch and they talk about Rachel. Sarah V. and Sue meet for the first time and chat before the graduation dance. Matt and Sue sit together during graduation and make plans to have a dance at the party later. Maddie posts about having to wear appropriate 40’s clothing at the dance. Sarah V. asks Layla to the dance. Layla emails Kyle, Kurt and Scott, searching for clothing. She finally ends up texting Jean-Phillipe for help. Angel offers to take photos whomever wants them for the dance. Megan and Sarah V. meet up before the festivities start. Angelo decides to take Rachel out for tequila and learns just why she should never be allowed alcohol. Catseye visits Meggan before the dance.

Aug 4 - Sooraya runs into Rachel and both girls try to not let their emotions get the best of them.

Aug 5 - Angel emails Lorna about going to the Lion King at the end of August. Hope A., Maddie, Sue and Tandy spend the night in together playing cards and getting to know one another.

Aug 6 - Scott finds Artie practicing his powers in an empty classroom.

Aug 7 - Fred goes to talk to Callie, and he convinces her to stay at the mansion for a while. North goes to Scott to ask advice on buying motorcycle. Fred emails Angelo for help about getting Callie out of her apartment lease.

Aug 8 - Matt and Hope A. meet in the library and discuss Matt's homework before straying to more serious topics. Jean-Phillipe leaves a package of chocolate-dipped apples, bananas and strawberries for Yvette for her birthday; Angel leaves Yvette a shirt that says Life is Good; Sooraya leaves a basket of apples with an apple-shaped necklace on Yvette's bed. Doug leaves Terry a photo and a note saying he owes her a day of "Not Think About It" for her birthday. Megan and Tandy meet in the rec room. Tandy has a training session with Scott that results in a trip to the med lab. Yvette posts thanking everyone for the gifts and birthday wishes and reflects on not being a teenager anymore.

Aug 9 - Tandy returns to her suite from the med lab and Maddie convinces her that a hamburger is a lot better than chips when dealing with power-related problems.

Aug 10 - Laurie posts to let everyone know she's back. A discussion about glitter and mutant Olympics ensues. Kurt picks Jubilee up at the airport and they make plans for the weekend.

Aug 11 - Marie-Ange posts wondering who ate the ice cream she bought - and why Doug isn't a Star Wars slug monster.

Aug 12 - Artie posts to say people should join them on the roof to watch the meteor shower. Emma posts wondering how she missed her own birthday, and talks about the negotiating she had to do to save her company's contracts from being terminated following Genosha. Jubilee posts this picture, saying she's going to make a version of it for herself. Angelo posts saying Alejandra is moving to Cleveland to be with Miguel, who isn't doing well and is going to a hospital there.

Aug 13 - Sue posts a photo of Matt that was taken by Angel during graduation despite his protests and Marie-Ange offers to help him ‘see’ it. Angel leaves a basket of sweets outside Sue’s suite. Madelyne posts that her father is in the mansion.

Aug 14 - For Wade’s birthday: Tabitha sends him a basket of gun oil, massage oil, and lots of confetti via USPS; Jubilee sends him a knitted moose and a matching card via rollerblades; Meggan sends him tacos, chimichangas and a Bea Arthur CD; Matt posts a birthday greeting; Adrienne leaves a homemade shark sleeping bag outside his suite door; Angel leaves a wooden plaque and a card outside his suite door; Lorna asks him to meet her in the kitchen via text; and Catseye informs Wade via note that she has left his present in the freezer. The Professor announces the arrival of Renee Nguyen. Renee makes her introductory post. Renee meets Kyle who is a very good ambassador to the mansion’s newest student. Tandy meets her new roommate, Renee and they hit it off.

Aug 15 - Sarah emails Wade with belated well-wishes and offers donuts to make up for forgetting his birthday. Wade writes a post thanking his gift-givers. Lorna posts an invitation for people to stop by the kitchen to sample the French food she is cooking with Catseye in celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Clarice posts to express her disgruntlement with no one wanting to vacation in Borneo with her. Sam runs into Scott near the pool and the two catch up before going for a dip.

Aug 16 - Sarah V. posts that her hair is growing back. Doug emails Wade, Angelo, Marie-Ange, Amanda and Terry asking for help to overcome a panic attack. Marie-Ange posts asking Amanda and Nico if they would like to ‘fess up to having something to do with eBay’s banning the auctioning of magical items. Layla leaves a framed picture for Sarah outside her door. Layla emails Kurt asking if he would teach a poetry class. Sarah texts Layla, thanking her for the gift. X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: A news report is written about the expansion of a mutant-positive rock festival called Joyful Noixe; Twitter shows that #joyfulnoixe is trending.

Aug 17 - Nico posts expressing her lack of productivity. Clarice posts to advise never to fall asleep while watching a Jay & Silent Bob marathon. Tandy emails Dori informing her that WoW: Mists of Pandaria has been released at Gamescon. A Kind of Magic: Wade posts that he is witnessing a strange phenomenon at Union Station where Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ is being played over the PA system on repeat; Later, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority apologises for the ‘technical difficulties’.

Aug 18 - Sarah and Layla both wake up from nightmares and find comfort in each other and watching stupid movies. Renee meets Angel, and so much talking ensues. A Kind of Magic: The NY1 local evening news reports that a presidential candidate has fallen victim to a practical joke.

Aug 19 - Doug delivers to Marie-Ange a framed custom poster and a gift certificate, and to Wade a framed poster of Bea Arthur, a handgun and a card for their birthday and belated birthday respectively. Jubilee leaves a pair of arm-warmers on Marie-Ange’s desk. Angelo tracks Fred down to the woodshed and they catch up. Angelo leaves a copy of his keys in Rachel’s pigeonhole so that she no longer has to pick his locks to use his couch. A Kind of Magic: The New ‘Dork’ Times is delivered to households and newsstands all around the world; a correction is later published on that the headline title of the newspaper should have been the New ‘York’ Times. Maddie posts declaring a movie night to watch The Hunger Games. Matt and Renee meet in the gym for mutual gymnastics screwing around. The conversation goes far afield, including powers, religion and future plans.

Aug 20 - Angel inducts Rachel into the Xavier’s Redheads Club on temporary membership. Rachel texts Angelo sort-of thanking him for his keys. North leaves Marie-Ange a gift of home-cooked French dishes and two bottles of finely aged wine; Wade leaves a box set of 48 Faber-Castel Pitts Artist Pens, sketch books and a pair of earrings by Lorranie Schwartz. Artie leaves a small sketchbook where its front over looked like a Venezuelan passport and the first page has a picture of Marie-Angie in a hat on Marie-Angie’s door.A Kind of Magic: Amanda posts to Snow Valley that Strange has called her to inform her that local magic users have noticed a good use of power being used in New York. She tells Wanda and Nico to start asking snitches on what may be going on. Sarah V emails David North tell him he needs to watch Star Wars, the original trilogy, on t.v. this weekend with her. Marie-Angie calls out Cammie on the Snow Valley comms on how an awesome job she is doing about keeping the occasional religious groups at bay and how they are re-labeling the hand sanitizer to this Sue and Adrienne meet up in the rec room to watch baseball. The art room is destroyed as a result of Rachel meeting Molly.

Aug 21 - Sooraya emails Angelo about joining X-Corps. A Kind of Magic: A flash storm suddenly appeared in New York; Marie-Angie emails Doug about borrowing an umbrella from the sudden storm; David North offers his chauffeuring services. Scott tracks down Yvette and the two talk about their own welfare. Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette that she is cleared for training again but not yet on active duty. Johnny Gallo returns to the school.

Aug 22 - Tandy texts Sue wishing her a happy birthday. Rachel teaches Matt not to leave his sandwiches unattended. Maddie mass emails Susan, Hope A., Tandy, Layla and Renee about a birthday party tonight in honor of Sue. Kurt teaches Matt the flying trapeze. A Kind of Magic: Ororo apologizes for her lack of focus on the weather and believes that the recent thunderstorms are not normal.

Aug 23 - A Kind of Magic: A radio station comments on the thunderstorms for the third day in a row. Johnny texts Maddie which she reveals that Rachel died in Genosha. Vanessa texts Adrienne about who signed her up to stake out a place that gets broken into by someone in a gorilla suit. Vanessa emails Marie-Ange on where to find a gorilla costume that is combat-friendly. Maddie goes to ask Garrison about teaching zombie survival. Johnny and Matt get together in the gym and Johnny introduces Matt to parkour. Tandy startles Johnny in the rec room and the two chat. Rachel and Matt meet again on another insomniac adventure - and actually get one another's names this time.

Aug 24 - A Kind of Magic: A Severe Weather Advisory has been issued by the Mayor’s office recommending that people stay indoors and travel only if necessary; trying to break Amanda’s wards, Billy accidentally conjures up the storm of the century; Amanda and Wanda show up in time to prevent him from destroying New York. Vanessa posts about the weird weather that has been going on and hopes that it isn’t Ororo having a bad week. Clarice runs into Johnny and they discuss using him for a giant science experiment and accessories. Clarice posts that summer classes are over and that she leaving for Borneo tonight. Sue gets mad at Matt for forgetting her birthday. Megan writes that she is on a train, and that she’ll be arriving in Minneapolis, MN tonight to watch the all-mutant music festival. X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: Dori gets a call from a close friend of hers and realizes she has a job for the X-Men; Dori and Kyle give Scott the heads up on the Purifiers threat; Scott posts that the X-Men should assemble and meet in the hangers. Tandy posts that her friend, Alice is awake from a three month coma. Doug runs into Rachel and has a very awkward conversation.

Aug 25 - Jubliee texts Kurt to meet her in front of the mansion around noon. X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: Kurt and Sam talk to the concert coordinators, Benni and Guido, about the events for the next couple of days, Scott, Dori and Monkey Joe meet Big Bertha get the security details; Lorna and Angel patrol the concert and talk; Kyle and Dori have a quick cute moment during some brief down time during their patrolling; Scott checks on Kurt, who admits he is still hurt from the last Purifiers encounter. Maddie posts that the soccer team she wanted to play for wouldn’t allow her to play because she is a mutant and would cause an unfair advantage, also that Neil Armstrong has died. Adrienne and Tandy sit down for lunch at a diner after visiting with Alice, Tandy's friend who was put into a coma the day that Tandy's powers emerged.

Aug 26 - X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe On the second night of the concerts, the Purifiers make their move, Jean-Phillipe and Scott deal with a clump of them as the crowd starts to panic; Dori covers Lorna as she shores up the structural integrity of the club; Laurie does her best to keep the panicking crowd calm while Korvus addresses the low number of exits in the club; Fred helps get Meggan, Pixie and Artie out safely; Terry and Lex act as the mobile reserve and go hunting when they get a report that Risman is at neither concert locations; Kurt and Kyle deal with Purifiers so that Tabitha and Vance can deal with bombs; Tabitha and Vance plus the police Bomb Squad deal with the bombs, and Angel and Sam rescue people swept off the bridge, and stop some of the panicked crowd from going swimming.

Aug 27 - X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe: Dori posts a thank-you to the X-Men on behalf of Big Bertha. Hope A. meets Adrienne in the sun room and the two discuss books and all things French. Jubilee and Kurt have a picnic on the grounds and talk about the non-possibility of having children. Maddie goes to investigate Rachel for herself, armed with cookies.

Aug 28 - Half An Ocean Away: Angel gets a call from her friend Blaine who tells her Chloe is missing; Angel announces she’s going back to England; Scott sees Angel’s journal post and goes to talk to her about going through X-Men channels instead of dealing with the disappearance on her own, leading to Scott going with her. Yvette goes to find Callie at the mansion and Yvette tries to help her deal with Genosha. Lorna posts about an end-of-summer barbecue for the weekend. Artie makes a post about wanting to take humans down. Laurie invites Kyle, Jean-Phillipe and Yvette to a movie night.

Aug 29 - Fred talks to Garrison about Arcade.

Aug 30 - Half An Ocean Away: Angel and Scott arrive in London and Blaine meets them at the airport; Scott, Blaine, and Angel search Chloe’s neighbourhood and run into James; Scott, Blaine, and Angel talk to James about what’s going on; Angel vents about what’s going on; Scott posts to the X-Men comm about getting a team together to help Angel and him retrieve the kidnapped people from the sewers; the team has a briefing; James takes the team to find Chloe in the sewers; Wildchild fights a telekinetic; Penance and Nightcrawler fight a super-strong mutant; Firestar fights a waterbender; Cyclops and Polaris fight Fin; Chloe and Angel talk about Angel’s being a mutant and patch things up; Angel posts to say she’s staying in England until Saturday.

Aug 31 - Hope A. texts Maddie and Tandy looking for moral support after a phone call with her mother. Adrienne emails Layla about starting training on Layla’s causality. Kyle goes to Laurie for help re-setting his broken fingers.


X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe

A Kind of Magic

Half An Ocean Away

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