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M-squad logo.jpg
Portrayed by Big Bang Theory
Known Aliases: Dr. Ira Wainsborough, Dr. Sidney Lutz, Dr. Susan Leibovitz, Dr. Moshe Ben-Menahem and Dr. Jagdish Singh Raghava
Affiliations: Independent, have collaborated with SHIELD
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?

"Alright, I can't do this. We're going to be working with mall security who's education is rooted in reading tea leaves. And really, people-" He rounded back on the assembled force. "How is your search supposed to be taken seriously as police when the public discovers none of you are qualified to apply a logarithmic spiral of r = eκθ in your search?"

M-Squad is as inept physically as they are brilliant intellectually, and their outings resemble a Keystone Kops routine at times.


Dr. Ira Wainsborough
M-squad ira.jpg
The defacto leader and a prissy New England native. Wainsborough is a physicist who is most annoyed that mutants keep doing things his math says they can’t do. He was denied tenure at MIT when his research methodology suggested invasive tests on undergrads to test the roots of mutant abilities.

PB: Jim Parsons

Dr. Sidney Lutz
M-squad sidney.jpg
The main designer and engineer, most of the devices that they use were built by him from their research. Awkward and clumsy, Lutz tends to borrow quotes (and strategies) from 80s action films in combat.

PB: Johnny Galecki

Dr. Susan Leibovitz
M-squad susan.jpg
The psychologist and ‘control’ expert. Leibovitz is in charge of the mutants once they ‘contain’ them. She has surprising insight into people that borders on psionic empathy, and has had success in constructing mental and emotional exercises to help control mutant abilities.

PB: Sarah Gilbert

Dr. Moshe Ben-Menahem
M-squad moshe.jpg
A chemical engineer, Moshe is also the lead practical researcher, testing ideas and theories directly. A conspiracy nut of the highest order, he constantly talks about international plots and cover-ups.

PB: Simon Helberg

Dr. Jagdish Singh Raghava
M-squad jagdish.jpg
The main computer programmer and technician. Raghava is a font of obscure computer language and programs from the earliest days of computing. He proudly states he alone has had over three hundred apps banned by Apple for the iPhone.

PB: Kunal Nayyar


M-Squad is a mixed group of scientists who, in various ways, have made mutation their primarily object of researchers. Individually brilliant, these are academics making a living in the outside world for the first time, and display all the classic symptoms of moving from the Ivory Tower theoretical world to the actual one. The surprising thing about their technology is that it works; mutant power countermeasures are often odd and clunky, but end up being effective when deployed. M-Squad is as inept physically as they are brilliant intellectually, and their outings resemble a Keystone Kops routine at times.

The M-Squad crossed paths with the X-Men during the hunt for a mutant arsonist. Used by Tony Masters as a means of providing mutants for the mutant slave trade without their knowledge, M-Squad captured the recovery team for their tests. When they realised they had been duped, they released the group, who joined in the battle against Masters and his mercenary team. The M-Squad later were of service to the X-Men, handing over the arsonist to SHIELD without arousing suspicion.


X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?


Socked by: Dex

The inspiration for the characters came from the comics version, blended with the characters from the television series Big Bang Theory. Imagine the Big Bang characters in Ghostbusters-type uniforms. The logo came from the cover of a book about characters in the US 1950s TV series of the same name.

Johnny Devil of Johnny Devil and the Screaming Demons recorded a jingle for M-Squad's advertisements.