X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?

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Who You Gonna Call?
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Dates run: October 28-31, 2010
Run By: Dex
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"Yeah, I don't really care why you're here. Doesn't factor in. Your little firebug friend here," Masters nudged Ray with his foot. "is going to be delivered into the hands of the Chicago PD this evening. M-Squad will receive all the credit, and more jobs will flow in from grateful police departments all over the country. Now, since none of you were part of the police manhunt, you can be quietly delivered to a waiting cargo plane at O'Hare where you'll get to enjoy the lovely twelve hour flight to Symkaria before getting auctioned off to the highest bidder. Africa has a lot of demand for mercenary companies with top level mutant abilities on tap. Very fat profit margins."

Going to Chicago to investigate a possible pyrokinetic's manifestation and powers issues, the X-Men encounter M-Squad and wind up in more trouble than they anticipated.


Team 1: Dominion, Wallflower, Husk, Wasp, Colossus, Knuckles, Sparky

Team 2: Phoenix, Iceman, Wildchild, Firestar, Meltdown, Nightcrawler

M-Squad, Tony Masters, Ray Maxwell


October 28-31, 2010

Plot Summary

When Charles Xavier picked up on a strong mutant signature in Chicago at the same time a number of suspicious fires were being investigated in that area, it seemed like a simple enough mission: find the pyrokinetic and offer them training at the mansion. However, matters were further complicated by the activities of a new "mutant relations" group known as M-Squad, offering their services in the containment and training of mutants. With M-Squad apparently working with the Chicago police, Garrison was chosen to head the team, due to his police connections via his FBI position. Yvette and the newest trainee, Jean-Phillipe, were also included in the team, as they could potentially talk the young mutant down if needed.

Kane and Piotr attended the police briefing and were introduced to M-Squad and determined that they were complete loons. Obtaining the name of the mutant - Raymond Thomas Maxwell - from the briefing, as well as his cell number, the X-Men began their search, eventually tracking the pyrokinetic down. However, just as they tried to subdue the suspicious young man, M-Squad arrived, taking down the team and the arsonist, with Kane only just managing to hit the panic button on his communicator.

Back in Westchester, Jean assembled a rescue team, the awareness powers inhibitors might be in play creating further tension. Awaking in a warehouse, the captured X-Men discovered that M-Squad was being duped by their 'business manager', Tony Masters as a means of supplying the mutant black market. The rescue squad found the warehouse, but it was tough going against Masters' mercenaries. M-Squad was eventually convinced they were being used for evil and released the captured X-Men, who joined in the fight, causing Masters and his men flee. The X-Men handed over their arsonist to M-Squad for arrest and handing over to SHIELD and made a discrete - and hasty - exit.

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This was Piotr's first mission as an X-Man since his return from the West Coast Annex and Jean-Phillipe's first mission as a trainee.

Jean was hit with an overdose of anti-psychotics and had difficulties controlling her telepathy for some days after the fight in the warehouse.


Plotrunner: Dex

A M-Squad advertisement was recorded for Dex by Johnny Devil of Johnny Devil and the Screaming Demons, who enjoyed himself far too much.