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Matt Murdock and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring rang in the new year by making their friendship more physical, while Gabriel Cohuelo confronted new student Miles Morales on his moonlighting as a costumed hero in the city. Adrienne Frost began rebuilding X-Factor Investigations, recruiting Arthur Centino and Jessica Jones to help. But before anything else could really happen, the world changed drastically with the events of the Dark Phoenix Saga. While the Dark Phoenix was defeated, many lives were lost in the process and the universe itself suffered irreparable damage. Survival was only possible as Xorn sacrificed himself to create a “new” universe out of bits and pieces of the old one as well as the universes destroyed by the Dark Phoenix. It also involved an almost impossible choice – go onto the new world, remember the old, but to never be able to speak of it to anyone who wasn’t there, or else the construct would collapse and everything end.


Life in the "frankenberry cat" world (as Marie-Ange Colbert called it) wasn’t at all easy. Still mourning their dead, the survivors of the old world found themselves facing alternate versions of people they had lost: Wanda Maximoff, Lorna Dane, Matt Murdock, Warren Worthington, Miles Morales, Susan Storm, Clinton Barton, and, most difficult of all, Jean Grey herself. There were also some entirely new faces: Barbara Morse and Roxanne Washington. And there were those who might as well have been new version – Rogue and Logan both suffered amnesia as a result of the incident (being called M-Day in the new universe), while Charles Xavier was found to have suffered a stroke.

Some ‘dealt’ by leaving, at least temporarily – Marius Laverne went back to Australia, Gabriel Cohuelo threw himself into his work and avoided the mansion as much as possible, Cecilia Reyes quit X-Corps. Wade Wilson and David North refused to talk about anything remotely related to feelings, while Topaz and Hope Abbott took to numbing theirs with the occasional bottle of wine, Jubilee regressed to her old ‘zany’ pranks before being sent on vacation with her boyfriend, Kurt Sefton to sort herself out and Scott Summers withdrew into his old stoic self. X-Force did what they do best – buried themselves in work - and building the new X-Factor was a distraction from her personal grief and anger for Adrienne Frost. Amanda Sefton, realising the lack of closure was having a detrimental effect on everyone, created a memorial, ostensibly to those believed lost in M-Day.

Unaware of the internal drama around them, the ‘new’ people began establishing themselves in and around the mansion. Jean and Warren began casually dating; vigilantes Spider-Man, Spidey ‘2’, Daredevil and the Angel continued their self-appointed missions; and a mysterious force began targeting anti-mutant groups, raising curiosity and suspicion.

And, unknown to those on Earth, three of the missing began their service in Asgard, bound to their masters in that realm as payment for their lives.



Jan 1 - Matt and Rachel celebrate the new year with a change in their relationship. Rogue posts a meme for New Year’s Day.

Jan 2 - Wade posts Rogue’s meme. Topaz threatens death to the person who made her sick.

Jan 3 - Clint emails Matt about his possible sex life. Cecilia announces her return from Puerto Rico and asks to be filled in on what she might have missed.

Jan 4 - When Miles returns to school after winter break, Gabriel confronts him about his secret nocturnal activities.

Jan 5 - Arthur and Adrienne play Go Fish so Arthur can test his luck powers, but Adrienne discovers a new facet of her own powers and ends up Reading his multitool, which helps him piece together a few of his lost memories; she also offers him a job at X-Factor Investigations as a way to move on with his new life.

Jan 6 - Wade texts Logan to invite him to play darts in the boathouse. Sue texts Tandy about having a shopping weekend to celebrate Tandy’s college acceptance. Cecilia makes a journal entry about having a quiet birthday at the mansion.

Jan 7 - Finding herself mostly alone at X-Factor Investigations, Adrienne talks to Jessica about coming to work there. Yvette makes a journal entry asking if anyone’s interested in assisting Red X with helping the homeless.

Jan 8 - Clarice makes a journal entry about it being David Bowie’s birthday. Rogue shares a list of resolutions for slobs.

Jan 9 - Laurie posts about making it to 2015, and having completed another year of med school, as well as plans for the coming year.

Jan 10 - Artie shares a link to some interactive digital projection dancing videos.

Jan 11 - Adri complains about the latest Hobbit movie which Tandy dragged her to go see.

Jan 12 - Gabriel emails Clint to get him to stop doing homework and pay attention to him.

Jan 13 - Rogue’s art class with Namor and Jessica turns into a fun mess. A Touch Of Brimstone: On Muir, Marius and John discover the island complex has been infiltrated by the Brotherhood of Mutants and raise the alarm; Cyclops alerts the team and sets the mansion on lockdown; Cyclops sets out the game plan; Clint texts Gabriel, who is working, about the lockdown; Wade texts Clarice asking for details on the lockdown, and then texts X-Force to let them know what is going on; Laurie texts Doug to let him know she’s on a mission and then texts Wade to ask him to watch over Doug if something should happen to her; Nightcrawler takes a team into the sub-basements and they fight off the Brotherhood attempting to break into the safety bunker; Matt texts Wade from Muir; Cyclops’ team arrives at the front gates and take on the bulk of the Brotherhood there; Phoenix leads a smaller team to flank the Brotherhood at the front of the building; Polaris leads a team to the security and comms centre, only to discover multiple teleports incoming; following the Brotherhood, John discovers the Dark Riders are also on site, with a bomb; Polaris’ team is trapped in the comms centre by members of the former Preservers and Magnetic North, requiring an unusual exit through the ceiling; in the sub-basements, Nightcrawler’s team is ambushed by Tusk, Psynapse and Gauntlet of the Dark Riders, with Meltdown being killed, Wallflower losing an arm, Dust, Bevatron and Nightcrawler all injured before John comes in and gets them out via Blink, taking a shot himself; at the entrance to the facility, Cyclops and Phoenix’s teams are also ambushed, with Catseye and Penance being killed and Cyclops, Dominion, Wolverine, Firestar injured; Phoenix calls for the retreat as she goes after Magneto; on the roof, Cannonball and Daredevil are killed, while Roulette and Emplate avenge them by killing Foxbat and Barrage but are also severely injured, and Polaris holds off Magneto; Rogue and Phoenix arrive and Polaris takes Roulette and Emplate to the Blackbird; the Dark Rider’s bomb goes off and in the air above the ruins Jean manifests the Phoenix and kills Magneto and any remaining Brotherhood and Dark Riders; realising what she has done, Jean flees and disappears, leaving Rogue to meet with the Blackbird and tell them what happened.

Jan 14 - A Touch Of Brimstone: Jubilee threatens Kurt over text if he gets hurt on the mission, unaware of what’s already happened; Cecilia calls for more coffee in the medlab as she works on the injured; Wade lets Cecilia know he’s “borrowing” some Vicodin for Marie-Ange’s precognitive migraines; Adrienne texts Rogue and Jessica, needing to work so she doesn’t think about what happened or Garrison’s condition; Rogue updates everyone on the situation on x_journal; Topaz asks Tandy for movie time; Wade asks Marie-Ange for someone to kill in the wake of hearing about Matt; Rogue invites Jessica over for a slumber party; Jessica lets Adrienne know she’s up for company at X-Factor; Clint tells Gabriel that Matt is dead; Arthur asks Cecilia and Wade if there’s anything he can do to help; Namor lets Scott know his father is insisting on his return to Attilan and asks for something to do instead of going; Arthur emails Jennie and Wanda to let them know he’s had a string of bad luck which might mean something bad; Tandy lets Sue and Julian know what she’s doing (watching movies with Topaz and trying to process Matt’s death); Angel leaves a voicemail with her father apologising for a missed interview and asking him not to ask questions; Amanda asks X-Force when they’re deploying to address the Muir incident; Julian, rather abruptly, texts Rogue to demand what happened; Angelo posts in memoriam of those killed, including his mother who was visiting Muir; Angel texts Sooraya to seek company; Lorna lets everyone know she’s not up for cooking for a while and that there are leftovers and pizza; Rogue counsels a distraught Miles; Cecilia posts an update on x_medical for the medlab staff; Molly sends a text to Matt, even though he’s gone; Wade asks Molly what he can do to help her and she asks for Batman; Arthur sets up a TV night, and he and Wade clash about what to put on; Rogue asks Logan to come join in the TV night; Wade texts Adrienne about wanting to kill those responsible for Muir; Arthur texts Marie-Ange asking her to deal with her boyfriend’s disruption; Wade texts Arthur and the two of them agree to put aside their issues for the kids. Fires From the Ashes Senior members of X-Force and the X-Men gather to discuss the fallout from the attack on Muir and plan their next moves. Wanda emails Arthur asking for his help with the situations.

Jan 15 - A Touch Of Brimstone: Late at night, Hope A. asks Topaz if she can join in the TV night; Cecilia sends Wade a YouTube link to distract him; Logan suggests to Wade that they go to Harry’s and attempt to get drunk; in the morning, Jennie texts Wade about how Matt died and what happened to his killers; an extremely high Laurie posts to the journals about her missing arm and Tabitha’s death. Wanda recruits Arthur to help with the investigations. Fires From The Ashes: Angelo leads a team made up of Hope A., North, Cecilia and Jessica to Africa to investigate the last previous location of the Dark Riders. Doug, Sarah, Namor, Sue and Gabriel perform information gathering, hacking and calling people from the brownstone to figure out what’s happening. Emma, Wanda, Adrienne, Amanda, Topaz and Billy head to the Hellfire Club’s archives in London to find out about En-Sabah-Nur. Ororo, Marie-Ange, Callisto, Wade, Rachel and Cammie head to Africa to locate Apocalypse’s base. Remy, Artie, Jubilee and Arthur hunt for information about Apocalypse in Cairo. Adrienne texts Tandy and Rogue to tell them that she had been dragged off to London and telling them they could have her stuff if she didn’t make it back. Namor texts Clint to let him know that he skipped out on his plane home and got shanghaied into helping Doug search for information. Clint texts Gabriel teasing him about hacking with Namor.

Jan 16 - A Touch Of Brimstone: A delayed-mailed post from Tabitha shows up on the X-Men comm. Fires From The Ashes: Wade contacts Weasel warning him that if he doesn’t hear from Wade to clean out some accounts and run. Wade emails Cecilia warning her that if anything happens he has a safety net in place to let her escape and take people with her while she does. Doug and Wade exchange texts asking for help if the other one were to die. Wade texts Scott asking if there was anything new to hear about Jean. Arthur posts multiple twitter posts to a locked account letting people keep up on his adventures in spying. Jubilee texts Arthur, not pleased with his tweeting at all. Amanda confirms for Remy that Apocalypse is on the move in one of the Phoenix sites in India. Remy and his team track Apocalypse to India and stumble across the Phoenix, barely escaping moments before she destroys the city. Angelo and his team engage in combat with alternate versions of themselves dressed like they came from the 80s, they beat them but Cecilia is hurt during the fight. Doug’s team is attacked by Nazi imposters of themselves and barely manage to defeat them. Emma’s team run into demonic versions of themselves, they make it through though significantly worse for wear. Ororo’s team faces off against cyborg versions of themselves, and have a brush with an illusion of Lady Death. Lilandra sends Charles an email demanding that Jean Grey be turned over to the Imperial Guard for trial and severing all ties with the X-Men. The Professor asks Paige to build him a suppressor which could be used to contain Jean’s powers. Topaz sends Taboo a message telling him she can’t forget what he did but she forgives him. Longshot posts a picture he took of someone who looks like Jean just before she wiped out Visakhapatnam. Wade sends Marie-Ange a text saying he saw Longshot’s twitter and is willing to take down Jean if they can find her. Rogue texts Logan, Jessica and Adrienne admitting she’s scared and asking them if they’re all ok.

Jan 17 - Fires From The Ashes: Adrienne sends Garrison an email telling him she loves him; Doug tests Wade asking him what’s up with all the dopplegangers floating around at the moment; Jubilee complains about feeling like she was hit by a truck and asks about what’s to be done about Jean - or maybe her doppleganger; in medlab, this time as a patient, Cecilia reflects on Amelia’s bedside manner. The Trial of Jean Grey: Namor lets his friends know he didn’t take the flight back to Attilan as expected and instead is on his way to help with the search for Jean.

Jan 18 - The Trial of Jean Grey: Paige, Sue and Sarah V. finish work on the psionic suppressor for Jean; on the Atlantic, Emma, Haller and Rachel use their telepathy to try and locate Jean; Jean is located at the bottom of the ocean, and Rogue, Pixie, Julian, Namor, Lorna and Clarice bring her to the surface; the Imperial Guard arrives and demands Jean be released into their custody for the destruction of Visakhapatnam; the team resists and in the ensuing fight, Namor is killed by Starbolt and Jean surrenders to avoid any further casualties on her behalf; back at the mansion, the various team leaders discuss what to do and the decision is made to retrieve Jean; Julian says goodbye to Tandy before he leaves for India with the rest of the rescue team; Rogue lets people know she’s still available to talk about things, although her phone was fried during the fight with the Guard.

Jan 19 - The Trial of Jean Grey: Scott lets everyone know about Namor; Scott emails Lorna to check on her after the disastrous mission to find Jean; Tandy texts Adrienne, who is on her way to India as well; Clint texts Gabriel about Namor’s death and going to India to get Jean; Rogue e-mails Logan to say she’s not ok, and that they’re going to bring Jean back; Hope A. texts Topaz, Sue, and Tandy saying she’s found wine and asks them to join her; Miles texts Gabriel to see if he wants some company; Strike team one under Remy goes after the main holding area to retrieve Jean; Strike team two under Ororo hits the Guard, wrapping them up so they can’t deploy properly; Strike team three under Wanda moves to take out communications and cause chaos; Strike team four under Marie-Ange goes after the security systems controls; Clarice teleports Jean out with Adrienne so she can work on the suppressor with Paige back at the Blackbird; Strike team one joins strike team two attempting to contain the Guard, who are starting to overrun them; Strike team three and four blast open a way to the landing zone where Clarice is ferrying them out; The final group makes it to the landing zone, several falling along the way, and Clarice is wounded and unleashes a massive powers flare, buying them enough time to get clear; Marie-Ange writes an e-mail to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn - advising them they recovered Jean Grey but at a tremendous cost, and e-mails X-Force members to say she didn’t know they would die; Wanda e-mails Stephen Strange to express her love, and to tell him the sex was great.

Jan 20 -

Reality Coming Down: Professor X and Emma plan on a strategy to protect the school from the pending danger; Emma, Molly, Tandy and Tyrone defend against their robotic evil selves in the foyer; Gabriel, Miles, Sarah and Johnny defend the stairs against their zombie selves; Sue, Topaz, Hope A., and Meggan defend the rear of the school against their evil doppelgangers; Emma’s team are forced to retreat; Sue and Gabriel’s team merge to help relieve some of the pressure on Emma’s team; The teams finish off their evil doppelgangers and try to make sense of what is happening; The New Mutants and Emma are all together when the Dark Phoenix finally reaches the mansion, who buries the teen under the falling debris of the mansion.

The Dark Phoenix: The previously injured regroup in the med lab prepare to set out into the destroyed mansion and help people; North forces Laurie to keep moving despite her unwillingness; the team from India returns to find the mansion in ruins and set out to help; the first group from the med lab find the Dark Phoenix, and are forced into a holding pattern; the second med lab group sets out to rescue people out of the rubble; people regroup in an attempt to find a strategy and stop Dark Phoenix; Dark Phoenix lashes out telekinetically, only to be shut down by Cecilia, Amanda, and Billy, who provide cover; Wanda and Strange grab Doug and North, using them to channel energy and try to hold reality together; the first team moves in to try and take out Dark Phoenix’s shield, but the telekinetic backlash takes several of them out; another team goes hunting for survivors, and Callisto is killed; Dark Phoenix continues her hunt, injuring Jubilee and killing Miles; Paige, trying to defend Tandy, Ty, and Molly, about to die, is visited by Brunhilde, and tries to convince her to save the kids; Clarice, Sooraya, Pixie, and Artie try to help Topaz, Johnny, and Hope A. back to the Blackbird, only to be attacked by a group of alters; a group tries release Jean from her powers suppressor, intent on using it on Dark Phoenix; a group of semi-invulnerables try to go against Dark Phoenix, but to no avail; Charles takes all the safeties off Cerebro to prepare for his own last stand; Emma and Haller work together on a psychic defense; the force field goes down, and Billy is killed; the psionic defense meets Dark Phoenix, who lashes out and kills Sarah V. and Lorna, and Charles goes down; a group gets the power suppressor on Dark Phoenix, but it fails; the psionic defense finally fails; Jean confronts the Dark Phoenix and is overwhelmed; Wanda’s attempts to keep reality together fail, and the power overload kills her and Strange; Jean rallies against Dark Phoenix, finally destroying her; the survivors find themselves facing the end of the world and Xorn, who tells them he will piece together a new world for them to live in; they later wake up on the mansion grounds in the new universe.


Jan 21 - Cecilia posts an update about the people in the Medlab and another post about adopting Pizza Dog. Adrienne emails P1 people about having attended Yale and having an empire again. Warren and Sue meet at a technology conference and they discover this isn't their first meeting. Julian wakes up in the woods and hurries off to find Tandy, finding Angelica, Adrienne and the harsh truth of a new reality instead. Lorna emails Wanda about escaping her father. Wade emails Marie-Ange about possible security threats. The Thralls of Asgard: Molly, Tandy and Ty find themselves taken before Odin, who determines their fate in Asgard as bonded thralls; Ty is taken for training by Nott, Tandy by Baldr and Molly by Sif.

Jan 22 - Wade texts Jennie about food. Wanda posts about picking someone up and restocking wine. Angel posts about having cooked for everyone and texts Gabriel, searching for a sign of life. Wade and Jubilee texts Marie-Ange about being confused about Wanda being alive and Adrienne does the same with Amanda. Clarice posts about her New!Me loving shopping. Jubilee mails the P1 people about doing a remembrance for Remy and Ororo. Jean Grey meets Warren Worthington at an exhibition opening. Laurie texts Kyle, searching for a sign of life. Jean emails Angelo about being in town. Marius posts about leaving for Australia. Wade checks how Adrienne is doing. Marie-Ange emails the P1 X-Force people about rebuilding. Wade brings Jennie some food and they decide that he needs dance lessons. An amnesiac Rogue returns to her suite from the medlab and finds Adrienne napping in her bed. Wanda posts a Magneto thread alert to the team coms. Kyle posts about heading out in February and March. Rogue texts Adrienne about there being McDonalds and posts about her amnesia. Wanda finds Jubilee working herself to exhaustion and brings her food while they discuss the situation with X-Force. Lorna meets newcomer, Bobbi Morse, who has the suite across from her. The survivors of the original X-Force gather for a memorial to their fallen comrades, masked as a poker game in the boathouse.

Jan 23 - Adrienne emails Jessica and Arthur about starting X-Factor. Wade emails Gabriel about needing to eat. Topaz texts Hope A. about having found wine and joining her to drink it. Cecilia emails Angelo about having to quit X-Corps. Laurie posts about having found Kyle’s people. Wade posts about a possible vacation. Wade tracks Gabriel down and they have a talk. Julian stumbles home to find a most unexpected visitor: Sue. Julian texts Adrienne about having lunch with Sue. Amanda discovers the "new" Wanda is not very different from the old Wanda, which is both difficult and easy to deal with. Doug and Laurie talk a bit when she comes to bed late. Julian texts Dori about owning a nightclub.

Jan 24 - Jean runs into an old friend from college, who has a request for her to further investigate intel that Worthington Industries has procured contracts with Biotech, a company led by a CEO and lead scientist with an anti-mutant agenda. There's no shortage of vigilantes in this new world. Daredevil and Spidey 2 meet the Angel! There is a news report about the mysterious disaster that stuck January 1 2015. Jean-Philippe posts about the Miss Universe costumes. Clarice and Cecilia meet in the medlab during the wee hours and try to cope with everything that just happened but that they aren't supposed to talk about. Gabriel posts about being back and apologizes to Angel. Adrienne texts Julian about what she found out about Tandy. Wade texts Marie-Ange about finding a bear.

Jan 25 - Various newscasts about the manifestation of Roxy Washington appear. Gabriel decides to take out his frustration physically on some unsuspecting bar-hoppers, which attracts Spider-Miles's attention. Arthur posts about being at Yellowstone. Doug texts people about his therapist at least being the same guy. Gabriel posts about meeting two Spidermen. Lorna introduces herself on the journals. Doug emails Angel pointing out the irony of someone else welcoming Lorna to the madhouse. Adrienne goes to find North, hoping to talk to a familiar face, but North is not talking and her efforts to get some conversation out of him are in vain, which frustrate her immensely.

Jan 26 - Marie-Ange informs X-Force that they need more people and she is going to write up job offers for Wade and Gabriel unless anyone objects. Warren texts Sue with a baby picture he found of her. Marie-Angel emails Cammie asking her to dress more punk so she can hide in plain sight with her green hair. Jubilee emails Cammie asking her to go shopping. Jubilee emails Marie-Ange to tell her she has not had luck recruiting Gabriel for X-Force. Gabriel and Scott drink together and discuss Jean and Scott’s failure to protect everyone during the advent of the Dark Phoenix. Artie meets the new Wanda.

Jan 27 - Adrienne wakes Garrison up accidentally and tells him she wishes she could go back to not caring about anybody, but he reminds her that she’s a better person now, and they decide to go up to Ontario together to find out what happened to the Alpha Flight program in the new universe. Cammie posts about throwing out two people who have come to the Snow Valley offices. Arthur posts about making the most out of the bad weather and warns people to remember to layer their clothing. Jean texts Warren about their date that night but he postpones. Cammie posts about Marie-Ange being a bitch with no concept of fun. Lorna posts about not being prepared to deal with snow. Cecilia texts Wade asking if he wants to build a snowman. Marie-Ange texts the offer of employment for Snow Valley to Wade.

Jan 28 - Cammie texts Kurt to tell him to get Jubilee to leave her alone. Wade texts Marie-Ange saying he’ll take the job and that the agreement’s on her desk. Warren texts Jean asking if they’re on for their date but this time SHE postpones. The Professor posts with information about his recovery and offering to talk to people about their feelings. Adrienne meets Rogue in Rogue’s suite and offers her a job as her personal assistant- Rogue accepts. Sue meets Warren and they have lunch so she can thank him for saving her life at the conference and they discuss the treatment of mutants in this environment. Rogue posts about having a job and defying her parents’ low expectations for her.

Jan 29 - Jubilee texts Kurt about starting to wear Cammie down. Jean calls Xavier to warn him that she plans to get close to Warren in order to get intel on Worthington Industries, which might put the school in danger if Warren discovers she’s a mutant. Wade texts Cecilia to tell her he got a job. Matt and Warren meet when Warren hears Matt, a junior lawyer with WI, bitching about him on the phone; Warren asks Matt to join a new, secret working group to develop anti-discrimination policies for mutants. Clint texts Matt asking if he got fired by Warren.

Jan 30 - Rogue runs into Gabriel and he expresses bitterness over the fact Rogue doesn’t have to remember what happened to their universe. Jubilee texts Wade asking him if he likes mimes. Wade texts Kurt to tell him Jubilee bought him a mime and that he can’t shoot it but later that she came to her senses and got rid of it. Laurie posts about being sad she’s had to defer her studies for a year. Adrienne texts Rogue to complain about Scott not caring about Jean’s death after Rogue calls her out on being a crazy bitch to Scott in her journal. Jubilee texts Adrienne asking why she’s so cranky. Cammie posts about hiring a flock of mimes to annoy Jubilee. Wade texts Adrienne asking if she wants to spar when he gets back from the office. Miles texts Spiderman about meeting ‘taco angel’ last night. Logan texts Scott asking if he’s okay because he’s been hearing ‘rumblings’ about him. Garrison runs into Rogue in the kitchen and they discuss the relationship Rogue can’t remember, which upsets Garrison to a great degree. Rogue lets Adrienne know in their texts that she’s upset Garrison so Adrienne texts Garrison to ask if she can help him and tell him she’s planned an escape to the Plaza for them for the weekend. Rogue texts Logan after Adrienne gets upset with her for upsetting Garrison, and Logan comes to collect her to take her away for a while. Marie-Ange tells Cammie and Jubilee in Cammie’s post to stop fooling around so Jubilee texts Marie-Ange to tell her she’s sorry and that she’ll be going to Madripoor so can Marie-Ange or Amanda keep an eye on Kurt for her. Amanda texts Marie-Ange offering to ask Kurt to take Jubilee on holiday. Amanda emails Kurt to tell him that she and Marie-Ange have officially decided Jubilee needs downtime and that she can get them tickets anywhere Kurt wants to take her. Laurie emails Doug about going out for dinner.

Jan 31 Amanda posts to announce she’s created an area of remembrance for M-Day in an alcove with a stone that has a flame inside it magicked to never go out. Wanda emails Cammie and Jubilee asking to be reimbursed for having to work in a coffee shop all day the day before. Amanda emails the Phase 1 survivors to tell them about the remembrance area she set up. Jean and Warren finally go on their date and Jean learns more about Worthington Industries. Topaz texts Hope A. telling her she has wine. Cecilia posts asking that whoever stole her wine and left her money leave a note next time instead. Laurie posts to inform everyone she is taking Doug for dinner. The Foundation for Genetic Purity in Brownsville, NY collapses in such a way as to baffle authorities. Angelo posts asking if the building collapsed on its own. Adrienne posts to announce that she and Kane are away at the Plaza for the weekend and that she won’t be returning to the mansion afterwards, choosing to stay at her penthouse in the city instead. Julian goes to find Doreen to discuss the death of Monkey Joe.


A Touch Of Brimstone

Fires From The Ashes

The Trial of Jean Grey

Reality Coming Down

The Dark Phoenix

The Thralls of Asgard

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