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Character(s): Jean Grey, Molly Hayes
Email: MackEmail.PNG
Date joined: July 2010

Former player of Jean Grey - Phase 1.


Mackinzie has been roleplaying since 1996 and the time of dial-up internets. In addition to RPing, Mack likes to fiddle around with Photoshop, Sony Vegas, and writing. She has three indoor cats.

In addition to X-Men, Mack is a huge fan of Spider-Man and DC. She is on the computer far too often.

Artistic Mediums: Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas

Preferred means of contact: AIM (e-mail to ask), e-mail, courier pigeon

Phase 2


Modsocks NPCs Villains Formerly Socked
None Betty Brandt William Stryker None

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains Formerly Socked
None Jessica Drew Mesmero

Fear Eater

Lady Hydra (deceased)

Marcos the Magnificent (deceased)

Dark Phoenix (deceased)


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Art star.jpg - for producing images for the game and the Wiki.

Video star.jpg - created for Mack for her vid and poster work for XP.

Awesome stars.jpg - for updating a page on the To Do List in 2011

Christmas star.jpg - for updating her character page before the end of the year.

GoldStarJan10.jpg - updating player info

Xpaward.jpg - for the creation of the awesome "Dex infects people with brain slugs to control them" icon: Dexkirk.jpg

Gold star 2015.jpg - for 2015 wiki awesomeness and page completion. ;)

Penguin.jpg Part of Wiki Update Party July 2015!

Toast1.png - for completing stage one of the plot meme.