Into The Fog

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Into The Fog
Dates run: February 16-20, 2015
Run By: Azzy
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I'd run out of people. They all went so quick. I took my time, but they were so fragile, don't you see?

An X-Force mission goes wrong in a way horribly familiar to Jennie.


Amanda Sefton, Jubilation Lee, Wade Wilson, David North, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Jennie Stavros

The Disciples


February 16-20, 2015

Plot Summary

A group of Russian hackers has acquired a list of US politicians and all of their private info (Bank numbers, grandparents Social Security numbers, the schools where their children attend, etc) This is list will be going up for sale in an undisclosed location, but it's currently traveling by ship in Baltic. Doug uncovers the sale and a small strike group of XFers readies and heads to the ship to get the info back.

What seems like a relatively simple operation goes horribly sideways when the group arrives on board to find all of the crew have been butchered. A game of cat and mouse ensues as Wade, North, Amanda and Jubilee scramble to find who else is on the ship with them, and whether or not they have the info.

While Amanda and Jubilee find that the list has been stolen, North encounters one of the killers on the bridge, and discovers there's something horribly wrong and creepy with his assailant, who he can't seem harm. He throws him out a window and goes in search of the rest of his teammates.

Meanwhile, Wade encounters a second assailant, this one fast, strong, and beats Wade within an inch of his life, his speed and strength at unnaturally high levels. Jubilee, North and Amanda arrive, but before they can stop Wade's assailant, the man from the bridge shows up and informs the second assailant that it's time to go. The second assailant agrees, burning Wade's face off with his own blood, which turns to acid. The two men escape, while it's all the team can do to rescue Wade and get off the ship before it explodes.

While Wade is recovering, Jennie goes to visit him. Something he says about his assailant upsets Jennie, and she reveals a long-held secret.

The men on the boat are The Disciples of a Demon called Mother, and they are responsible for the slaughter of Jennie's team in England, and she has spent the last year hiding from them. Now with Mother becoming an active threat again, Jennie reveals what she knows to the rest of X-Force. It's not good news.

Now it's a race to find out more about Mother, and what exactly what she wants with the list she stole.

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Azzy opened inquiries into who wanted to be in the plot with "Who wants their face burned off?"


Plotrunner: Azzy