Impossible Odds

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Impossible Odds
Dates run: December 7-8, 2014
Run By: Walks & Cai
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Spiral's reply was a full-throated laugh. "Why?" If he actually remembered half of the things that had been done, he wouldn't have asked why. Curled up in a corner weeping, perhaps. "Because we -could-. Because you asked for it. Because Mojo is an alien who wishes to dominate the television industry. Because you killed a man. Because you turned me down." She snorted derisively. "Asking 'why' is for children."

Arthur Centino returns from the dead in a big way, his powers spiraling out of control, and an X-Men team is forced to go in and save him.


Arthur Centino, Cecilia Reyes, Cyclops, Penance, Blink, Roulette, Wanda Maximoff

Mojo, Spiral


December 7-8, 2014

Plot Summary

Cecilia receives a phone call from the dead - reality star Arthur Centino, who had supposedly died in a train accident days earlier. Arthur's very confused, and seems to be the under the impression he's talking to some sort of security company. Cecilia keeps him on the phone and sends a message to the X-Men, who set out for his location - The Wolf's Nest Motel in Nevada.

Arthur's "agent" (Spiral) meanwhile, has also tracked him down, and corners him in his room, where the truth comes out - everything Arthur has done over the last several months has been under the control of Mojo. Arthur begs to be allowed to by his contract, and Mojo appears on the TV to inform him that will never happen. As Spiral and Mojo's henchmen try to catch Arthur his powers spin out of control, bending reality and leaving the motel in ruins, allowing him to escape.

The X-Men arrive at the remains of the motel and begin trying to set things right - Scott and Yvette deal with Mojo's henchmen while Dori chases Arthur, and Clarice is called to bring in Jennie and Wanda so they can set reality right after Arthur's powers mishap. Clarice, meanwhile, grabs Arthur and teleports him back to the mansion, right into Wade's waiting arms - so to speak. Wade gets Arthur to calm down enough to stop breaking reality, and he's brought down to the basement where Jean finally tells him where he is and more importantly, what he is.

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This was Arthur's official introduction into the game.


Plotrunner: Walks

Links to comic/movie/etc influences on the plot (if any), or other OOC notes that are important to the plot. Eg: With Malice Aforethought is a reworking of two Marvel plotlines - Malice and Forge's Neutraliser.