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Portrayed by Julie Benz
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Mojo Enterprises
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: Most Dangerous Game

Aide to the bedridden Mojo, the teleporter Spiral is utterly loyal to her boss.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Spiral

Affiliation: Mojo Enterprises

First appearance: March 4, 2007

Family: Unknown


Mojo's aide and general girl Friday. Slinky, sexy, and utterly amoral. As intensely independent as Mojo is, there are things that he simply cannot do. For those things, he turns to Spiral. She serves Mojo mostly because he pays her a fantastic amount of money, but appealing to her "better nature" wouldn't really work, because she doesn't have one.

She resurfaced in 2014, seen acting as an "agent" to reality star Arthur Centino, sent by Mojo to keep an eye on him and keep him in line as part of yet another one of his games. The plan backfired when the X-Men arrived, and Spiral escaped once more.


She is a mutant teleporter, whose power is essentially similar to Clarice's in terms of range and functionality.


Most Dangerous Game

Impossible Odds


Socked by: Twiller

PB: Julie Benz

Note: XP Spiral has only two arms, not six as in comicverse.