Knightwing Restorations

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Knightwing Restorations
Knightwing logo.jpg
Portrayed by Kate Beckinsdale, Dichen Lachman, Gina Torres and Isaiah Mustafa
Known Aliases: Jessica Drew, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Luke Cage
Affiliations: Christian Kane
Socked By: Mackinzie, Cozza, Rossi, Dex
Introduction: Christian's Angels

Funded by Christian Kane as his personal investigative team, Knightwing Restorations operates out of Hong Kong.


Jessica Drew
Jessica drew.jpg
Jessica Drew is a mutant; the daughter of a noted Scotland Yard investigator. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong where he father served in the Special Section before moving to England. She spent a half dozen years with the London Metropolitan police and then Interpol. Unfortunately, when her powers manifested years ago, Interpol’s policies were not set to incorporate a mutant, and she was quietly informed either she could resign with a generous buy out or spend her career without any chance for advancement in a desk position somewhere forgotten. Drew founded the agency in Hong Kong, using her father’s old police contacts for help.

Jessica is in her mid-thirties, severely attractive with long straight black hair. She can generate a low level bioblast capable of stunning or incapacitating a normal person, preternatural agility, and her main power – the ability to generate pheromones that produce strong feelings of attraction and/or trust in others. Her powers are especially effective against the opposite sex.

PB: Kate Beckinsale, socked by Mackinzie

Colleen Wing
Colleen is the unlikely daughter of an American CIA agent and a female assassin of the Hand. Lee Wing was a Far East specialist who had come to the East in the 80s and stayed for the Agency as a top handler and agent. He managed to turn a woman inside the Hand – a ninja clan attached to the Yakuza as an information source for nearly two years, pulling her out when her cover was compromised and fleeing back to the US with her. After leaving the Agency, the two married and he took a position teaching Asian culture at UCLA. Growing up, both of Colleen’s parents trained her in their respective skills, worrying that one day the knowledge would be needed to keep her alive. When she was sixteen, the Hand took their revenge, killing both of her parents and chasing her. Fortunately, her father had been a friend of Christian Kane, who arranged for her escape back into Asia with people who could properly educate her on the Hand and the different forces at work that put her life in danger. Wing became a top asset; an expert in infiltration who marked the Hand by stealing a thousand year old katana that had been a clan treasure out from their stronghold. Wing set up her agency in Hong Kong with Christian’s help.

Wing is a baseline human, in excellent physical shape. She is one of the premiere hand to hand combatants in the world, expert in numerous martial arts and utterly deadly with either bare hands or a katana.

PB: Dichen Lachman, socked by Cozza

Misty Knight
Misty knight.jpg
Misty is the daughter of a NYPD officer, who was killed when she was a child. Growing up in the Bronx prior to its gentrification, she joined the force as soon as she was able, and was a highly decorated officer. Unfortunately, she was badly injured in the line of duty, costing her arm which led to her retirement. Misty bounced around as a security consultant for a few years, which eventually led to the Pacific Rim. Landau, Luckman and Lake (LLL) offered her a position, and more importantly, arranged for a cybernetic replacement for her lost arm. She agreed, but quickly learned that LLL was involved in illegal activities. Trapped by the terms of her contract and no local support, she endured until she met Wing and Drew. They had clashed on opposite sides until Drew convinced her to help with a case that would let her jump and force LLL to back off. The results were mixed – Knight left their employ without any charges, but her professional reputation was thoroughly destroyed by the firm. She was offered a job by Drew and Wing immediately.

Knight is a baseline human, in excellent physical shape and well trained. Her cybernetic arm is a little stronger than her other, with preternatural gripping strength. She has a few small devices built into it.

PB: Gina Torres, socked by Rossi.

Luke Cage
Luke cage.jpg
Cage was an early recruit for SHIELD, joining the agency out of the Marines. Cage learned to speak fluent Filipino from his mother, and based on his fluency with the language, SHIELD tasked him to Madripoor as an undercover asset. Cage proved to be efficient and effective, becoming a very useful part of SHIELD’s intelligence gathering operation. Unfortunately, after they are forced to disavow him, Cage has trouble accepting that was the only option, and his decision to take Kane’s offer is more based on his intention to continue his mission in the Far East, regardless of whether or not he’s SHIELD.

Cage is a baseline human, who is a highly trained combatant. He primarily uses a sidearm, but it equally skilled with automatic weapons and hand to hand combat.

PB: Isaiah Mustafa, socked by Dex


Created by Christian Kane, Knightwing Restorations is a a group of investigators based in Hong Kong who move between Hong Kong, Macau and Madripoor, conducting intelligence work for Kane Senior and for other clients. They are currently focussing their researches into John Sublime and his companies.


Christian's Angels


Socked by: Mackinzie, Cozza, Rossi, Dex

Isaiah Mustafa was chosen as the PB for Luke Cage due to the actor's well known campaign to get the role someday