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First Seen: January 26, 2004

HeliX was originally started by Jamie Madrox, as a small group where students from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsterscould meet with students from the local high schools to facilitate friendships and communication between the two groups. It eventually grew into a social club to further human-mutant interaction, including hosting a formal ball put on with the help of Shinobi Shaw.

However, the HeliX group ran into problems with a local group of teenagers belonging to the Friends of Humanity. In January 2005, a group of townies led by Tommy Jones set fire to CoffeeQuake, the Salem Center coffee shop where HeliX would often meet. After the fire, HeliX temporarily went on hiatus and tried to regroup.

Later in 2005, Forge approached Jamie with the intention of relaunching HeliX on a larger scale, working actively to campaign for mutant rights, and to educate the public about mutants. To this end, Forge and some of the other students set up an informational booth outside a Friends of Humanity rally, providing an alternative viewpoint to the loud bigotry. Ironically, it was at this event that Tommy Jones manifested his mutant powers in public.

Currently, HeliX has multiple "chapters" on high school and college campuses, similar to the original vision where human and mutant youth could meet and interact. One such chapter can be found at Philadelphia University, where Carlie Bartlet was instrumental in working with Forge to establish it. In December 2006, HeliX also set up an independent scholarship fund for mutant youth, in memory of the casualties of the Columbia University massacre.