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Moira MacTaggart - Modsock
Portrayed by Julianne Moore
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Muir Island Research Facility
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Introduction: January 2015

One of the most brilliant minds on the planet in terms of mutant genetics, Moira MacTaggart cares deeply about her work and her patients.


Real Name: Moira MacTaggart


Aliases: None

First Appearance: January 2015

Date of Birth: May 15, 1967

Place of Birth: Muir Island, Scotland

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Relatives: Kevin (son, deceased), Billie (uncle), Anna (cousin), Joe MacTaggart (ex-husband)

Education: PhD in Genetics, Registered Nurse (UK)

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: President and CEO, Muir Island Research Facility

Team Affiliation: None


Moira was born the only child of Lord and Lady Kinross, on the Scottish island of Muir. She was somewhat doted on in her early years, and after her mother died in 1976, this only increased as her father focused himself on his remaining family. This, plus her naturally above-average intelligence, served to make the young Moira somewhat rebellious, leading her to act out in a variety of ways - smoking, drinking, staying out late and associating with less than savory types. Her attendance at university some years ahead of her peers served to exacerbate this, although she still managed to do well with her academics, gaining a PhD in genetics. It was during this time that she met (and briefly dated) the young Charles Xavier and Sean Cassidy, before falling pregnant to Joe MacTaggart and marrying him, against her father's wishes.

Moira's marriage to Joe, an abusive, arrogant man, failed after the birth of their son, Kevin. Kevin manifested as a mutant early on, and his mutation - a form of reality warping - proved maladaptive. in this time Moira created the Muir Island Research Facility, at that time one of the only centers of research into the mutant genome and mutation, especially maladaptive ones. Such experts as Dr. Henry McCoy and Dr. Rory Campbell worked with the Center, with Dr. Campbell remaining as assistant to Moira, helping her care for Kevin. However, despite the efforts of Moira, Rory and Dr. Nathaniel Essex, another colleague from her university years, Kevin died at the age of six. His death hit Moira hard and she descended into alcoholism.

The next few years were dark ones for Moira, passing in a haze of alcohol and work. It was her oldest friend Charles' intervention that made Moira realize the state she was working herself into, and she began the long, hard battle for sobriety. Her work at the research facility continued, with Muir Island becoming a world-famous name and Moira assisting such mutants as the young David Haller, deep in a coma for much of his adolescence following his manifestation.

Moira's connections to Charles, Essex and others from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters remained strong, and she occasionally comes to the mansion to assist with the training of young mutants in their powers.

In July 2015, Moira, who had been caring for a young Scottish mutant at Muir, asked Charles Xavier to take her on at the school. Moira was part of Rahne's send-off group when the the Blackbird arrived. In January 2020, Rahne returned to Muir, to help care for her aging guardian, Reverend Craig, and attend university.


No powers, but Moira is one of the most respected geneticists at this time.




PB: Julianne Moore

Socked by: Jen for the mods